History is the key to our future

Recent Daily Pickings have referred to the need for us to engage with the "other" to co-create a shared understanding of how the world works. Our worldviews have been manipulated by the perversion of history which is invariably written under the direction of those who control academia and other levers of power, to shut off or close down dissenting voices and bury contradictory evidence.

Nowhere are there more egregious lies, embraced by the majority, than when it comes to accounts of WW2; the holocaust narrative, created through the kangeroo court at Nuremberg, is now entrenched in mainstream beliefs. But the realities of WW2 and the alleged Jewish holocaust are now emerging and understood by growing numbers of people. However, the number of first hand accounts available are diminishing as that wartime generation passes on. We need to listen to these voices who speak out, often at great personal risk and expense, because a shared understanding of history is essential to co-create a shared understanding of the world today.

The late Ernst Zendel spent much of his life researching and exposing the lies around the holocaust, often quoting Jews to reveal the extent of the deception. Here he is interviewed by an Israeli journalist. When approaching the holocaust as an area of study, we must adhere to the principles of thinking critically, rather than letting emotions or inculcated beliefs rule. In this interview there are unpalatable views expressed on race justified by statistics with no real context but that aside, it is a powerful interview and all credit to the unnamed Israeli journalist.

A more recent history, which is similarly hidden and perverted, is that of NATO and its terrorist activities, often referred to by the Italian manifestation of NATO operation Gladio. The original Gladio program was ostensibly anti-communist; Gladio B is anti-Islamist (Islamic fundamentalism was specifically created as part of the deadly charade). Now Gladio is returning to Europe with real intent to cause mayhem at the supposed instigation of ISIS, NATO's terror arm. Tony Gosling and Martin Summers discuss Gladio with audio clips from Sibel Edmonds.

Co-creative learning requires tapping into alternative perspectives in order to see what is often obscured by western media but now the march of "book burning" and censoring information is reaching totalitarian proportions. The demonisation of Russia is analogous to the demonisation of Germany in the run up to WW2. Worldwide Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 and Britain was arming and beating the drum for war with Germany in 1936.

Russia Today and Sputnik have been banned by Twitter as they 'attempted to interfere with the election'  by Sarah Dunsby
Two Russian media companies, Russia Today [RT] and Sputnik have been banned from advertising on Twitter due to interfering with the Donald Trump election. 

Of course Twitter's claims are bogus; Russia is in the crosshairs of the Structural Elite. Only we can stop this by refusing to engage with lies and by co-creating a shared understanding of history and the present.

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