Of gods, transhumans and aliens

Daily Pickings' references to ancient and deeper knowledge can provoke expressions of scepticism; we are right to be sceptical. However, cumulatively, information from independent sources suggests there is a lot we don't know of our origins. We cannot explain, in today's "rational" mainstream narrative, the inexplicable, such as the extensive tunnels and chambers below ground in Ecuador. In this video, Richard Sauder reads from Erich von Daniken's The Gold of the Gods.

Today, we are wont to dismiss such phenomena as interesting but not relevant to our lives. But we need to understand our history to understand the present and prepare for the future.

In this technologically sophisticated age, we're enthusiastically embracing ideas simply because they are feasible. Transhumanism is a reality today and the momentum towards a dystopian nightmare of controlled, hybrid humans appears to be unstoppable as we clamour for the latest "techno toys". If ever there has been a time for humans to think deeply, it is today.

We are already farmed but the process is not, as yet, irreversible. Soon it may be...

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