"Under my thumb"

Jewish power is a problem and yet we cannot discuss it. Why? Because it's "anti-Semitic". Or is it? Daily Pickings has pointed out that this is not a Jewish problem but a power problem. Concentration of power among the few, the Structural Elite, is driving the world to a dark place. The Structural Elite aren't exclusively Jewish but the control of money, a primary lever power, is under the control of Ashkenazi Jews (cuckoos in the Jewish nest), principally Rothschilds. Jews are their "safety blanket" - whenever scrutiny or criticism gets close to the truth of their power, they (or more accurately their minions and the ignorant) claim Jewish "victimhood" which is largely based on fiction, like the current "wave" of anti-Semitism.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) is just one of the Jewish organisations which creates bogus reports of anti-Semitism while fostering dubious connections. There is evidence of SPLC involvement in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and running informants for the FBI. Intelligence services involvement in false flag attacks is well documented.

And of course there's money to be made in anti-Semitism. SPLC is sitting on some $170 million of accumulated donations of which comparatively little is used to help those it claims to work for.

So much skulduggery goes on under the radar and yet most are ignorant of the intelligence services' activities and secrets but as Richard Thieme points out: the only way those "in the know" can tell the truth is through fiction.

When talking of intelligence services, most people think of them as national entities. The reality is that, contrary to appearances and the beliefs of most of those within the intelligence community, the intelligence services are a lever of power for the Structural Elite and principally the banksters who control most everything else.

So for all the talk of Donald Trump "draining the swamp" in Washington, Ashkenazi Jews and bankers are more deeply embedded in the arms of government than before his inauguration.

Trump is Rothschild's bitch, as were Obama, Bush and Clinton before. Concentrated power is the issue and the only way to resolve this is for us, people, to co-create a shared understanding of how the world really works. Solutions to world problems will follow from that understanding.

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