Freedom in thought, leads to freedom

Self-reliance and alternative models to our corrupt institutional hierarchies are on the rise.

Currently in society, our measures of success and what matters in the world are distorted, narrow and selfish - consequently we restrict our development as human beings and society. Concepts of God are personal, many and various. Whether you refer to God as nature, the universe or some sort of deity, the following resonates with reality.

 23 • Wendell Berry  - Two Economies 
Some time ago, in conversation with Wes Jackson in which we were laboring to define the causes of the modern ruination of farmland, we finally got around to the money economy. I said that an economy based on energy would be more benign because it would be more comprehensive.
Wes would not agree. “An energy economy still wouldn’t be comprehensive enough.”
“Well,” I said, “then what kind of economy would be comprehensive enough.”
He hesitated a moment, and then, grinning, said, “The Kingdom of God.” 

The first step to freedom, is freeing your mind. Freedom of thought is essential for all other freedoms.

What emerges from our work at Critical Thinking is recognition of convergence. Many people are on journeys of discovery, starting from different places and perspectives but what is clear is that we are converging on fundamental truths. That we are farmed and our ignorance of that fact, how and why is what is keeping us domesticated.

Now, the human cattle are awakening.

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