On the road to Babylon

Google has its tentacles in every facet of our lives and is moving into "healthcare" - an inversion; healthcare is neither about health nor care - it's about money and power. Power over us. Google bought Deepmind in 2010 which is melding Artificial Intelligence (AI) into data collection and processing within the UK's National Health System (NHS).

DeepMind now has an ethics unit – which may have helped when it ate 1.6m NHS patient details by Kat Hall
Better late than never, I guess
Google's controversial DeepMind has created an ethics unit to "explore and understand" the real-world impacts of Artificial Intelligence.
The DeepMind Ethics & Society (DMES) group will be comprised of both full-time DeepMind employees and external fellows.
It will be headed by technology consultant Sean Legassick and former Google UK/EU policy manager and government adviser Verity Harding, while advisers will include Columbia development professor Jeffrey Sachs, climate change campaigner Christiana Figueres and Oxford AI professor Nick Bostrom

Interesting that a "climate change campaigner" is an adviser to this "ethics" group. Google is working hard to keep the climate change gravy train on the rails.

Next up is Babylon, a phone app, set up by two of Deepmind's founders, to substitute for real doctors. The App is effectively a registered NHS GP practice. Again there are data privacy issues.

Londoners: Ready to swap your GP for an NHS vid doc app? by Richard Priday
Hello, hello? No I said a pain in my... Hello?
Londoners are being given the choice of putting their health in the hands of their internet connection, via a 24/7 app-based NHS service which will allow them to have consultations with doctors over video call.
The GP at Hand service has been rolled out for 3.5 million eligible in the UK capital.

Google is at the heart of many agendas for controlling us; it's an intelligence services asset and we know whose interests are served

In the midst of the paeodophile and sexual harassment cases emerging from Hollywood, it's worth recording the role of pornography on the internet. It's one of the biggest sources of online revenue and to varying degrees appears on news and many other sites. Google, as the biggest search engine, is a major factor in online pornography and, like Hollywood, plays its role in undermining the morality of nations, much like the Weimar republic in Germany was corrupted by sex and money before Hitler came to power.

“The decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German degradation—coincided exactly with the height of Jewish power in Germany.”  — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question
No account of the Jewish Question in Germany can be complete without some mention of the tidal wave of sexual immorality that was to engulf the country during the period of the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) following World War One. This also happened to be the apogee of Jewish power in Germany. Every single sphere of major influence had now fallen under Jewish control.

See the writing on the wall; the net is closing and it's time to awake to the reality of our condition, before it's too late and George Orwell's vision of the future becomes reality.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." - George Orwell


0 #3 Clive Menzies 2017-11-09 15:41
And they're all interconnected via fronts, nominees and agents to the Structural Elite. Focusing on cities helps to cement Agenda 30
0 #2 James Walter 2017-11-09 13:45
A Taiwanese giant, Foxconn, the builder of Apple’s iPhones in China, enjoys a similar advantage. To build a flat-screen plant, by sheer coincidence, in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s district, Ryan’s buddy, Governor Scott Walker, compelled his Republican legislature to cobble together a $3 billion taxpayer-funded package for an unenforceable promise of 13,000 jobs (from an initial 8,000 jobs after more taxpayer cash was assured).

The whole deal, repeatedly trumpeted by Trump, with a company notorious for not following through on previous deals elsewhere, was pushed on Wisconsin’s elected officials by funding from the extreme right-wing Charles Koch Foundation and the Bradley Foundation.

Not to be outdone, Trump’s energy secretary, Rick Perry, is pushing $3.7 billion in loan guarantees to the failing, long-delayed, red-ink doused Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant in Georgia. Add this sum to the $8.3 billion already extended in taxpayer-guaran teed loans to this “boondoggle” and still the New York Times reports that these guarantees “might fall short of what will be required to complete the costly reactors.”

These corporate interests see American taxpayers as a limitless honey pot for their giant, bungling, conniving businesses. At the same time, Trump’s director of management and budget, Mick Mulvaney, constantly justifies ruthless cuts to important public programs by citing taxpayers’ rights. Apparently, these rights are not applicable to protecting taxpayers from predatory big-business executives hungry for corporate welfare that gets Mulvaney’s regular approval.

Public cynicism allows the costly hypocrisy of politicians to thrive. So watch out for the “pox on both your houses” public sentiment. Beware of crony capitalism – it turns politicians against the taxpayers they allegedly represent in favor of unaccountable corporate interests. Don’t let the “welfare kings” pick your pockets, by letting Congress wallow in cash register politics misusing the very power you have delegated to it.

For more information on accountability in sustainable economic development, see goodjobsfirst.o rg.
0 #1 James Walter 2017-11-09 13:44
Jeff Bezos recently launched a bidding war pitting cities against one another for Amazon’s second headquarters. Imagine shelling out at least 7 billion taxpayer dollars in return for Amazon’s unenforceable promise of 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in capital investment.

The bidding frenzy with the taxpayers’ money, without a taxpayer referendum, should be an embarrassment to the mayors who are bidding for Amazon’s business. Mayor Jeff Cheney of Frisco, Texas (population 160,000) wants to build the city around Amazon and its taxpayer-funded entitlements. Philadelphia’s officials have offered a slew of tax incentives for Amazon’s empty promises. Never mind that existing businesses would continue to pay taxes that are waived for a giant company that is emptying out property tax-paying Main Street, USA.

So far, Amazon has managed to flim-flam local leaders across North America. GT Bynum, Tulsa’s Mayor, is doing somersaults. No problem with tax escapes. “Whatever it takes,” he assures them. From the Mayor of Washington, DC to the Mayor of Ottawa, Canada, cities are promising whatever it takes to bring this predatory-prici ng Moloch to their city.

Egging them on before the October 15, 2017 deadline for submissions, Bezos’ spokesman, Adam Sedo, imperiously declared: “We invited cities to think big, and we are starting to see their creativity.”

San Jose, California’s Mayor Sam Liccardo said “no way.” In a column printed by the Wall St. Journal, Liccardo wrote: “My city won’t be offering incentives to Amazon. Why? Because they are a bad deal for taxpayers. With many subsidies, the jobs a company brings to an area don’t generate revenues commensurate with public expenditures.” He cites the cost to Boston’s taxpayers for luring GE’s headquarters from Connecticut to be $181,000 for every job promised. Iowa, he added, gave Apple $213 million in tax escapes to locate a 50-job data center in Waukee, IA.

Besides, wrote the forthright Mayor Liccardo, the presence of a skilled workforce, good schools and infrastructure “play a far larger role in determining boards’ corporate location decisions.”
“Why are they doing this whole dog and pony show?” asks Matthew Gardner, from the nonpartisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. “They would like a package of tax incentives for something they were going to do anyway.” Professor Art Rolnick of the University of Minnesota went so far as to call Amazon’s bidding wars “blackmail.”

Meanwhile, Emperor Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, gets to sit back and watch his “candidates” fight it out.

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