Make your stand on your own two feet

Sound advice:

It Is Your Human Duty To Stand Unapologetically In Your Own Authority by Caitlin Johnstone
As far as your worldview is concerned, you are lord supreme. You can pretend that that authority belongs to some asshole on CNN or Fox or The Intercept or right here on Medium, but you’ll be living a lie. Nobody can interpret this experience for you, and if they tell you they can it’s because they’re trying to use you. Make your stand on your own two feet.

When assessing any information, irrespective of the source, we need to apply the principles of critical thinking, leaving our beliefs, biases and prejudices to one side.

The world is big, multifaceted and complex. No one mind can absorb, sift, analyse and synthesise sufficient information to get a grasp of part of the system, let alone the whole because there are numerous hidden influences and connections at work. To “see” the political economy, we need multiple perspectives to understand the nature and workings of the political economy. The only way to cover sufficient ground to gain these perspectives is through self-organised, co-creative learning.

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