Paedophile panic

A couple of years ago, Daily Pickings posted Firing up the pressure cooker in the aftermath of yet another false flag terrorist attack, in Paris, France. Since then, the cycle of distraction and destruction has gone into overdrive: news stories are either fabricated or exaggerated in the attempt to hold back the rising tide of awareness among the human cattle.

As more people gravitate to independent sources of news and information, those who would keep us ignorant of their depravity are on the attack. Yesterday's UK Column broadcast begins with Global Research, under attack from the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail, a member of "The Trust Project" - an inversion if ever there was one; it is comprised of exclusively fake news media organisations.

UK Column News - 30th November 2017 (46 minute video)

Also in the broadcast, Vanessa Beeley expands on her appearance at the Swiss Press Club showing the funding and control links from the UK government to Syrian terrorists groups under the guise of support of the White Helmets, routed via Adam Smith International and Integrity Consulting - more euphemistic inversion, what integrity?

Towards the end of the broadcast, Vanessa gives her take on the latest Pavlovian trick to get the NATO criminal army back into Libya. We're currently being bombarded with stories of slavery in the now failed state. Obviously, it's a direct result of destroying a stable country but as Vanessa points out, slavery is a tool and business of empire (like the drugs trade). The real motivation is to get US/French/NATO forces back into the region because Egypt is looking less reliable as an ally, cosying up to the "peace bloc" (Russia, Syria, Iran, China). That can't be allowed to happen.

The real meat of the piece is the rising desperation to suppress the truth. Melanie Shaw is being kept in isolation and deprivation because she probably has vital information pertaining to paedophiles in parliament. Solzhenitsyn wrote of the Gulag Archipelago in the former Soviet Union; the UK has its own privatised gulag, the prison service.

While accusations of "sexual harassment" in public life dominate media on both sides of the Atlantic, the real depths of depravity are ignored. Heath, Janner, Brittan, Smith etc. are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paedophiles in power. Kakistocracy - rule by the worst in society - is what we live under and it's likely to be worse today than when Heath was buggering little boys under the watchful eyes of the banksters' intelligence services. That's what they don't want you to see. There is a line of whistleblowers who've perished while we look the other way but more people are noticing and joining the dots on paedophiles in power... and the elevated cattle are panicking.

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