Where is Brendon O'Connell?

Having been incarcerated for three years in Australia on bogus charges and subsequently taking refuge in Malaysia, Brendon visited New Zealand. He was arrested and imprisoned on 11th October 2017, since when he's disappeared into the "rendition gulag" and there is no information as to his location or condition.

Are the Jews Torturing Brendon O’Connell in a New Zealand Jail?
Australian man Brendon O’Connell who blew the lid off Operation Talpiot and exposed the Jewish State’s “kill switches” in most major Western infrastructure, has been held in a NZ jail since October 11th.
Apparently nobody has heard from him since.

Brendon has been fearless in facing down Jewish power and here he explains some important issues.

We ignore the plight of dissenters at our peril. Instead of following the latest distraction purveyed by the fake news merchants, we should be discussing what's really going on behind the curtain and exposing the elevated cattle's crimes.

Rising panic among the order followers is palpable and like other whistleblowers such as Melanie Shaw, Brendon must be silenced but they're already too late. The genii of growing awareness just won't fit back in the bottle. The crimes of the elevated cattle are no longer ignored by a growing number of people.

The farmers' desperation is rising and we need to capitalise on the momentum to co-create a shared understanding of reality. Liberation will follow.

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