A real holocaust

The totemic number of Jews who were alleged to have died in German concentration camps was 6 million, a number for which there are numerous references dating back to 19th century, a Jewish mythology. As this number was challenged with evidence, the holocaust memorial industry was forced to revise the number downwards by over 4 million although the number of 6 million still lingers in most people's minds because it is still repeated, almost as an incantation.

Statistical records fail to confirm specific execution of Jews on any scale which would justify the term holocaust. According to the Jewish world almanac the Jewish population in 1933 stood at 15,315,859; 15 years later in 1948, when supposedly some 6 million Jews had perished in German concentration camps, the population was 15,753,638. Red Cross records confirm many fewer (Jews and non-Jews) deaths in the concentration camps than claimed in the popular narrative and most appear to have died from starvation or disease resulting from the Britsh bombing supply lines to the camps. The statistical evidence is on top of the lack of physical or documentary evidence of industrialised killing by the method claimed; the "gas chamber" at Auschwitz appears to have been built after the war by the Russians and couldn't have functioned as claimed.

Any death is a tragedy and bandying numbers in millions in some sort of pissing contest, is to belittle the suffering of non-Jews, many of whom died in horrific circumstances. It is as if Jews have exclusive right to claim victimhood from the second world war. However, millions of Germans died, not during the war but from collective punishment in the aftermath.

Did the Allies Starve Millions of Germans? by James Bacque
As soon as the Second World War ended in 1945, Canada and the United States began shipping food to the hundreds of millions of people who were facing starvation as a result of the war. Unprecedented in world history, this massive program fulfilled the highest ideals for which the Western Allies had fought. Their generosity seemed to have no limit. They fed former enemies — Italy and Japan — as well as a new enemy, the Soviet Union.
Only Germany was left out.

The destruction of Germany began with WW1 and following WW2 Germany lost its sovereignty. Today, Germany, along with Italy and Japan, is classed as an "enemy" by the UN.

Germany’s New Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel For Multilateralism – Will He Tackle German Sovereignty? by Christof Lehmann
In practical terms this means that the Federal Republic of Germany cannot make sovereign decisions pertaining its defense policy and posture and it cannot make important foreign policy decisions that could have a bearing on the “special relationship” with London and Washington without the approval of the UK and the USA.

Germany had to be removed as a threat to AngloAmerican power; that was achieved by bringing the population to its knees post-war and controlling its institutions. Today, the destruction of European nations and their culture continues with induced mass migration.

What did the Jews get from WW2? Most of Palestine and reparations for a mythological holocaust. What did Germans get? The loss of millions of citizens in the aftermath and the survivors' collective punishment and guilt for crimes they didn't commit.

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