Land belongs to no-one

Can you imagine ethnic or social cleansing of Buckingham Palace? Unlikely because monarchy started the enclosures of the commons with the arrival of the Normans; institutional hierarchy and theft of the commons go hand in hand. It is the "little people", the powerless and the vulnerable who are displaced because the greedy bullies want their land, usually for profit and driven by usury. In the UK, particularly London, "gentrification" (as if the replacement populations are "gentlefolk" rather than beneficiaries of bullying and harassment) is conducted by stealth, lies and deception. It repeats and repeats.

Balfron Tower: the artwash of an icon by Rab Harling
Why were Bow Arts so aggressive toward me just for questioning why part of my rent was being donated to a charitable cause? Why was a charity promoting community arts trying to use me to help displace a working class community from their homes, so they could be sold off to luxury property developers, all using public funds received from Arts Council England?  It didn’t take a great deal of research to discover that Bow Arts were taking public funds to do something that they were not actually providing, but nobody was listening.
What followed was years of hell. Trying to get anybody to believe what was happening in Balfron Tower; that artists were being used in this way; that I was apparently volunteering to give my landlord nearly £2,000 a year as a donation without even being aware that I was doing so. I reported my complaints to the police, to Arts Council England, to the Charities Commission and to HMRC.

In Palestine, there is no subtlety but brute force and violence.

Removing indigenous peoples from their land is as old as hierarchical civilisation and it's passed down through generations of abuse. Many early settlers in America were victims of abuse and enclosures at home; the abused became abusers, denying access to land and the means to life to those who lived there.

Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Genocide of Native Americans by Gilbert Mercier
The sad reality about the United States of America is that in a matter of a few hundreds years it managed to rewrite its own history into a mythological fantasy.
The concepts of liberty, freedom and free enterprise in the “land of the free, home of the brave” are a mere spin. The US was founded and became prosperous based on two original sins: firstly, on the mass murder of Native Americans and theft of their land by European colonialists; secondly, on slavery.
This grim reality is far removed from the fairy tale version of a nation that views itself in its collective consciousness as a virtuous universal agent for good and progress. The most recent version of this mythology was expressed by Ronald Reagan when he said that “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”

We are on this earth for a lifespan and our birthright is the means to life. Land ownership denies us that right. That and usury lie at the root of our problems and are the means by which we are farmed.


0 #1 Peter Watson 2017-12-06 12:37
How right you are the land belongs to no one.

Freeholders think it means they/we 'own' the land but they do not own it in English law it is only a 'holding' from the crown (i.e. the people) which is only deemed to be 'free' because they/we pay nothing for it. Land values increase year on year as the community builds more schools, hospitals, roads, railways, airports and so on. A good example is Cross Rail a huge public benefit which is increasing rents from Maidenhead through London and into Essex. All public wealth going into private purses. It is not difficult to identify this wealth and collect it. A lot simpler than the job destructive enterprise crushing tax system we have today which is collecting private wealth and putting it in the public purse at an appalling cost to the real wealth creators.
Peter Watson.

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