Good ol' boys and their games

Those familiar with Critical Thinking's analysis will know that nation states or even empires are something of an illusion. They carry the hallmarks of sovereignty. However, they are controlled, not by governments but by the Structural Elite. 

Meanwhile, we, in our ignorance, conduct discussion in terms of which countries represent threats to our future. A popular theme is the rise of China, displacing the USA as the world's primary superpower. Unbeknown to most, the people who run China are under the same control as those that run America. Furthermore, this control has a long history which exposes the modus operandi of the Structural Elite; capture young rising stars and fuel their rise to power while dangling rewards to seduce them. Secret societies and dubious ritual practices are a form of indoctrination to bind the elevated cattle to their masters. "Chairman" Mao was a product of this process and China's leadership today is his legacy.

Mao was a Yale Man - A Yali with Skull and Bones 
“By about the year 2000 Communist China will be a “superpower” built by American technology and skill.” Antony C. Sutton, American Secret Establishment published 1984
(some of the links in this long article are broken but it doesn't detract from its value)

The biggest threat to our future is not China... or Russia. It is centralised power.

Making sense of the world is not difficult, once we understand the political economy as a system comprising many subsystems. When we look beyond the obvious, we can see the threads of the web of power extending from the Structural Elite to every aspect of global activity. Once we recognise that and that it is our consent and compliance which reinforces their power and wealth, withdrawing consent to be farmed is the obvious response.


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