White middle-aged men

Are white middle-aged men an endangered species? Probably not but it is curious how it is acceptable to decry or even incite hatred of middle-aged white males but not people of any other ethnic, gender or other categorisation.

There is an agenda to break down cultures and nations and, owing to the historic dominance of white Anglo-Saxon males in power, one can understand the resentment. However, as UK Column points out, this is not resentment that has evolved spontaneously; it has been carefully fostered by media and academia over decades and there are political forces at play. Yesterday's broadcast contains the usual rich mix of news and analysis and the section White middle-aged men under pressure…who are British Future...? is 30 minutes in.

UK Column News - 11th January 2018 (46 minute video)
START – A greener future is on its way: British soft power expands
09:18 – Nigel Farage: maybe we should have a second Brexit referendum
15:22 – BBC fake news: duplicity on Syria for all to see…
22:12 – Boris in Brussels: lecturing Iran on ‘free speech’
24:58 – Sabine McNeill court case update
25:53 – Bank of England: Credit Conditions Survey - 2017 Q4 
27:48 – School segregates playground for non-donating parents
30:37 – White middle-aged men under pressure…who are British Future...?
37:24 – Chatham House: Cybersecurity of Nuclear Weapons Systems
41:51 – Royal Navy museum to replace British Navy…?
42:43 – German military recruits record number of minors
43:55 – RT: Russia views US, Ukraine and EU as main enemies

Critical Thinking's analysis reveals the trajectory towards total subjugation of the human race to the Structural Elite's will and, as a major constituent of intellectual and political power, white middle-aged men are an obstacle to their plans; hence the need to neutralise "white" power. This is not a debate about whether this constituency is privileged, clearly it is or has been hitherto. It's more about how divisions are created to fracture society and social cohesion in order to implement the Structural Elite agenda.

As Krishnamurti points out, identity politics is violent and white middle-aged men are, first and foremost, human. We need to focus on what is in the interests of us all, rather than on differences that divide and make us malleable cattle.


By co-creating a shared understanding of reality, we will know that these divisions by colour, gender and background are not of primary importance. It is our shared interest and humanity which are paramount, if we are to survive as a species with dignity and mutual respect.

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