Latent war within temporary peace

Bernadette Devlin was reviled by the British establishment and Unionists in Northern Ireland but admired within the minority Catholic community. This interview with Mark McGowan reveals why she is a polarising figure; she speaks truth to power. She explains how the two sides in the Irish conflict were told differing narratives based on irreconcilable promises. That is no recipe for enduring peace in Northern Ireland or anywhere else.

Bernadette has spoken truth to power from the beginning of her emergence into the public sphere.

Divide and control is the modus operandi of Structural Elite working through empire (formerly the British empire and latterly the US). As long as we accept the weasel words of empire, there will never be an enduring peace, be it in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and beyond.

Hierarchy is the source of war, not people; the State is terror.

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