Does "news" make sense?

If you watch the BBC or read mainstream press, take note of what is reported and then revisit what you noted sometime later when absorbing the news; you'll soon notice the inconsistencies and contradictions. The lies persist because MSM and the establishment rely on our collective amnesia born of the deceptions and distractions spewed out on a daily basis.

Yesterday's Daily Pickings was a summary of Critical Thinking's analysis to date. If you watch/read the news with that analysis in mind, you'll spot the inconsistencies and contradictions almost immediately, Fake news is the common fare because the establishment has much to hide and it accumulates daily. The desperation, to cover up corruption, crime and paedophilia within the institutions of power, is palpable.

Try watching UK Column daily and you'll soon get a sense of the depths of duplicity and mendacity. You may not always agree with their interpretations of events and issues but you can rely on UK Column for honest reporting, absent in the mainstream.

UK Column News Archive

Daily Pickings often refers to alternative sources of news and analysis and there are plenty out there but always be sceptical and learn which sources are most reliable on which issues. Diversity is key: diversity of voices, diversity of sources and diversity of information. By following this practice, we begin to make sense of the world.


0 #1 James Walter 2018-02-02 10:02
I thoroughly agree with you about fake news, aka Main Stream News.

But there is another factor, weapons of mass distraction and learned indifference. Within weapons of mass distraction is employment - for those lucky enough to have it. I do not know about the UK so much, but in the US
18% of full timers over 60 hr/wk
21% 50 to 59,
11% 41 to 49
42% 40
8% less than 40 (these are full time employees)

In the US, many work two or even three part time jobs or even full time jobs which adds up to more than 60 hours

Add to that total commuting time
90 minutes 17%
90 minutes < 2 hours 9%
2 hours or more 8%
No answer 2%

Add to that 8 hours of sleep plus food preparation, bathing, etc. and drug taking (alcohol is the worst drug for many reasons)

They can get on the internet and read the real news, about which they think they can do nothing, or they can kick back, drink that beer/wine and watch the FMSM and some silly football game, quiz show, fashion show or sitcom. In Spanish, the word for fun is "divertido", diverting from the trials and tribulations of life.

When it comes to politics, the sound bite, 30 second ad rules.

None of us are gods. The average person to above average person even less so.

Finally, dovetailing, the length of the news. How much time should we expect the majority of the people to devote to the news. The shows are 30 minutes in the US for national, another 30 minutes, including the weather and sports, for local. Is it reasonable to expect people to spend 2 hours more a night reading, watching the real news? Shouldn't they also watch the FMSM to see what they are saying?

Democracy is a joke -the best it can do is through the bastards out. In Greece, the left promised that and did nothing. So now the right, all across Europe, and Trumpettes, are coming to power.

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