$5billion puppet theatre

Michael Heseltine said of the Labour Party's schmoozing of the City in the early 1990s, "never have so many crustaceans died in vain" referring to a series of prawn cocktail parties in the City. Perhaps it wasn't pointless (for the beneficiaries) given the Faustian pact which emerged between New Labour and the City, unleashing unfettered greed and the subsequent catastrophe. "Money makes the world go round."

It is estimated $5billion has been committed to this US Presidential election. Some of this money comes directly to candidates (much of it from Wall St and the hedge fund industry). While there are limits on direct funding for each candidate, there are no limits on the funding of Political Action Committees (PACs for short). These PACs may receive funding from all sorts of vested interests, both foreign and domestic; one may only speculate as to which agendas are being served by their attack advertisements on the opposing candidate.

But when all is said and done, is who wins significant? Four years ago Obama swept to power on a tide of optimism which was sadly misplaced. That "hopey changey thing" hasn't curtailed US hegemony; escalating violence across the Middle East has been supplemented by imperial aggression across Africa and South East Asia. Extra-judicial killing and civilian deaths from escalating drone strikes have accelerated and torture continues. Domestic repression has continued as civil liberties come under increasing threat while those responsible for financial crimes have neither been curtailed nor held to account.

Those with progressive leanings are deluding themselves in thinking Obama is a better choice than Romney, the rhetoric may vary but the policy continues as it did under George W Bush. Arguably, a Romney victory may have better served the cause of those seeking change. He would have been more of a lightning rod for anger against the greed of the 1%.

The theatre moves on with US flag waving and graphic patriotism as the world stumbles forward toward the abyss. Is it to be World War III as events across the Middle East run further out of control or global revolution as the disadvantaged in Greece, Spain, Portugal etc. are joined by growing numbers of the dispossessed across Europe and the US?

Forgive me if I'm unmoved by an Obama victory.

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