Shackles and scales

We are prisoners of our own ignorance but escape to a bright future awaits, if only we can cast off the shackles of control imposed by our world view dictated by the ruling classes. They live in fear of the scales falling from our eyes and rely on fomenting division and creating distractions to ensure we remain in ignorance.

In this new millennium, we have a choice unavailable to previous generations who were hobbled by an historical narrative dictated by the few. Although media ownership was more diverse in the last century, there was less of it and it was organised as a left/right narrative. The dominant theme of political and economic texts was acceptance of the status quo in terms of the political and economic paradigm - a situation which persists even now.

Today, we have instant access to information much closer to the source and a much wider range of narratives and information. This is both an advantage and an obstacle to enlightenment. We need to separate facts from assertions and opinions - it is vital to adhere to the principles of critical thinking. There is much misinformation to cloud and obscure useful information.

But finding the time to explore is difficult as increasingly, we are burdened by the bureaucracy of living as every aspect of human activity is monetised, monitored and controlled. Learning, spontaneity and free creativity are suppressed by social norms, rules, regulations and monetary hurdles. We are inclined to retreat to our established world view because it is easier, allowing fear of the future and each other to be fostered to sustain control over our lives. Striving for material wealth enslaves us to the economic (debt) treadmill and we have little time to explore alternatives. The knowledge is there - we just need to tap into it.

We need to prioritise rational thinking and discussion over emotional appeals and instant gratification.

The first step is to choose freedom through education - not the standardised, goal orientated education espoused by the establishment. We all have the innate instinct to learn as evidenced by the work on self organised learning environments. Education is about drawing out not cramming in. Education is a lifelong process; when we stop learning, our useful, productive life is over. We need to prepare for the future.

Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up and when the next economic crisis hits (as it inevitably will) recovery is unlikely - we've used up all the ammunition in the current economic arsenal but we have the power to choose a different course.

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