Land and Poverty

The role of private ownership of land and resources in creating poverty was identified by Henry George in his book, completed in 1879, Progress and Poverty. It is essential reading if you want to understand the first basic flaw in our economic system. His work has been built upon by others such as Fred Harrison who provides a very accessible work on the subject, The Traumatised Society.

Fred, together with Peter Challen, Chairman of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice, held a series of conferences this year on the Theology of the Land in an attempt to bring together leaders from different faiths to discuss the fundamental issue of land and resource and its destructive impact on society.

In anticipation of the conferences, Peter sent Daily Pickings an excellent paper by Alanna Hartzok, which provides an introduction to the subject of land and poverty. She puts the issue in historical context and highlights important relevant statements from Physiocrats, such as Adam Smith and Karl Marx, as well as broader support from Nobel Prize winning economists.

Socializing Land Rent, Untaxing Production by Alanna Hartzok

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