Unconditional citizens income

The Critical Thinking project has determined there are three fundamental flaws in our economic system (see Economics to save our civilisation), one of which is the means to life being conditional on paid employment. The idea of a basic income is gaining traction across Europe with a petition calling for its introduction. In the UK there is also growing support and citizens income is now Green party policy.

Basic Income UK
Hat tip to Arvind for this.

Guy Standing is Professor of Economic Security at the University of Bath and a founder member and co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), a non-governmental organisation that promotes a citizenship income for all. He worked at the International Labor Organization as researcher for many years and is author of “The Precariat — the new dangerous class”, published in in 2011, and “Work after Globalisation: Building Occupational Citizenship”, published in 2009.

The dangers and hopes of the precariat: an interview with Guy Standing

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