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Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan, academic and journalist, Paul Craig Roberts, has a pretty good handle on global power politics. The US/NATO modus operandi involves financing opposition to governments of unaligned (not bowing to US hegemony) countries in order to bring them into the fold ready to be corporatised, raped and enslaved, or merely destabilised to remove a potential threat, as has been so effective across the Middle East.

Defeated By The Taliban, Washington Decides To Take On Russia And China by Paul Craig Roberts


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Western media coverage of Ukrainians protesting on the streets of Kiev typifies the contrast between coverage of protest on the streets of London, New York and western cities (and US/NATO satellites like Bahrain etc.) versus protest against those governments which stand in the way of global corporate interests. The brutal eviction of Occupy from St Paul's cathedral in the CIty of London received barely a mention in February 2012. Riot police in the UK are often brutal, killing a bystander in an unprovoked attack during G20 protests in 2009, as well as habitually beating protesters. There were vicious, unlawful attacks on G8 protesters in London this year yet there was little coverage on UK media. Last week police unlawfully evicted a protest at the University of London.

Was the Senate House eviction legal? by Steve Rushton


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