Neo-liberalism's Achilles heel?

This article makes the case for a citizens income to reignite economic growth, citing lack of demand in the economy as the "only Achilles heel" of the capitalist system. It hails the explosion in productivity although it acknowledges that rising consumption, over centuries, hasn't made us any happier; but the article fails to expand on the fundamental flaw of perpetual growth (it is unsustainable), even though it acknowledges the superfluity of consumption. It argues for citizens income for the benefit of capitalism and to ensure economic recovery.


In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread

Hat tip to Obi for this

In isolation, implementing citizens income would at least liberate people to think and co-operate more freely for real change but until control of land, resources and money are recovered for the benefit of everyone, we remain enslaved to the debt treadmill.

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