MH370 false flag hypothesis

While the authorities and media focus on the "search" for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane in the ocean, circumstantial evidence of something more sinister is building. Daily Pickings referred to the US naval airbase at Diego Garcia as a possible destination for the plane, about a month ago.

MH370: Evidence Suggests a Naval Intelligence / Israeli by By Keith Maart

False Flag Operation was Exposed Before Execution of an Attack

Hat tip to Arvind for this


In 2001, relatively few people were sufficiently clued up on Operation Northwoods and evidence of other false flag operations to be motivated to investigate in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, let alone anticipate such an atrocity. Thirteen war-ridden years later, many more people are attuned to the possibility of a repeat performance to further the RC agenda.

If MH370's disappearance is connected to a planned false flag operation, implicating Iran, to justify yet another war, it needs to be exposed and publicised. But that is not enough. We need to remove the source of the power which motivates and facilitates these crimes.

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