TTIP and MEP elections

The forthcoming European elections will supposedly determine the government of the EU and its 500 million inhabitants, or so they would have us believe. But rather like Mad King Lud, the European Assembly has little power, as Frank Taylor writes in April's edition of the Runnymede Gazette.

RUNNYMEDE GAZETTE - APRIL 2014 - A Journal of the Democratic Resistance

This edition also refers to the Bank of England's acknowledgement that banks create money from nothing. What the BoE fails to address are the ramifications of private money creation - unaccountable, unfettered power in the hands of those who control money. Banking interests on Wall Street and in the City of London are driving the "free trade agenda" which will do anything but set us free.  If our docile, compliant politicians sign TISATTIP and TPP into law, the final vestiges of democracy will disappear. There is only one question to ask prospective MEPs, to determine who to vote for later this month: Are you prepared to STOP TTIP? 

Trade Deals that Threaten Democracy: what's behind the EU-US and TransPacific trade and investment treaties

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