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Frackoff action

Most of what we hear about fracking is hearsay because data on the health and environmental effects remain suppressed in North America where they've been fracking for over 20 years. One eccentric preacher, who exhausted all conventional means to remove the existential threat to his family, farm and local community, was driven to sabotage.

The Saboteurs By Chris Hedges


Chinese Poker and Russian Roulette

Western media focused on the relaxing of the "one child" policy in China announced in the recent Third Plenum but there are far more significant shifts in policy taking place under new president, Xi Jinping, the effects of which will reverberate around the globe. China is boosting Yuan liquidity to reduce its reliance on the US dollar and exports while conducting an increasing proportion of its trade (in oil particularly) in Yuan. Rising tensions (portrayed in the media as China flexing its military muscles) over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands, located in the East China Sea, are indicative of US desperation to sustain its regional influence in the face of the US dollar's demise as the world's reserve currency.

Dollar Survival Behind US-China Tensions By Finian Cunningham


30 pieces of silver

According to the gospels, Judas accepted 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus. The two Mikes, Freer and Weatherley, price their betrayal of constituents and fundamental principles of justice in tens of thousands of pounds. Freer is reluctant to meet with constituents to discuss grievances over housing and the anti-squatting laws he sponsored but has plenty of time to devote to the cause of his benefactors.

Who is sponsoring Mike Freer’s vendetta on squatting? by Steve Rushton

Daily Pickings has referred to the web of power which controls the world, corrupting business, politics, media and public institutions; it is now so pervasive it infects all aspects of public life. But rarely is one given a glimpse of its ignorant, arrogant, elitist mentality articulated by Boris Johnson, at the Centre for Policy Studies in London, in a speech titled What Would Maggie do Today? 


The pale blue dot

The span of human history is but a moment in the evolution of the earth and the universe. Carl Sagan reminds us how insignificant we are and the importance of nurturing each other and the tiny blue dot upon which we rely for life.

A sense of wonder

Carl Sagan: The Earth Is Where We Make Our Stand