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Criticism from unlikely sources

Russia Today is often characterised by western media as the mouthpiece of the Kremlin. American media elites awash in an orgy of feel-good condemnation in particular love to mock Russian media, especially the government-funded English-language outlet RT, as being a source of shameless pro-Putin propaganda, where free expression is strictly barred (in contrast to the Free American Media). That that network has a strong pro-Russian bias is unquestionably true. But one of its leading hosts, Abby Martin, remarkably demonstrated last night what “journalistic independence” means by ending her Breaking the Set program with a clear and unapologetic denunciation of the Russian action in Ukraine.

"What Russia Did Is Wrong"

RT Host Abby Martin Condemns Russian Incursion Into Crimea – On RT By Glenn Greenwald

This is in stark contrast to the US and UK media cheerleading for war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.


(Un)just desserts

The neo-liberal consensus is based on the belief that we get what we deserve, both the rich and visibly prosperous, and the poor and desperate. It is a harsh, unremitting distortion of reality. Avner Offer, Chichele Professor Emeritus of Economic History at Oxford, contrasts the collaborative, co-operative, economic model adopted during wartime with the "dog eat dog" reality of the neo-liberal experiment of the last 30 years. "In an age of scarcity it would be imperative to set up new, more egalitarian models of distribution,"

Suffering? Well, You Deserve It By Chris Hedges


Property and surveillance

Robin Smith, occupier and Chief Financial Officer of MeltFund, often gently berates "planet savers" for not recognising how we are all culpable in the abusive economic system. He typically uses satire to highlight how easy it is to make money in real estate, how property investment is encouraged and supported with tax breaks and public subsidies to drive up the value of land. Yesterday he explained how although MacDonalds is "known" to be in the burger business, MacDonalds is actually a property (real estate) company funded by its franchisees.

MeltFund admires them.


At the brink once more

Last August, Russian diplomacy averted a dangerous build up towards conflagration in the Middle East over America's bungled attempt to frame Bashar Assad for using chemical weapons. The US now seems determined to provoke conflict with Russia over Ukraine.

Washington’s Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil Have Set the Stage for War By Paul Craig Roberts

Just to be clear, what is proposed for Ukraine, under the western backed coup, is the Shock Doctrine, aka. austerity, as suffered by Greece, Spain, Portugal and to varying degrees the UK and other European nations. In Chile, the doctrine was imposed by a reign of terror; the characters leading the uprising in Kiev show a similar propensity for violence and abuse. To the Ukrainian people who support the uprising, there is but one message: be careful of what you wish for. Popular anger over the corrupt and incompetent government of Viktor Yanukovych won't necessarily translate into a better outcome. All indications are that US backed regime change will be a change for the worse, as it has been in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and many other countries.

Obama's Far Right Foreign Policy By Shamus Cooke