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Psychology of Wealth

Daily Pickings highlighted income and wealth inequality last November and pointed to the work of Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett on the malign effects of inequality based on statistical data. Their book, The Spirit Level, shows the correlation between many measures of well being and equality, ie above a certain base income level, more equal societies have better outcomes in terms of health, mortality and other measures.

Research from the University of California, Berkeley illustrates how wealth and inequality affects us psychologically. The results are quite startling - this 10 minute video reveals the psychological impact of relative wealth.

'Pernicious' Effects of Economic Inequality


Recognition for Snowden from fellow whistleblowers

A growing band of whistleblowers acknowledge Edward Snowden's contribution to freedom and democracy. 

Whilstleblowers Blast NSA Programs, Award Snowden

Hat tip to Arvind for this

Which democracy is valid

When an elected president is deposed and the military take over control, it is normally referred to as a "military coup". Not in the case of Egypt it seems.

When is a Military Coup Not a Military Coup? When it Happens in Egypt, Apparently By Robert Fisk

Those Western leaders who are telling us Egypt is still on the path to “democracy” have to remember that Morsi was indeed elected in a real, Western-approved election


US Egypt Policies Don’t Pass the Laugh Test By Rep. Ron Paul


Middle class rising

The growing global middle class are the potential source of global revolution/evolution.


Hat tip to Mark for this