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TTIP update

The arcane, bureaucratic language of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) documents and negotiations obscures the real intent and effects: to subvert democracy and establish corporate rule over people. Media analysis is woefully thin and it is left to activists and others to interpret developments in an attempt to save us from further progression of corporate hegemony. Linda Kaucher has provided an update:

The negotiations on the TTIP are happening in 'rounds' of talks, when the whole of the 2 negotiating teams (US and EU) meet. The 3rd round of talks was in the week before Christmas in Washington, and now there is a break for 'political assessment' of where things are up to before a 4th round in March. The formal rounds show that things are progressing. However a lot is going on in between the rounds, with meeting of parts of teams working on particular topics and also with digital conferencing. It is all going very fast.

Beyond the 'usual' trade-in-goods, trade-in-services and strengthening of intellectual property rights  - which are normal components of international free trade agreements, the main part of the TTIP deal is 'harmonising' the regulation of the US and the EU. 

This means making the regulatory frameworks of the US and EU as similar as possible.


Goodbye Margrit Kennedy

It is with sadness and regret that Daily Pickings learned of the recent death of Margrit Kennedy. Her contribution to the debate on money, interest and sustainability is immeasurable. Her Interest and Inflation Free Money is a seminal work and she worked tirelessly to bring about fundamental change to the economic system.

A staunch supporter of Occupy and key instigator of Occupy Money, she will be missed by many. Through realising the changes she envisaged we can secure her legacy.

Goodbye Margrit Kennedy


21.11.1939  -  28.12.2013

Faith, hope and obscurity

2013 was marked by one of the worst nuclear "accidents" since the unjustified bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Yet in spite of the enormity of the risks to all life on the planet from the reactor meltdown at Fukushima, once the initial media frenzy abated, we hear very little of what progress has been made in dealing with the consequences and securing the damaged reactors to prevent further disaster.

Fukushima: An Update from Japan by Brian Covert

Hat tip to Arvind for this

Meanwhile, the radiation leaks, from the damaged TEPCO nuclear plant at Fukushima, are having a devastating effect on marine life across the Pacific and high levels of lethal radiation are being recorded across the USA.

36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About Fukushima Radiation By Michael Snyder

Our collective reaction to this disaster is characterised by blind faith in authority, hope and media obscurity.

This is a real man-made threat to all life on earth, unlike the illusion of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

Silent media circus

You may have heard that a Russian "passenger ship" has been stranded in sea ice in the Antarctic since before Christmas, it was quietly reported on BBC radio briefly. Now that the "passengers" have been rescued, there is a BBC report.

The reality is this was no mere passenger ship. It was packed with journalists and some scientists with a plan to use the expedition to promote the alarm over man-made global warming. Climate sceptics have been all over the story.

The Antarctic ‘research’ fiasco – ‘would you, could you, in a boat’?

Shokalskiy soap opera – rescue ship stuck too, climatologists asks skeptics Coleman & Watts for weather-info

Clitantic scientists trapped in Antarctic ice claim expanding sea ice caused by ‘global warming’ — But data and studies refute claims

Antarctic sea ice saga by Dr Judith Curry