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Who owns the world?

Land ownership in the UK remains concentrated in few hands although those hands have changed over the centuries. Corporate and foreign ownership is on the rise. The author of the following article has also written a book on global land ownership which, according to wikipedia, discloses that Queen Elizabeth II is the legal owner of one sixth of the land on the Earth's surface. Land ownership is one of the three flaws at the root of the economic system and yet recording who owns what remains an inexact and incomplete process in the UK; some may argue deliberately so.



Times, they are a changin'

Bill de Blasio, recently elected as Mayor of New York after the twelve year rule of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is a stark contrast to his predecessor. In tune with the sentiments of Occupy, de Blasio appears to be on the side of the poor and the vulnerable, rather than the 1%.

"We Are Living in the World Occupy Made": New York City Voters Elect Mayor Who Vows to Tax the Rich (20 minute video)

It remains to be seen whether he "walks the talk" and follows through on his promises.


Money buries truth

Mainstream media are incapable of revealing the truth surrounding contentious issues such as climate change or 9/11.

There are different means by which suppression of truth is accomplished. The most obvious is where stories (in the form of press releases) are written by government or corporate "insiders". Resources for investigative journalism have been slashed, to maximise profit, leaving misinformation unchallenged. Consequently, stories are "taken from the wire," ie. from the news agencies (Associated Press or Reuters) and aired or printed across a wide range of press and TV. Media agglomeration ensures the same stories appear across most of the media, crowding out alternative narratives - 90% of the media in America is owned by just six corporations. There is similar concentration of media ownership in the UK and elsewhere. In public perception there arises a sense that, if everyone else believes, it must be true. The lies become self-reinforcing.

There is also the role played by advertising and sponsorship. For example, there is a reluctance to criticise corporate clients by exposing flaws in their products or services because it would result in a loss of revenue.


Red is not always progressive

The portrayal of Chavez's Venezuela contrasts starkly with how the media and the West treat with Thailand's Thaksin Shinawatra.

High Finance, Geopolitical Leverage and the Rise of the New World Order By Sam Muhho