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The Commanding Self

That the Structural Elite collude with the weak and the greedy to manipulate events across the Middle East is not in doubt but they sow seeds of division and destruction across the region within fertile ground, by exploiting Arab and Israeli psyches.

The Lesson by John Bell
“Half claim the vocation of a leader, a quarter believe they are prophets, and at least ten percent take themselves for gods,” former Syrian President Shukri Al Qawatli, speaking about the Syrian people in 1958.

Western egos, in this age of celebrity and the reverence afforded to authority and "experts", are no less damaging but help to fuel division and conflict all round.

Before we confidently excoriate others for their attitudes and behaviour, we need to look to ourselves because we are the authors of our own collective destiny. Our ignorance, consent, compliance and willing participation are the power of the current abusive and destructive political economy.

THE SEARCH of P. D. Ouspensky in Europe, in Egypt and the Orient for a teaching which would solve for him the problems of Man and the Universe, brought him in 1915 to his meeting in St Petersburg with Georges Gurdjieff.  (It is Gurdjieff who is referred to, throughout the text of this book, as G) In Search of the Miraculous:
Fragments of an Unknown Teaching is the record of Ouspensky's eight years of work as Gurdjieff's pupil.

Only by challenging and changing ourselves can we change the world and the human experience. Incentives, penalties and conditioning have brought us to where we are. Understanding the process will help us shed the shackles which bind us and remove the scales that blind us. If we learn, we can change the world.

Poisonous medicine

Data show that modern medicine makes people sick and then kills them - yet most people have no idea that the source of their illness is the very industry they rely on to keep them healthy. Since liability was removed from big pharma (the industry captured the US regulatory regime on Ronald Reagan's watch in the 1980s) for adverse consequences from vaccines, their use has spiralled out of control and is killing Americans.

The Rockefeller family has been one of the primary players in the creation and promotion of this killing industry.

The medical industry is analogous to the political economy today in which Orwellian Newspeak rules: “War is Peace”, "Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.” - Poison is Medicine.

Removing the barrier to kill

Daily Pickings has referred to how humans are reluctant to kill other humans and that distance is a primary factor in removing the barrier to kill. Ben Griffin explains how, through psychological conditioning, today's soldier is much more likely to kill than his predecessors in two world wars - the numbers are startling. Something like 90% today versus 10% previously. Ben explains the principal methods used to break down the barriers to killing another human being.

It is unfortunate that Ben uses the holocaust to explain "compartmentalisation"; although he's woken up the reality of his own experience and that of other verterans, he has yet to discover the lies and deception relating to two world wars and the holocaust.

Critical Thinking is a journey of discovery and the learning never ceases.

France, Russia and Greece

France has a new president but plus ca change; Emmanuel Macron is another "appointee" to maintain Rothschilds' power.

Why Rothschild Wants Their Flunky Macron In France: David de Rothschild Indicted In France For Bank Fraud by Political Vel Craft (Veil Of Politics)
Emmanuel Macron can be called the most unusual [socialist] candidate for president of France. He has no real political experience. He has not been elected anywhere before.
He is not a member of any of the leading parties and the three years (2006 to 2009) in socialist ranks can be considered a formality; Macron joined them “officially” but did not pay dues and did not attended party events. [He was employed by socialist David de Rothschild]

Who is Putin's anointed successor in Russia? Who knows but Nikolai Starikov is not in the mould of Macron - he appears to be an independent thinker. His books are probably worthy of examination.

Faces of Russia: Nikolai Starikov by Anna Novikova
I still remember the day when I first heard his name. I was in my late twenties and deep into the research that changed my life. The discoveries that I made replaced everything I had known before, so imagine my astonishment at hearing someone else voice my thoughts and shape them into an engrossing read (the book I still recommend to everyone as a must-read: “Who set Hitler against Stalin”). That person was Nikolai Starikov.

Greece is an exemplar of what happens when the Rothschilds get their way and the banksters ravage and pillage a country

The Final Pillage: Greece to Surrender Gold, Real Estate, Utilities in Exchange for More Debt and Austerity by

The article accuses Germany but Germany is no longer a sovereign country but another lever of power for Rothschilds and the Structural Elite - Who rules? Not governments but those that control them and the other levers of power.

The lesson to be learned is that we cannot rely on the state or government to deliver freedom and prosperity; we have to co-create a new political economy for ourselves. Representative government will rarely serve our best interests.