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Perceptions of history

Our perceptions of history shape our world view and when we accept propaganda, we become tools of oppression. Mention the name Hitler and it conjures up images of death, destruction and every possible evil imaginable. But what if most, if not all, of the stories are false? Are we prepared to explore the possibility that they are false? Our deeply cherished beliefs enslave us; knowledge and understanding will set us free.

Hitler's response to Jews was the result of his perception of who perpetrated the overthrow and murder of the Tsar in Russia and who was responsible for the defeat and humiliation of Germany in the first world war. He was seeking the removal of Jews from positions of power and influence in German society, so much so that he supported the Zionist project to export Jews to Palestine.

If we're prepared to question Saddam Hussein's WMD, Gaddafi's plans to massacre his own people and Bashar Assad using chemical weapons in Aleppo, we need to be prepared to apply the same standards of proof and evidence to Hitler's alleged crimes, rather the running scared at the first mention of his name.

Notions of God

Recent comments question the notion of a God but if "God Is The Psyche Of The Universe" and resides within us all, God begins to make sense. Here's an astrotheological perspective which reinforces the idea of the interconnectedness of the universe and consequently us, humanity.

Bible stories and scriptures are allegories for the universe.

What is God?

Last Tuesday, Daily Pickings asked "Who rules over us?" to post a video exposing the duality of religion manipulated by Freemasonry. In the dialectic struggle between "good" and "evil", followers of religious dogma are misled into believing they are aspiring be "good" whereas in reality, they are manipulated within a structure which at the top is ruled with a very different purpose. Walter Veith is clearly talking in the belief that he is working for "good" (Christianity) to vanquish Luciferian "evil" but as in the Hegelian Dialectic he's fallen into the trap. This struggle predates Christ by millennia.

Our current work includes exploration of power structures in the context of astrotheology; Natural Inclusion expands our understanding of the nature of everything in the universe, including humans. This leads us to consider the proposition that God is within us all, as are "good" and "evil".

"But God really loves you!"

Posted previously Daily Pickings; who's riding in your carriage?

* update from Pennie: "God Is The Psyche Of The Universe" (and resides within us all)

The Finance Curse

Critical Thinking has long argued that banksters rule; their power in the UK is absolute.

Critical Thinking's analysis goes beyond Richard Werner's critique; usury is the issue and banking is theft.

As long as we are addicted to interest, problems of inequality and environmental destruction will never be solved.