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Sea level and climate change

Alarmist predictions of cities and islands disappearing under rising seas heighten concern over climate change.

The issue of sea levels is very complex because so many factors affect it. There is no single measurable global sea level; it is the aggregation of many measurements, all of which are subject to error because levels fluctuate so widely. The IPCC's claim of certainty on a rise of 3mm per annum, given the likely error rate, is unconvincing.

Sea Level Rise: Climate Change and an Ocean of Natural Variability by Steve Goreham

Yet more evidence of false flag attack in Syria

Numerous sources are pointing to a false flag chemical weapon attack in Syria, some more credible than others but the release of a report on video footage of alleged victims of the Syrian regime tells a sinister story: the use of children, by rebel forces, to provide the necessary "excuse" for US and NATO forces to attack Syria. This comprehensive report shows video footage from different news sources which is contradictory and indicative of placement of victims to achieve maximum effect. It also raises questions relating to the many child victims who were seemingly in the custody of rebels and away from their families; they may have been abducted from their families for the express purpose of staging the false flag attack. The report comes from a Carmelite nun who has been living and working in Syria for the past 20 years.

Military Intervention in Syria By Mother Agnes Mariam (download the report - 49Mb because of the mulitple images being compared)


Wealth gap widens

Both the Economist and The New York Times carried this graph from a recent study by Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty at Berkeley, University of California:

 Share of total income top 10% and 1%


American exceptionalism?

American media promote many myths such as the American Dream. Richard Wilkinson, with reference to the malign consequences of inequality highlighted in The Spirit Level, quipped, "if Americans want to live the American Dream, they need to move to Denmark." With 47.5 million US citizens on food stamps and others holding down multiple jobs to survive, this is too near the truth to be funny.

The myth of American exceptionlism, called into question by Vladimir Putin last week, is entrenched in the American psyche and is reinforced through education, displays of patriotic fervour, repetitive claims by politicians and cultural indoctrination via Hollywood and the media. The reality is somewhat different.

Moral Hypocrisy and U.S. Exceptionalism By Ajamu Baraka

The only thing Exceptional about the U.S. is its Moral Hypocrisy. An African American Perspective