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Russian perspective on mass migration

Since the carefully arranged picture of Aylan Kurdi was splashed across global media in September 2015, waves of inward migrants have been trafficked into Europe by NGOs and the Italian coast guard. This was and continues as war by media on us all to divide and destabilise communities across Europe. Germany has been one of the primary targets of inward migration. Whenever, Germany is at risk of eclipsing Anglo-American power, it is attacked, previously in two world wars, latterly through induced mass migration.


Russian writer, Nikolai Starikov, raises interesting questions including: why have authorities suddenly stopped applying political asylum rules and just opened the gates to the flood of "economic migrants" among whom are paid terrorists?

Nikolai blames the Americans and certainly the CIA has form when it comes to using migration as a weapon.

How the CIA used refugees to create civil war in Vietnam
The use of refugees to carry out subversion is an old technique that was perfected by the CIA in Vietnam. The plan to create refugees and then to use these refugees to commit subversion, leading to civil war in Vietnam, was perfected by a Col. Edward Lansdale. Though apparently in the army, Lansdale was a CIA employee and retired as a Major General. Lansdale was one of the most evil and brutal men of the twentieth century. He used to brag how he would torture Vietnamese and throw them out of helicopters alive.

It is important to remember that power doesn't lie with nation states but with the bankster led Structural Elite and it is the banksters' interests that are served by intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI5, MI6 and Mossad.

The key to stopping induced mass migration, terrorism, wars and many other major existential problems is to remove the levers of power from the Structural Elite. We are the source of their power and we can remove it.

Who rules over us?

Critical Thinking's research and analysis reveals where power over global politics and the military-intelligence, media-academic complex (MIMAC) resides, among the Structural Elite. But there is a deeper question which cannot be ignored; is there a darker power which holds sway either among or over the Structural Elite? This question has the effect of "turning people off". Either it is too deep or too frightening for many to contemplate and they retreat into the comfort of the familiar distractions and illusions, ie. the Matrix.

While, understanding where true power lies isn't essential to know how to remove the levers of power from their grasp, for we who want to know the truth of our condition, it is insufficient or cowardly not to explore further, wherever the trail leads us.

Knowledge is power and deeper knowledge, available to ancient civilisations, appears to be withheld from us. This knowledge may be key to transformation and our liberation. We cannot shy away from what may frighten or repel us in our search for truth.

Identity politics

Why is it we humans have a desperate need to belong to a tribe? Identifying ourselves "as a ....." (insert Tory, Democrat, Republican, Green, American, Brit, LBGT, Feminist, Christian, Muslim, Jew etc.) inevitably separates us from our fellow humans.

Tribalism among Jews and their sense of superiority and "exceptionalism" is problematic both for Jews and Goyim (the rest of us); it is self-destructive, as a Rabbi noted in a video recently posted in Daily Pickings.

David Scott discusses identity politics with Gilad Atzmon in the following video.

Both Gilad and David refer to the claimed Jewish holocaust but we should remember that in many countries one can be jailed for questioning it.

Six million Jews could not have perished between 1942 and 1945 unless there was a 69% increase in the global population of Jews between 1933 and 1948 (according to their own World Almanac). Furthermore, there is no scientific or documented proof of industrialised killing within German concentration camps. Our "belief" in the holocaust myth is founded on confessions extracted under vicious torture and witness statements - most witnesses received payments in reparations based on their claims. Go figure.

In contrast, there is documented evidence of many more millions of Russians dying at the hand of Jewish Bolsheviks funded by Jewish bankers.

Exceptionalism is a problem for us all when we are unable to question facts.


We are all human and need to co-create understanding and a new political economy accordingly.

Why Trump and Brexit are irrelevant

Forget what is put in front of you to distract and divide. The trivia of sport and celebrity aren't going to improve your life; nor are Donald Trump and Brexit going to alter the current trajectory towards disaster. If WW3 doesn't put paid to humanity, our irresponsible abuse of the planet may. In any event, the insane political economy has been in a slow motion train crash since 1987; 2008 was our final wake up call.

In spite of all this, there is cause for optimism because people are awakening to the reality of our condition.

Critical Thinking's research and analysis was discussed recently on Anglo-Spanish ZTR Radio, recorded in their studios under railway arches in South London - hence the occasional rumbling train overhead.

How to Replace the Current Social Order (48 minute podcast)
We live in disorientating times. One acute problem is that the democratic process is becoming a meaningless spectacle when confronting global issues like ecology degradation, continental poverty, youth unemployment, mass migration, political and financial corruption plus colluding geopolitical predators. In the 21st century the US is embarking on a massive cutting welfare programme to increase its already hyper-inflated defense budget. We spoke to Clive Menzies of Critical Thinking about Who rules? How and Why. We discussed possible models of coexistence to fight social hierarchies and how to rethink the idea of "progress." We departed musically with Take the Power Back by Rage Against the Machine. With Juan Toledo and Andre López Turner