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Welcoming trouble

The Brexit referendum 12 months ago polarised opinion and divided people more than ever. By focusing on race, media created tension and animosity between those who are vehemently "anti-racist" and those concerned with the effects of mass immigration on indigenous culture and social stability.

Immigration (and Brexit come to that) is much more nuanced than Punch and Judy style politics would have us believe. On many levels, cultural diversity has added to the richness of life in Britain but when our indigenous culture is eradicated, where's the diversity? That is what many fear.

However, regardless of the cultural impact of mass immigration, we need to understand that this is about imposition of a new world order. The objective is to destroy nation states and diversified European cultures in order to eradicate resistance to totalitarian rule. Few, on either side of this debate, understand induced mass migration's context or its strategic, long term consequences. This is a war on us all (migrants and indigenous peoples) and is coordinated from the centre of the EU.

Migrants to Europe is no coincidence
For the Dutch version, see: Migrantenstroom naar de EU is geen toeval
The recent (since summer 2015) strong increase of migrants to Europe is no accident. It has been planned and orchestrated by people from within the EU. Sky News recently reported on handbooks (Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants) distributed free of charge to migrants in Turkey. These handbooks contain all the information immigrants need when they come to Europe, including emergency phone numbers in case they get into trouble, both on land and at sea.

Migrants have had their birthright stolen at home and many are displaced through war or disaster; they are being imported to dispossess indigenous peoples across Europe. This is analogous to when people were driven from the land through enclosures in Britain; many went overseas to displace people elsewhere.

The beneficiaries of induced mass migration are those who benefit from every other aspect of the political economy and it is we who grant them their power to abuse the rest of us. Or we can think...

Free University comes of age

Critical Thinking at the Free University reached something of a milestone in 2014 with its integrated narrative of the deep flaws in the political economy and ideas for addressing them. Since then our work has continued, developing and filling out our evidenced based narrative of human society.

Critical Thinking's analysis to date has just been published in Islamic Economics Journal of the King Abdulaziz University. For our work to be published in an academic journal is a testimony to our process and the many people who've contributed to our understanding thus far. To be published in this way legitimises the Free University as a "place" of learning.

Reform Proposals in the Monetary System for Attaining Global Economic Stability on behalf of Critical Thinking at the Free University
This paper attempts to put monetary reform in the context of Critical Thinking’s evidence-backed narrative for the political economy. Clearly, this is a much broader treatment than the brief in the title suggests but it is essential to understand the context in which money operates; who controls money, and consequently, the levers of power.

Before attempting to thank those who've contributed to our research and analysis, we must express our gratitude to Abdul Azim Islahi, Professor and Chief Editor of the Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Islamic Economics, and his colleagues for inviting Critical Thinking to submit this paper. Abdul and his team took our rather unfriendly, annotated copy and turned it into something much better with enhanced graphics.

The paper is the product of collaboration and co-creation by hundreds or even thousands of people and based on information, analysis and ideas from across today's civilisation and those which existed previously. It is impossible to list all the groups and individuals who've contributed to our work since we started in January 2012 but we must acknowledge our roots. Without Occupy, Tent City University at St Paul's in London and the Free University at the Bank of Ideas, Critical Thinking would not exist and we wouldn't have adopted our non-hierarchical structure. Beyond our roots are the many Critical Thinkers (those directly involved in the project), experts, polymaths, groups and individuals who've co-created a rich, evidence based narrative for the political economy.

Our process is what has created this paper and is underpinned by the recognition that ego and ideology are the primary obstacles to learning and human progress. If Critical Thinking has a motto, it is probably this:


Pushing boundaries

Yesterday's Daily Pickings referred to Common Purpose and the subversive war on us all but particularly children and the young. The process of education today is contrary to our own and humanity's interest - it is conditioning to submit to authority and, ultimately, the new world order. In universities, the process of closing down freedom of thought and action is almost complete but there are signs of push back against the oncoming tide of authoritarian dogma. Economic orthodoxy is exposed as deficient and a growing number of students are demanding honesty in economics.

Critical Thinking has been tangentially involved with attempts to challenge orthodoxy at the Architectural Association (AA) school in London over the last year.

AALAWuN Review - 2016 - 2017
The special project AALAWuN began asking a series of questions across the Bedford Square site at the beginning of the academic year 2016 – 2017. Now in the final term it's time to ask, how has AALAWuN satisfied its original description and how has it failed.

While it is vital to challenge existing narratives, it is essential to recognise techniques to bury truth amid political correctness, "fake news" and claims that we are living in an age of "post truth".

Education is not only for the young; we all need to unlearn what we think we know and discover our true potential.

GlobalNet21 and the Ethical Society are holding an event in London on Monday 3rd July 2017 to discuss Education in the 21st Century.

"If I ruled the world..."

The opening lyrics of this song from the musical Pickwick conjure up a vision of Utopia but hierarchical rule will never serve humanity well. So what is the motivation and method of those who do, in fact, seek to rule the world?

Critical Thinking has exposed the underlying drivers of the political economy which benefit the Structural Elite while increasing their power and we’ve explored some of the methods of control.

What is less clear is their motivation but it would appear that the new world order agenda has been long in gestation, going back at least as far as when Ashkenazis converted to Judaism and the beginning of the creation of a cognitive elite. When researching the means, one frequently comes across Satanism (for example, in the context of Freemasonry) but that may just be cover or the means to satisfy a higher agenda. What is not in doubt is that there is an agenda and we are the unwitting instruments of our own subjugation and destruction.

Without jumping to conclusions, we need to keep an open mind when assessing new information. Yesterday, Daily Pickings made reference to Common Purpose with a link to a page containing the following video.

Critical Thinking has not hitherto researched Common Purpose but we have frequently encountered references to it. It seems to be in the realms of MKUltra, using mass manipulation and subversion techniques to control individuals, atomise families and destroy community cohesion. Many of those within Common Purpose (like most Freemasons) have no idea of the sinister consequences of their work but are trained into the program through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

While Common Purpose is prevalent across society, the real focus is children, 1. because they are much more susceptible to NLP than adults and 2. because the Structural Elite play a long game and are planning for when dissenting adults die off or are overwhelmed.

Our defence against this subversion are families and communities both locally and globally, using the internet; through collaboration and co-creation we can defeat Common Purpose and the new world order by withdrawing consent to be manipulated for their purposes.