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Tentative conviction

Yesterday's Daily Pickings provoked strong comments from Jimmy. It will take time to work through the points he raises and see whether they truly are indisputable and it is probably for others with more wisdom and knowledge to address the issues raised.

Today's Daily Pickings is a more general point about certainty.

First, we need to accept that everything we think we know is built on layers of lies, deception and misinformation; in addition there is probably ancient knowledge that remains hidden from view and absent from normal discourse. We, who may believe we are awake, often have to revise our thinking in the light of new information; consequently, we are not fully awake but on a journey of discovery and awakening.

Peter Challen, of Global Table and source of wise words, often refers to "tentative conviction"; previously we've referred to agnosticism and the certainty of both atheists and believers. We can form a narrative and world view based on our current understanding but we need to recognise that inconvenient information may arise to challenge that understanding. If we dismiss such challenges without careful examination and an open mind, we are no longer awake but going back to sleep.

Critical Thinking's research, analysis, offline and online experiences suggest that morphic resonance is a reality but abstract rationality alone will not reveal it. We have to reflect, feel and think more widely and more deeply to appreciate its significance.

On a more procedural note, we must always revisit the tenets of critical thinking, best described in Bertrand Russell's Liberal Decalogue.

Certainty is the enemy of truth because it closes our minds to possibilities beyond our current understanding. Being open, rather than adversarial will help us on our journey of discovery and awakening.

Morphic resonance and abstract rationality

"Give us one free miracle and we can explain everything else"

Rupert is not dismissing science but questioning scientific dogma which if jettisoned would allow science to become interesting and "I hope, life-affirming"

Natural Inclusion and many other ways of thinking and feeling support Rupert's contention. We must not blindly follow authoritarian dogma but question everything in the light of experience and observation.

Daily Pickings has highlighted the importance of resonance with nature and each other - morphic resonance appears to guide evolution and nature, not rigid laws and constants.

Climate heresy

Lionel Nation explains why he is a climate heretic.

Lionel explains the impact of climate hysteria on third world development. When we listen to Edmond de Rothschild talking about the creation of a "world wilderness" (UNCED 1992) and someone else referring to the environmental movement as "cannon fodder", pieces of the jigsaw fall into place to expose the bigger picture.

As Lionel suggests, the IPCC and all the measures to combat mythical, man-made, climate change are driven by money and politics, not science. There is plenty of dissent within the climate science community but that is not something we hear from governments, media or academia because they are all under Structural Elite  control.

Meanwhile, planet earth's climate continues doing what it does, irrespective of the claims of human culpability.

There Has Been No ‘Global’ Warming In The Southern Hemisphere, Equatorial Regions by Kenneth Richard
Half The Planet Has Not Cooperated With The ‘Global’ Warming Narrative
According to overseers of the long-term instrumental temperature data, the Southern Hemisphere record is “mostly made up”. This is due to an extremely limited number of available measurements both historically and even presently from the south pole to the equatorial regions.

"Climate change" is a distraction and diversion from real existential threats to humans but when such beliefs take on quasi-religious characteristics, the dazzled believers remain blinded to reality.

Negative interest rates and digital cash

Negative interest rates are justified by economic fallacies (that low interest rates stimulate growth - they don't); the claimed benefits of abolishing cash are similarly fallacious.

"Negative“ Interest Rates and the War on Cash by Richard Werner
...negative interest rates on banks‘ reserves at the central bank are simply a tax imposed on banks. So why would central banks impose new taxes on banks at this stage? The experience of Switzerland may provide answers: negative rates raise banks’ costs of doing business. The banks respond by passing on this cost to their customers. Due to the already zero deposit rates, this means banks will raise their lending rates. As they did in Switzerland. In other words, reducing interest rates into negative territory will raise borrowing costs!

These claimed justifications for low interest rates and digital money aren't the real issue although Richard does an excellent job of demolishing them. The real issue is control; who controls money, controls the world. Richard alludes to this citing the example of Greece.
Another reason given in favour of abolishing cash is the argument that this will facilitate bank bail-ins, as agreed at the Seoul G20 summit in 2010: if people can move money out of the banks into cash, it is not possible to steal their money to bail out the banks. While cynics will be open to this argument, the reality is that it does not make sense: in Cyprus, where the Seoul G20 programme was first implemented, banks were shut before deposits were confiscated. In Greece, banks were shut for a month and people had to survive on cash, which they were after a while allowed to withdraw in small amounts only. What would have happened if cash had already been abolished is that the ECB shutting down Greek banks would have been more effective in blackmailing the Greek people to give in to Troika demands.

What better way to close down dissent? Remove dissenters' means to life, at the click of a digital money button. Go "cashless" at your peril.