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Soft Power Centralization

Today's Daily Pickings comes courtesy of 00atmen:

Soft Power Centralization: The CIA, Bilderberg & the First Steps Towards European Integration, Bas Spliet

BBC scam

The BBC has been the mouthpiece of the "establishment" since its inception and lies are its stock in trade. For example, in 2006, the BBC held a secret meeting, dominated by those with a vested interest in the global warming myth, in which it was agreed that the BBC would censor any data or information which challenged the climate change "consensus". To understand the relative strength of influences on the earth's climate, we need to look beyond the media to the underlying science hidden from view.

In New Study Leading Warmist Scientists Determine Sun Plays Major Role – Warming Delayed by Decades! by P Gosselin
Climate scientists at Switzerland’s renowned ETH Zurich and the University of Bern have long warned of the risks of man-made global warming.
But in a brand new study their results now appear to have compelled them to postpone the expected global warming – by a few decades!

To deter us from questioning the official narratives, we are told those who question the validity of the flawed climate models are not to be trusted but more people are beginning resist the BBC and establishment brainwashing. Vilified scientists and academics are gaining credibility because ultimately truth will prevail.

Dr. Tim Ball : Climate Update (Part One) - Trump, SLAPPs & Big Oil (1 hour 3 minute podcast)
This week we are once again joined by Dr. Tim Ball, "retired" lecturer in geography and climatology at the University of Winnipeg, for the first instalment of a two-part conversation on the ever-turbulent relationship between climate science and politics.
We discuss issues surrounding the lawsuit brought against Dr. Ball by the climatologist Dr. Michael E. Mann; Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs); Dr. Ball's experience of having recently been invited to Washington in connection with Trump's transtion team on the Environmental Protection Agency; the EPA's future under Trump; and the political "hot potato" question of the relationship between Big Oil and Climate Scepticism.

As Daily Pickings has suggested, we need to be wary of what we let into our minds and one of the biggest threats to our independence and dignity as human beings is the propaganda from the likes of the BBC. In the UK, we have to pay for the privilege of being subjected to lies and subliminal brainwashing.

But we know who ultimate lies behind the global warming scam and who dominates media and academia: they revealed, nay boasted, of their plans in 1992. Banksters' power extends from control of money into every cavity of our lives.

Quietly silenced

Free speech is under threat everywhere; in many places we can be jailed for what we say or write. Arthur Topham was spared jail but has been silenced nonetheless.

The B.C. hate speech trial that nobody’s heard about by John Gleeson
CBC did report on the March 13 sentencing of Radical Press publisher Arthur Topham, who was convicted in Quesnel in 2015 on one of two counts of communicating statements that wilfully promoted hatred against Jewish people. Times of Israel also reported on the sentence, running a story under the headline, “No jail time for Canadian man convicted of online anti-Semitism.” And the Canadian Jewish News also ran a report: “Topham’s sentence a ‘slap on the wrist:’ B’nai Brith.”
Other than a brief story in the Prince George Citizen, Canadian print media were silent. Even the alternative media, usually all over this sort of thing, ran nothing.

Academics come under pressure if they step out of line with the approved narrative irrespective of facts and evidence which render the narrative suspect. There is no room for debate, only for hate and vitriol.

 Free speech is dying... everywhere.


Daily Pickings recently referred to the evolution of human consciousness coming about through resonance. More and more, we are seeing evidence of resonance in action as critical thinkers (as opposed to "Critical Thinkers") share information and transformative ideas.

We've also delved into the world of MIraculous Abundance - how traditional farming methods, permaculture and modern day bio-agriculture combine to create possibilities for sustainable, eco-friendly, enriched living for us all. These ideas are taking root, making the shift in human consciousness a real prospect. We just need to share information and ideas within families, communities and beyond, using the power of the internet, to create alternative structures to the abusive, oppressive and destructive political economy.