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Critical Thinking session on 2nd May 2017

This week's session covered a range of topics from dividends and interest to share buybacks, doughnut economics, startup companies, inflation and more

Some of the sources mentioned during discussion:

The Usury Based System. Towards A Worldwide Financial Disaster? By Richard C. Cook
It is more obvious every day that with the accession of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States—I refuse to use the word “election,” because I am convinced that Trump was designated for this position by the “deep state” and the controlled media—a major world disaster is not only likely but probably inevitable.

How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State by Nafeez Ahmed
A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction

Anti-austerity but hooked on interest (on the work of Margrit Kennedy)
Inequality is structural and an inevitable consequence of the current political economy and if we are serious about tackling austerity and inequality, we need a structural response. Interest is one of the two primary drivers of inequality (the other being the distribution of the commons - more of that later). Inequality is built into the interest based money system because it disproportionately benefits those with more money than they need at the expense of those who need it.

What on Earth is the Doughnut?…


Are environmentalists serious? Interest on money is the primary driver of environmental destruction

Walking on the moon

Daily Pickings has referred in the past to unlearning: challenging our cherished beliefs as information and analysis emerge to render those beliefs implausible or impossible.

Spend some time in the world of "conspiracy theories" and sooner or later you will come across claims that NASA's Apollo missions to the moon were faked. This is not something we've yet explored within Critical Thinking but this essay does a thorough job of analysing the US capability versus the challenge of "putting a man on the moon".

The Myth of Apollo by an Anonymous Author
Did the USA really go to the Moon?

The Van Allen belts were/are a significant barrier to travel beyond earth's orbit. What is most striking is our "stupidity" (humans incentivised and penalised to be so) in detonating nuclear weapons to punch a hole in the Van Allen belts - it beggars belief that people can be so collectively insane. Who knows what the consequences will be?

The relaxed attitude of the author to the landings being faked is not something we should subscribe to. First, it is further proof of the insanity of the political economy and second, it adds weight to the argument that we've been lied to consistently in the geopolitical games played by those who rule.

We need truth. It is the only solid foundation on which to build our future.

Pioneers for truth

Ole Dammegard is one of those brave, tireless individuals who is committed to exposing truth.

Without the work of people like Ole, we would all be enslaved to ignorance. The ecology of critical thinking which is spreading across the world and gathering momentum has been a long time in gestation. It is the internet which has transformed our ability to access information, share ideas and analysis while pealing back the layers of deception which obscure the abusive, corrosive and destructive nature of the political economy of which we are all victims.

There are many others doing similar work and it is collaboration and co-creation of the narrative which will free humanity.

Share the work of Ole and the people he mentions in the video. Daily Pickings recommended one of the books he referred to, So what can I do? by Kim Kamala Ekman. There are many other sources to refer to, many of which we've referred to in our work at Critical Thinking. The information is out there, we just need to find it and piece it together.

Ole's parting message is urging us not to succumb to fear - knowledge, openness and sharing are antidotes to fear.

To destroy a country

Cumulative evidence reveals the "Arab spring" in Syria was orchestrated by the usual suspects and the so called "rebels" are a coalition of domestic opposition and international "terrorists" imported to destabilise and destroy another stable country in the Middle East. NATO and specifically Turkey are heavily implicated in fomenting this conflict triggered by false flag attacks and propaganda.

Little discussed in the media but of great significance is the destruction of large swathes of Syria's industrial base, as described in this video.

Syria has not gone the way of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya largely due to Russian intervention.

We, due to our collective ignorance and compliance, are culpable because our governments (US, UK and other NATO countries along with Israel and the Gulf oil states) are behind this destruction. Turkey is a member of NATO and has been encouraged and supported in the destruction of Aleppo and beyond.

The "peace" movement refuses to acknowledge the truth of 9/11 and all the other crimes of the Structural Elite and therefore is complicit in fuelling this and other conflicts around the globe. Terror is a profit centre and perpetual war drives wealth and power to those orchestrating these events.

Until we deal with truth, peace will never come.