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Boston and Las Vegas are unbelievable

On 15th May 2015, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death for his alleged part in the Boston bombing but as his aunt claims in a recent filing, the Tsarnaev brothers were set up as patsies by the FBI. In addition, there is copious evidence than many of the claimed "victims" were acting, much like in the recent Las Vegas "shooting".

Sane Progressive Shows How Las Vegas Shooting Was Staged Right Before Our Eyes (2 hour 13 minute video)
2 hr summary of findings Las Vegas alleged mass shooting incident. As people are led by nose by media that has everyone analyzing Paddock, Campos, multiple shooters, we are diverted from ACTUAL story. This is a fake. Stop asking who was shooter/s, LOOK at what is RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES. Questions not who was shooter, question is WHAT PRODUCTION COMPANY USED and how they simulated event, who was involved. Don't believe me? Watch this video. Go LOOK for yourself. You won't see what they are TELLING you are seeing.

Co-creative learning reveals the facts over time - if we want to know what's going on, we need to abandon those comfortable, convenient mainstream sources and step out of our comfort zone. What we find is alarming but once over the fear and outrage, we're on our way to co-creating a shared understanding.

Energy and the ancients

Daily Pickings has occasionally referred to our limited understanding of ancient history and the nature of energy and matter in the universe. There is a growing body of evidence which overturns our preconceptions of early humans emerging from Africa to populate the planet and that the earliest civilisations date from about 10,000 years ago. It is suggested by the evidence that not only were there highly sophisticated ancient civilisations at least 100,000 years ago but there existed a global free energy grid. This "free energy" is what Nikola Tesla and Ed Leedskalnin both tapped into, the former for his experiments with electricity and the latter in building Coral Castle.

Yesterday's post on Sustainable Development demonstrates the chasm between the way the world is being "managed" to meet our energy needs today versus the possibilities for humans to thrive

There is a rosier future for us all, if awareness of such phenomena described in the video above permeates human consciousness and that we have a choice; we can learn and co-create a future which taps into the wealth of knowledge, as yet unexplored beyond the margins of society.

Sustainable Development?

Yesterday's Daily Pickings majored on James Corbett's brilliant work on the Oiligarchs and how, in spite of all the talk of climate denial being funded by Big Oil, it was their brainchild all along.

The "greenwash" movement uses Orwellian Newspeak to obscure the real agendas behind the Structural Elite plan for "sustainable development": a resources grab while denying people (other than they and their flunkies) access to huge swathes of the earth's inhabitable surface.

The Structural Elite patrons of the WWF are in the vanguard of the attack on us all and yet most people remain seduced by the warm words and euphemisms to obscure the eugenics and technocracy agenda rebranded as "sustainable development".

What Is Sustainable Development? (1 hour 13 minute video)
We’ve all heard of “sustainable development,” but what does it actually mean? Is it really about protecting the earth, or is it just another tool for foisting an agenda of carbon eugenics and technocracy? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we rip off the green mask of the oiligarchs and expose the 2030 Agenda for what it really is.



We've been conned, big time! But it's not too late to co-create a shared understanding of how the world really works and what lies behind conflict, deprivation and ecological disaster. Collective ignorance of our true condition is what enslaves and kills.

Critical Thinking outlined its objective in 2012 as: to understand the political economy to identify levers for change. The 6th iteration of our analysis reveals one lever for change which is universally applicable and beneficial, the means to co-create a shared understanding of the reality of the human condition - that we are farmed as domesticated animals. What can we do about it?

We are shackled and chained by beliefs and deference to authority, inculcated since birth; our liberation awaits in CoCreative Learning.

Comforting words, sinister motives

If you haven't seen James Corbett's How Big Oil conquered the World, it is worth watching before viewing the recent sequel:

Why Big Oil conquered the World (1 hour 53 minute video)
The 20th century was the century of oil. From farm to fork, factory to freeway, there is no aspect of our modern life that has not been shaped by the oil industry. But as the “post-carbon” era of the 21st century comes into view, there are those who see this as the end of the oiligarchy. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is the remarkable true story of the world that Big Oil is creating, and how they plan to bring it about.

As James says, the agenda is not about oil or even money, it's about control. The agenda is clear but wrapped in warm words, spoken by "leaders" who welcome a world of no freedom and no privacy. Former Minster for the Environment of Denmark, Ida Auken, paints a strange vision of the evolving future; superficially it may sound appealing to some but the implication of what she envisions is a world in which your life is at the gift of the system - comply or die.

Sustainability, climate change and Agenda 2030 are all sinister agendas of death, destruction and enslavement wrapped in warm words and euphemistic language. James makes clear the view of the Structural Elite by highlighting the 1992 UNCED conference, often referred to in Daily Pickings. The environmental movement has not only been hijacked by Rothschild, Rockefeller and Strong, they and their ilk are the architects and funders of much of the so called "green" or "sustainable" agenda. 

Climate activists, social justice warriors and campaigners need to stand back from the fray of "anti-fracking", clean air campaigns etc. and think - "if we are viewed as cannon fodder or useful idiots by the Structural Elite, should we be adopting a different strategy?" That strategy must involve co-creating a shared understanding of our real condition and the causes of the problems in the world; then we'll be on our way to stopping the madness.