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Social cleansing, engineering and regime change

Ignorance of the Structural Elite agenda is becoming harder to sustain as their plans unfold before us. Agenda 30 entails social cleansing and engineering and is unfolding across London with the dubious Common Purpose being funded to lead the ignorant into slavery. Patrick Henningsen talks about this and much more, on UK Column's daily news show.

Also discussed in the video above are the repeated false allegations that Assad is attacking his own people with chemical weapons; yet, the US and its allies are killing many times more children and civilians than so called acts of terror, most of which are conducted by intelligence forces as false flag operations.

Critical Thinking session on 27th June 2017

The session started with discussion of the video clip on banking with Richard Werner recently posted on Daily Pickings.

Nanotechnology, chemtrails and smart grids

Co-creating our narrative is essential and Max Igan introduces a dimension which begins to put chemtrails and smart grids into focus. Technology is a double edged sword; while it is the means by which Critical Thinking and others are making sense of the world, it is also leading us down a dangerous path.

We need to become familiar with terms and concepts which are components of this emerging dystopia: neural dust, carbon fibre bones, transferring consciousness, programmable matter.

Max expresses both hope and reservations in respect of Donald Trump, clearly acknowledging politics as puppet theatre. And that is the point, we need to understand the root of all this; who controls the levers of power and how do we remove that control? He's on the right track: there is no Messiah coming to "save" us; we are the co-creators of a new reality.

The future of the Eurozone

Mark Blyth explains why our economic system is failing.

While much of what Mark says is true, there is much that he doesn't say in respect of central banks - like most economists, he fails to convey how central banks are the main driver of this lunacy. He refers to the 1987 crash as the starting point for escalating debt but doesn't mention Alan Greenspan's "put" which has set the tone for "kicking the can down the road" by central banks ever since.

Economics is about organising society, a point Richard Werner makes powerfully in his Princes of the Yen.

Last week's Critical Thinking session touched on the EU, Barclays bank and the Qatari "bailout" and discussed how to change the system. Unfortunately, the recording ends before the end of the session.

There was reference in the discussion to the following:

and Étienne de la Boétie's Discourse on Voluntary Servitude