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The coming anastrophe

Daily Pickings and researchers such as James Corbett frequently highlight why we are in danger of catastrophe. However, there is a development of seismic proportions which is shifting human consciousness. This shift in awareness may avert human catastrophe.

The internet has transformed how we absorb information and communicate, bypassing traditional, hierarchical institutions. We are building circles of trust based on human relationships, extended and interconnected through online communication to foster a shared understanding of reality.

When we realise the value and power of human relationships over money - shiny stones and pieces of paper (or digital records) - the shift in human consciousness begins and our power grows.

The Coming Anastrophe by James Corbett
In this age of economic and societal Armageddon, everyone is looking for peace and stability: so why are so many agitating for violent revolution? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we take a page from “It’s A Wonderful Life” to explore the possibility for peaceful, community-based solutions to our problems and attempt to answer the question: what is the opposite of catastrophe?

We are the power of the current abusive and destructive political economy, not the illusory power of money.

Critical Thinking’s co-creative research and analysis reveals that usury, theft of the commons and institutional hierarchy have denied us access to our birthright (the means to lifeunless we enter into the Faustian pact with the political economyTo live, we don the shackles and chains of own enslavement.

Perception is the key to the power of the system. As long as we believe in its power, it will persist. When we shed our beliefs to examine issues and events impartially from multiple perspectives, we begin to understand that our perceptions are founded on manufactured illusions. Thus we awaken and embark of a journey of real discovery.

Infiltration and subversion

The official motto of Israeli Mossad is "By way of deception thou shalt do war". "Clandestine strategy" characterises the infiltration and subversion of Islam to divide and control Muslims while fomenting interracial and religious conflict.

The Matrix of Terrorism: from the Talmud to Wahhabism by Youssef Hindi
As attacks hit Europe on a increasingly regular basis – very much resembling the daily situation in Syria and Irak; which, by the way, provokes neither indignation nor agitation among the international community and its media – it is worth considering the ideological matrix of terrorism, a weapon used by Atlantist, Zionist and Wahhabi powers alike.

The attack on the Christian church began in the Middle Ages.

Subverting the Church: Judaism, Kabbalah and Vatican II by Youssef Hindi
Far from claims made by critics of the conciliar Church, the Vatican submitted to modernity and Judaism neither after a council, nor over a century. The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) punctuated a silent, secretive, multi-secular war… The first attempts by Kabbalistic rabbis to turn the Church into an advocate of Judaism, which date back to the Middle Ages, happened by way of their approximation to the high clergy, and even to the cardinals and popes.

The subversion of religious and other institutions (media, academia, politics, etc.) is not a problem of Jewish power but of concentrated power. Not all Jews are "tarred with the same brush". Indeed, like many Freemasons, Christians and Muslims, many Jews are probably oblivious to the history of Kabbalistic teachings which have corrupted the power structures under which they serve. Such knowledge and subterfuge pervade the senior "management" levels of Freemasonry, Christianity and Islam while most of their followers are oblivious. Jews, like us Goyim, are victims of corrupt, concentrated power.

Our only recourse is to bypass these corrupt institutions, entering into dialogue with the "other", to reach a common shared understanding. By this means will these ideologies become impotent and all people liberated,

Lesson repeat

Today's Daily Pickings comes courtesy of Atmen because some lessons are worth repeating.

atmen - The Illusion of Justice, Freedom and Democracy


Hanging on to illusions

People's faith in "democracy" beggars belief. There has never been true democracy, government by the people for the people, as soon as hierarchy is institutionalised, representatives are privileged and corruptible. And with money power, there is unlimited facility to bribe, blackmail, depose or, if necessary, kill any politician or leader that doesn't comply.

Sex is a primary weapon in the blackmailer's arsenal.

Congress in Search of a Bordello by James Petras
The US taxpayers were made to pay millions of dollars in financial settlements for hundreds of incidents of Congressperson abuse, including gross sexual harassment, against interns, staff and office employees, of both sexes.  This ‘slush and shush’ fund was hidden from the American people.  Many abused victims were paid-off and intimidated into silently watching the elected officials parade themselves as paragons of virtue and champions of their voters.