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Faux democracy

People's faith in "democracy" beggars belief. There has never been true democracy, government by the people for the people; as soon as hierarchy is institutionalised, "people's" representatives become privileged and corruptible. And with money power, there is unlimited facility to bribe, blackmail, depose or, if necessary, kill any politician or leader who doesn't comply with the Structural Elite agenda.

Sex is a primary weapon in the blackmailer's arsenal.

Congress in Search of a Bordello by James Petras
The US taxpayers were made to pay millions of dollars in financial settlements for hundreds of incidents of Congressperson abuse, including gross sexual harassment, against interns, staff and office employees, of both sexes.  This ‘slush and shush’ fund was hidden from the American people.  Many abused victims were paid-off and intimidated into silently watching the elected officials parade themselves as paragons of virtue and champions of their voters.

The State, like the banking cartel it serves, is a criminal enterprise.

The Gangster Nature of the State by Michael Parenti
Parenti argues that the state perpetuates the most unspeakable crimes against its own people, the gangster nature of the state cloaked by a facade of political representation

Thankfully, ignorance of our condition is meeting a growing groundswell of awareness and resistance.

Americans Are Only Now Beginning to Learn that We Live in a Dictatorship by Eric Zuesse
The first time when it became clear to me that I live in a dictatorship was in 2014 when reading, prior to its publication, the landmark (and still the only) scientific empirical study to address the question as to whether or not the United States federal Government is, authentically, a democracy — or, whether, alternatively, it's instead more of a dictatorship, than a democracy. This study documented conclusively that America's Government is the latter.

The only way to understand what's happening is to view the world from multiple perspectives and not rely on the mainstream propaganda.

Good versus evil...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2017 has been a year of nascent awakening - here's to expanding awareness in 2018

Under attack

Yesterday's Daily Pickings referred to the persistence of the mythology of Catastrophic AnthropoGenic Warming (CAGW). Often, extreme weather events are cited as proof positive that we are heading for global warming Arnageddon; this is in spite of the IPCC itself confirming that there is no evidence of a relationship between extreme weather and global temperatures (IPCC SREX 2012). However, we are under constant attack from geoengineering; extreme weather events are but one consequence of chemtrails etc.

Video: OVERCAST: An Investigation into Climate Engineering, Chemtrails and Weather Warfare by Matthias Hancke
OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary directed by Matthias Hancke and produced by Tristan Albrecht about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun. For some people however, these trails are the biggest environmental crime in the history of mankind.
Recent studies show that man-made cirrus clouds through flight traffic have a far bigger impact on climate change than previously assumed and are already described as unintentional Geoengineering.

Why are so many people oblivious to what is hidden in plain sight? How does the system of global power maintain discipline among the elevated cattle, the politicians, senior executives and military personnel etc.? Kakistocracy - rule by the very worst in society. Bribery and blackmail keep the order followers in line - paedophilia and sexual depravity are potent weapons of control. In the UK, there is a risk of exposure of the depravity at the pinnacle of power. There are grounds to assume that paedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and murder not only occurred under Prime Minister Edward Heath but continue today. That is why the furore over sexual misconduct, on both sides of Atlantic, is focusing on its more "acceptable" forms: lewd language and behaviour and the Hollywood casting couch. Heath's abuse and murder of vulnerable boys must by "buried" or the wall of lies which prop up the current power system may crumble.

In potentially the largest bombshell in 2017, Sir Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, now deceased, has reportedly been confirmed of being a pedophile by the Chief Constable of Wiltshire, Mike Veale. Veale, who has been in charge of Heath’s inquiry, has stated that his vile crimes against children were alleged to have been “covered up by the establishment.”
More than 30 victims have come forward with claims of sexual abuse by the former leader of the Conservative Party and PM who signed the UK into the EU through the EEC (European Economic Community) and eventually into the European Union.

Don't let these "stories" die. We are under constant attack, physically and psychologically; truth is our defence.

How much longer?

Those who've looked impartially at the evidence of man-made global warming, and found it wanting, have been waiting for the world to come to its senses and abandon the alarmist hysteria. However, when Climategate broke, over scientific fraud at the Climatic Research Unit and the University of East Anglia in October 2009, the global warming gravy train continued to rumble on with barely a pause.

The way in which the establishment closed ranks to whitewash the affair would be impressive if wasn't so tragic. Why tragic? Because of the misapplied resources and damage being wrought by the climate change agenda: wealth extraction and control of the world's human population. Chemtrails, environmental and community destruction have never been subject to an impact study and yet there is funding aplenty for academics who can produce spurious studies of the catastrophic impacts of "climate change".

Carbon Colonialism: Failure of Green Resources’ Carbon Offset Project in Uganda
In 2014, the Oakland Institute released The Darker Side of Green: Plantation Forestry and Carbon Violence in Uganda, a report documenting the mistreatment and violence directed at local communities by Norwegian plantation forestry and carbon offset company, Green Resources.

Meanwhile, the evidence which undermines the justification for alarm just keeps accumulating.

New paper: The missing link between cosmic rays, clouds, and climate change on Earth by Anthony Watts
“The most obvious way for warming to be caused naturally is for small, natural fluctuations in the circulation patterns of the atmosphere and ocean to result in a 1% or 2% decrease in global cloud cover. Clouds are the Earth’s sunshade, and if cloud cover changes for any reason, you have global warming — or global cooling.”

SEA LEVEL: Rise and Fall – Part 3 – Computational Hubris by Kip Hansen
1. Overall, the seas have been rising, slowly and inexorably, since the end of the last Ice Age. In general, they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future — at somewhere between 4-12 inches [10-30cm] per century.  This rate is an imminent threat to populated areas built nominally at today’s existing sea level.
2. It does not seem that sea levels are rising dangerously or rapidly, nor is the rise accelerating, on a global scale — though our ability to measure global changes at these very small (millimetric) magnitudes is highly questionable.
3. If Morner (and his 101 colleagues of the INQUA Commission) are correct, there has not been much actual sea level rise at all over the last 25 years (the satellite altimetry era).
4. All of the above could mean that the constant drumbeat of doom regarding rising sea levels is based on the same sort of Computational Hubris that has brought us “average global temperature anomaly” in place of average global surface temperature. [ see here and here ] Or as Nils-Axel Mörner reports anecdotally “At the Moscow global warming meeting in 2005, in answer to my criticisms about this “correction,” one of the persons in the British IPCC delegation said, “We had to adjust the record, otherwise there would not be any trend.”

Weight of evidence doesn't seem to count for much in the climate change debate but who knows? Maybe the world will come to its senses in 2018, nine years on from Climategate. The trajectory is towards a Rothschild orchestrated new world order in which the Structural Elite and their elevated cattle preside over lobotomised subhumans who are denied access to large swathes of the planet. Sound fanciful? It was clearly explained at the UNCED conference in 1992. And the environmental movement? They are just cannon fodder according to Rothschild, Rockefeller and their henchmen.