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Perversity in progress

One can't help being struck by the number and variety of ways in which we're under attack by the current political economy. Everyone has their own particular experiences of bureaucratic hell, many of which are common. However, we are relatively ignorant of the many and various implications of rules, laws and regulations and their effects on people's lives working in specific industries.

What sounds right and sensible superficially can devastate peoples lives. In the building industry for example, there has been a decades long war to control freelance workers/contractors - to get them into permanent employment so they can be taxed and controlled more heavily.

Half a century ago, cards were introduced for contractors to verify their self-employed status - if you didn't have a card, firms had to deduct National Insurance (NI) and Tax; so the card was essential to both workers and firms. Workers, because they paid lower NI and Tax when self-employed, and firms, because they weren't subject to employment law in respect of their contractors (granting flexibility to adapt to the changing economic fortunes of the building industry) as well as avoiding employers' NI contributions.

Self-employed construction workers' freedom and livelihoods are now under attack on the pretext of "health and safety".

Worker Certification Cards by Paul Fear
The latest attack on our employment privileges comes from workers certification cards. There is one worker certification card, that now controls the employment privileges of the three million strong workforce employed in the UK construction industry!

Perversity within the current political economy is now rampant and gives credence to the view that we truly live in an Orwellian "newspeak" dystopia in which war is peace, freedom is slavery and healthcare kills.


Why Israel?

Daily Pickings sometimes highlights the issue of Jewish power and the need to discuss it but there is a reluctance to do so because of trained sensitivity to being called an "anti-Semite". Racial, ethnic, religious and cultural divisions are exacerbated through media and false flag attacks to divide people and close down dialogue. If we don't talk to each other, suspicion and distrust builds until we are at war with one another. Hence it is imperative that we confront truth without fear or favour. Israel's fuelling of global tensions and conflict are becoming harder to ignore.

Brendon O'Connell is fighting for for his freedom and his life by exhorting people to write to their MP to highlight his case and how democracy in Australia is undermined by Israel. While this may help to increase awareness, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the direction of travel. He refers "not minding" the Queen of England yet she is embedded within the Structural Elite and is every bit as complicit as Netanyahu, more so because she is higher up the pyramid of power and has been since birth. Brendon's belief in the potential redemption of the corrupted elevated cattle underestimates the extent of Structural Elite power. His dwindling hope that Donald Trump and/or Aussie "fighting spirit" will "save us" is futile.

Confrontation is unlikely to succeed but removing our power from the system will render it impotent. Without us, it cannot function.

As was highlighted last week, Israel is but one component (a very powerful one) of Structural Elite power shaping geopolitics and humanity for their sole benefit. Hence Israel's agenda for Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and the jostling for power among the Al Saud family.

Saudi prince reveals ‘US conditions’ for Mohamed Bin Salman to be king

Mohamed bin Salman is reliant on external forces to secure his position.

18 Israeli Fighter Jets Deployed in S. Arabia to Prevent Coup by Sophie Mangal
18 Israeli fighter jets along with two Gulfstream aircraft landed in Saudi Arabia on Thursday to prevent any hostile or military moves by former Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz who was replaced with Saudi King Salman's son.

Cyprus is a pivot point of strategic importance in the region and is currently being stripped of its sovereignty to cement Israel's and Structural Elite power.

After the Greek Experiment, a Sequel in the EU: Turning Cyprus into a Protectorate! by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Meanwhile, Syria remains in the crosshairs and its people disposable pawns in this macabre game of geopolitical chess.

The Assault of Raqqa Is Drowned in Blood by Sophie Mangal
The more so, the Islamic State uses the civilian population as so-called human shields.
To contain air strikes on Raqqa the terrorists place mobile prisons (in fact cages for a prisoners) on the roofs of buildings and important transport hubs that are possible targets of aviation. Thus, they hope to protect themselves from an air strike. In each cage, approximately 7 people are kept under inhuman conditions. More than 100 similar mobile prisons are used in total.

The plan is to dismantle Syria as were Iraq and Libya before.

Turkish military expert CONFIRMS: “US plan for Syria is to break it down, partition it” by Alex Christoforou
It is only too evident that the US' plan for Syria is to break it down, partition it.

Why Israel? The Yinon plan and Rothschilds' wider ambition to control the world as geopolitical power shifts eastwards (see Brendon's video above).

We, however, are the key to Israel's power; if we confront the truth, we can remove it.

Managed decline

Mark Windows and Ritchie Allen discuss gentrification and social cleansing in London and beyond, citing Grenfell Tower as emblematic of the strategy to disperse and dissipate opposition to the warm and fuzzy Agenda 21/30. Agenda 30 is the hollowing out of communities to expand the new world order and global government.

The internet has given us the power to communicate globally, person to person, and to access unlimited information. As James Corbett points out, technology is a double-edged sword and suggests we may just be amusing ourselves to death. In this edition of the Corbett Report, James refers to Marshall Mcluhan's aphorism "the medium is the message" and highlights Peace Revolution podcast 25 which is well worth a listen.

Episode 206 – The Gutenberg Revolutions
The Gutenberg press was the catalyst for the Renaissance and the Reformation, but it shaped what we communicated as much as how we communicated. What, then, to make of the electronic global village of our modern Gutenberg revolution? Are we on the cusp of a new Renaissance, or will this technology only further degrade a culture already in decline? The promise of the Internet: Library of Alexandria or Library of Babel?

The internet is unleashing many possibilities, not least the blockchain which provides the means to create circles of trust independent of corrupt, hierarchical, intermediating institutions to render Agenda 30 and the new world order impotent.

Building alternative, people-centric networks is key to liberating ourselves and each other from the tyranny of the current political economy.

Critical Thinking session on 13th June 2017

Critical Thinking's research and analysis has revealed three fundamental drivers of inequality, wars, oppression and environmental destruction: Institutional hierarchy, theft of the commons and usury. While we can envisage a non-hierarchical political economy, in which the commons are managed and shared for the benefit of all without usury, how to get there is the subject of ongoing debate.

Last week, James Thring presented a vision for change grounded in systems thinking. The session recording is below. The sound quality is not great but the diversity of views is worth hearing.

Why does the UK suffer an overbearing financial sector which is sucking the life out of the "real" economy, ie. wealth creation? Richard Werner's analysis of banking has been invaluable to our work and here he explains what few financial, banking or economic "experts" understand.

Richard's vision of local community banks is a significant improvement over what we have today but as long as we condone usury, banking will continue as a parasite leeching wealth from those who create it.

Future Critical Thinking sessions will include discussion of issues raised by Richard, in the context of how we get from here to an optimal political economy, while continuing our exploration of astrotheology, the law and power.