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Beyond monetary reform


Monetary reform, of itself, is not enough to solve our problems. Furthermore, how money is reformed and who controls it is a vital issue.

Positive Money has gained traction in its campaign to put money reform on the political agenda and has garnered establishment "respectability" - one of Positive Money's founders and driving forces, Ben Dyson, has now joined the Bank of England (BoE). One is reminded of the phrase, "keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer". BoE Governor, Mark Carney, Goldman Sachs alumnus and Chairman of the Financial Stability Board in Basel, Switzerland will head off any threat to Rothschilds' power from Positive Money.

At grass roots level, Positive Money is open to exploration beyond monetary reform and has invited Critical Thinking to present and discuss ideas on how and why we need to look beyond money creation by private banks.

Discussion: Is money the root of all evil?
Monday, May 8, 2017
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Godly Play Room (aka Crypt Meeting Room)
St John's Church, 73 Waterloo Road, London

Critical Thinking's research and analysis reveals three fundamental flaws at the heart of the political economy; these flaws grant power and wealth to a few (the Structural Elite) at the expense of the rest of humanity. Money is a weapon that empowers and enriches those who issue and control it.

The Structural Elite is comprised of banking and industrial dynasties, European royalty, those in charge of the "military industrial – media academic complex" (MIMAC), political and economic predators and the super-rich.

The primary cause of misdiagnosis of global problems is that orthodoxy limits investigation to symptoms rather than exploring root causes. This limitation is the result of siloing information; for example, politics and economics are treated separately by academia, yet wealth and power are inextricably linked. The political economy is a system, comprising many sub-systems; if we don't understand the whole but apply remedies (prescribed by experts who have little or no understanding of the political economy as a system) to symptoms, the origins of which we don't recognise, we are likely to make matters worse, rather than better.

It is essential to understand the context in which money operates, who controls it, and consequently, the levers of power.

Religious infiltration and subversion

On the origins of the Rothschild cuckoos:

Without hierarchy there would be no means of Rothschilds or anyone else accumulating such power and wealth through corruption and theft.

Bipolar world

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, the US empire has sought to control the world through US dollar hegemony and military might. Now a counterbalance is emerging but we cannot assume their agenda will alter the direction of travel to a one world government.

And here is the video James refers to from 2011:

Geopolitical power will never serve the interests of humanity - concentrated power and its consequences were explored in a Critical Thinking workshop a couple of years ago. We are the solution to our and global problems.

At the root of evil is hierarchy

The political economy has evolved in contrived complexity to benefit the Structural Elite at the expense of everyone else. Most of us are playing a role which conflicts with our humanity but incentives, penalties and ideologies keep us under control. To survive, we compromise our integrity and humanity, often unwittingly.

When reading this next article, remember Jews have been manipulated over centuries into the belief of their own exceptionalism which makes many of them "storm troopers" for the Rothschild led Structural Elite. The problem is not Jews but the political economy founded on institutional hierarchy which inevitably corrupts.

Jesus, Hitler And The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz! The Brexit And Scottish Independence SCAM! The Simple Solution to The Debt And Austerity SCAM! Jail The Bankers And Politicians! Iceland Did It - So Can We!
Anyone who thinks that simply voting for politicians and letting them get on with doing things for you is going to improve things deserves what is coming as you have been suckered into doing this election after election and it did not matter who got in as things have only got, and will get, worse and the country is in the state it is in because all of these politicians and political parties are the ones that have created all this mess DELIBERATELY as per all of the above in the first place. Iceland Did It - So Can We!

Dissolution of institutional hierarchy is the first step to solving our problems. The internet provides us the means to decentralise knowledge and control.