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Windows on food and Agenda 21/30

A couple of days ago, Daily Pickings recommended some alternative information sources; it was by no means a comprehensive list. Windows on the World ranks alongside those previously listed and in the first half of this episode focuses on the need to build resilient food systems and independence from industrialised agricultural.

Windows on the World Live 18-06-2017 (1 hour and 50 minute podcast)
After a short pod, Mark speaks to Organic Farmer Gerald Miles live from the Unearthed festival.
There are some small sound issues, but Gerald’s insider knowledge of the farming industry and many local agenda 21/30 policies will get you through those.
Gerald speaks about Monsanto, local housing, planning, change agents, back door tactics and more.
In part 2 Mark is joined by Sean from Avalon Rising, they conversation moves quickly and covers a few interesting topics. Megaliths, ancient history, giants, ancient global civilisation evidence and much more.

Our Critical Thinking session on Tuesday discussed how to achieve change and concluded with agreement that we need to explore how we can Withdraw Consent. Food is a fundamental necessity and is one way to rebuild communities. The more we can insulate ourselves from the current political economy and its impending collapse by creating alternative living systems, the better for everyone.

Yemenite children

Much is made of bogeymen such as Dr Mengele, yet it would appear that Jews, specifically Israelis, were conducting dubious human experiments immediately after the war in which they supposedly suffered similar trauma.

Yemenite Babies Murdered in Israeli Medical Experiments, Abducted from Parents, and Exploited
Israel Hayom reveals previously unseen testimony and photos showing that in early years of the Israeli state,not only were children who died autopsied without consent, doctors also performed unauthorized tests on live children.

The Israeli state isn't rushing to acknowledge or compensate for its crimes, in stark contrast to the continuing vilification and humiliation of Germans and Germany.

The Yemenite Children’s Affair: Israel’s National Wound That Cannot Heal by Haggai Matar
A group of dedicated activists have been working tirelessly over the past several years to force the state to come clean about the disappearance of hundreds of Yemenite children in the early days of the state. They might just succeed.

Institutional hierarchy permits such atrocities and protects the individuals from exposure (unless they happen to be on the losing side). The fundamental question is: by what right do states commit crimes, with impunity? From where do they derive their authority? Not from us. If you or I were to commit such crimes, we'd suffer the consequences. By what magic do we sanction state criminal behaviour?.

Central Bank Rule

Paul Craig Roberts correctly identifies "democracy" as a front for central bank rule.

Democracy Is a Front for Central Bank Rule by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Why do “democratic Western democracies” have central banks that do nothing except protect big banks at the expense of the people?
How long will the insouciant peoples of the West continue to conspire in their own demise?

There is a simple answer to the first question and a more complex one. The simple answer is Rothschild; the complex answer involves the banking mafia cartel.

Banking and intelligence activities are soul-mates and to understand the former we need insights into the latter. A growing number of investigators are making connections; follow AbelDanger, UK Column, the Watchmen, Caravan to Midnight and others to learn of the corporate, government and intelligence services collusion to commit false flag terrorist attacks etc.

These investigators are international and collaborate to tease out truth - their insights are worthy of our attention.

People are up in arms over the Sun newspaper's coverage of the Grenfell Tower fire in London and calling for a boycott of the Sun. But all newspapers and TV lie and make you ignorant - look to sources like these recommended above, the Corbett Report and others referred to in Daily Pickings, if you want to learn about what's really going on.

How long will the insouciant peoples of the West continue to conspire in their own demise? As long as we live in ignorance but ignorance is easily displaced by knowledge and understanding.



Those searching for meaning in life may find Siddhartha by Herman Hesse useful. Be sure to read this review to the end.

Siddhartha - Kemper's review
So there’s a damn dirty hippie in India named Siddhartha who is supposed to be seeking spiritual enlightenment, but instead of going to a good Christian church like a normal person, he wanders around the woods for a while with some other damn dirty hippies. After he meets Buddha, he finally gets tired of being broke-ass and homeless, and he goes into town where he makes a pile of money. This is good because everyone knows that engaging in capitalism is the only proper way to go through life. As a bonus, he also meets a beautiful woman.
Then, just when he’s having a good ole time; doing business, drinking, gambling and making time with the woman, the dang fool’s hippie ideas pop up again, and he walks away from all of it. Remember that Chris Farley routine on Saturday Night Live where he’d scream that someone would end up living in a van down by the river? Well, this hippie ends up living in a hut down by the river. And that’s even worse, because at least you could play the radio in a van.
Finally, Siddartha thinks that the river is god. Or something stupid like that. It just didn’t make any sense. Give me one of them Lee Child novels any day over this hippie dippie crap. That Jack Reacher is a man’s man!
Just kidding.
Actually, this is an elegant allegory about a guy going through different phases as he pursues a lifelong quest to rid himself of his ego so that he can know true peace and enlightenment. It’s filled with incredible writing, and it’s short and smart enough to hold the attention of even a doofus like me. I’d put this in the category of books that everyone should read at least once.