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Qataris led by Israel

Israeli interference in politics of other nations is the expectation rather than the exception. As yesterday's Daily Pickings pointed out, Israel is a lever of power for the Structural Elite and their Machiavellian plotting is beyond the comprehension and understanding of most people. Israel is secretly goading and encouraging belligerence on both sides of the Qatar/Saudi spat.

Abu Dhabi links with Israel exposed in leaked emails
The emails show a "growing link" between the UAE and pro-Israel think-tank, Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). One of FDD’s senior councillors John Hannah "continued to exchange" a series of e-mails with Otaiba in which the two emphasise the positive relations between UAE officials and FDD.
Ironically, the FDD has on many occasions accused Saudi Arabia of promoting extremism within the region.

A week ago Daily Pickings suggested that destabilisation of the Middle East by NATO and Israel is now extending to member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - the Yinon plan in progress.

Structural Elite controlled Western media has been instrumental is creating false narratives across the region but this latest Qatar/Saudi spat has revealed their hand.

Qatar-Saudi Catfight Unveils "Western" Terrorist Propaganda Outlets by Moon of Alabama
The spat between Saudi Arabia and Qatar gives us some amusing entertainment. Both countries spent billions to arm and supply tens of thousands of brutal Takfiris to fight the Syrian government and people. They also spent millions to buy this or that "western" think-tank and/or writer. Now that the two Wahhabi dictatorships are fighting each other they spill the beans over each others nefarious deeds. Various "western" think-tanks and media, who avidly supported al-Qaeda, ISIS and other criminals in Syria, are the well deserved collateral casualties in this fight.

We have a choice: accept the false narratives and passively comply with the Structural Elite agenda or reject their lies and withdraw consent to be pawns in their games. We are responsible for the crimes of our governments - we've abdicated control over our lives and the world to others.

But we can change.

Making sense of the world

Yesterday's Daily Pickings referred to the need for open source collaborative working to understand the world. There are many theories or interpretations of the world, largely built on false narratives and inculcated beliefs. Until, we unlearn what we think we know and start from first principles, we understand nothing about the world.

The anti-Russian narrative has its roots in the Wall St funded Bolshevik revolution resulting in the Soviet Union. Polarising the world between the so called "free world" and communism suited the purveyors of fear and war - by keeping populations in fear of nuclear annihilation, regimes obstructing Structural Elite power were removed, opening up their countries' resources to add to the already staggering wealth of the Rothschilds and their lieutenants. The US was conquered by the banksters in 1913 and is the primary conduit for Structural Elite power, following the British empire before. Israel's interests have dominated US politics, so much so that when USS Liberty was attacked by Israel in 1967, the American public were kept ignorant of the fact and have been ever since.

It would appear that the usefulness of the US empire is coming to an end.

The video above's interpretation of Israel's treachery and Russia's ambition ignores the larger context. Israel's domination of technology, particularly in the areas of security and weaponry, is nothing new, nor is the technology transfer to China and Russia.

The way to understand these issues is to think of the pecking order - ie. who takes orders from whom?


Open source research and analysis

Daily Pickings often refers to the need for a news and current affairs ecosystem. The world is far too big and too complex for one person to collate the necessary information to conduct thorough analysis but open source collaborative research and analysis can reveal hidden information, connect the dots and interpret events.

Here's the Abel Danger chat room exploring the facts and characters around 9/11 with reference to Grenfell Tower and much more.

Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation (1 hour 55 minute video)

Collaborative projects like this are putative components of a global news and analysis ecosystem.

Re-evaluate everything

Pre-internet, all we learnt was from "approved" sources - text books, controlled academia and media. The 1967 "Six Day War" was a production in which the narrative was distorted to enhance Israel's "plucky little victim" status. Whereas, the "war" was part of Israel's imperial strategy and nothing more complicated than a land grab. Israel is another significant lever of power wielded by the Structural Elite.

The Six Day War – Myth and Reality By Adeyinka Makinde
The truth however is quite different. Israel was simply never in danger of annihilation and the allegation that Israel had reacted to an imminent threat of an invading force of Arab armies defies a closer examination of the evidence.

History is always written by the victors and Israel's influence over Washington, Westminster and global media ensures ignorance persists. Now there is no excuse. We need to unlearn what we think we know and re-evaluate using the power of the internet to compare and contrast sources of information. Then we can make sense of history and interpret current events accordingly.

Shrinking Palestine - victim of local aggression and global public relations: