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Resisting hierarchy

In this recent discussion of the Islamic Movement and Neoliberalism, Critical Thinking's resistance to institutionalised hierarchy, in the context of history and the current political economy, is explained.

This video is also on SpkOut/BitChute:


Children to order

In this age of modern medicine, birthing children is becoming less of a natural process. Have we any understanding of what effect on society this may have? This article is written from an astrological perspective and some may dismiss it accordingly but we understand so little, that to do so may be to our detriment.

Pearls of Tomorrow - Birth Intervention and the Astrological Face of a New Generation by Wendy Stacey
Obstetrician Michel Odent believes operative deliveries to be a product of a self-destructive society.  He makes correlations between crime rate and Caesarean sections around the globe.  Holland, which has 15 per thousand criminal cases per year, has a relatively low Caesarean rate compared to countries such as Italy, which has 41 per thousand criminal cases per year and which has a high Caesarean rate.  Odent views crime rates of cities and countries as a predictor for obstetrical intervention.  Areas he has studied are San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Athens, Rome – all of which have high crime rates compared to Amsterdam, Tokyo or Stockholm, which have comparatively low rates.  Places which have average crime rates and subsequently average Caesarean rates are London, Paris, Frankfurt and Sydney (Odent, 2002).

There is no doubt that increasingly births are determined by convenience rather than nature and, as in so much of life, when convenience trumps freedom, it can be damaging to us all. One only has to look at the trade off between the convenience of having a smart phone versus the loss of freedom and privacy that using one entails. It is a monitoring and surveillance device in your pocket which records your movements, conversations and online habits, allegedly for convenience. How much of our behaviour is now controlled by our phones and what it serves up in terms of content based on user history, location etc.?

Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Florida School Shooting

It is still too early to tell what really happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday 14th February but this video news clip suggests that there was a "shooter", other than Nicholas Cruz who was reported to be talking to a former student of the Florida school in the corridor when she heard gunshots. Don't be surprised if this piece of inconvenient evidence disappears from YouTube but it's safe on SpkOut/Bitchute.


This may, of course, be a false trail to confuse and discredit "conspiracy theories" of another false flag shooting but those familiar with false flag attacks are accumulating evidence which contradicts the official narrative of a "lone shooter", a troubled student etc.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Florida School Shooting by Russ Winter
Incidentally, there was also a drill on the same day. The student in this interview said there were rumors that a fake shooting would be staged to “check students response.”

School shootings are not an exclusively 21st century phenomenon.

America’s Mass School Shooting Epidemic. The Story of the 1966 Austin “Clock Tower Sniper” by Dr. Gary G. Kohls
The first cover-up started rather innocently after August 1, 1966, when a likely drug-intoxicated (and/or drug-withdrawing) ex-Marine sharp-shooter named Charles Whitman earned his infamous title as the “Clock Tower Sniper” at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin.

How this 1966 shooting morphed into a false flag pattern is alluded to in William Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse.


Events like the Florida school shooting are seldom as portrayed and there are always deeper agendas at play.

Fear is a primary weapon of control and domesticates us like cattle. The most potent fear is fear of death.

Disconnecting from the Matrix

Daily Pickings tends to focus on issues and events to put them into the context of our analysis, joining the dots as it were. We should never lose sight of the fact that our condition is of our own making. We've been trained into ignorance of, and submission to, this system which corrupts, controls, distorts and destroys. Thus the route to freedom resides within ourselves, each and everyone of us.

Disconnecting from the Matrix and Reconnecting with Consciousness by Julian Websdale
We do not need solutions to the ills of the world. We need to remove the cause of the problem and that is ignorance and arrogance. These are inseparable partners in the war on human awareness and innate intelligence. The stupidity of ignorance can only survive through the blindness of arrogance. They need each other for their mutual prosperity.

The article above is so important that there is a reluctance to add anything further to this post but looking inward is often helped by understanding that there is a wealth of knowledge to which few have been exposed, the esoteric. Daily Pickings occasionally references sources that provide some insights into this deeper ancient wisdom and this, from The Last American Vagabond, is worth reading.

Truly, the destination isn’t as important as how a person conducts themselves on the way there. What’s more, this isn’t just a bunch of ambiguous monk philosophy either. Perhaps the greatest allegory for this idea is the foundation of Quantum Theory, usually considered as the Observer Effect, or “Wave/Particle Duality.” Although this idea of dualism has received a tremendous amount of New Age misinterpretation, this misinterpretation should not be mistaken for a minimal relevancy. This simple idea is the fact that a conscious observer assimilating a symbolical context to a piece of sensory data will and does inherently change some level of the activation/projection process of the object that this sensory data is occurring from. To reiterate this very crucial concept here: the underlying theme in the wealth of human knowledge throughout history is: “BE MINDFUL IN THE PRESENT MOMENT ALWAYS.”

Enough said.