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Free speech

There is no freedom if you have to self-censor to avoid causing offence or "breaking the law". The police state encroaches on our freedom through "safe spaces" and political correctness.

"Be offended"

Unfettered, open dialogue and discussion can resolve our problems - suppressing debate or criticism leads to violence.

Spare the rod?

Critical Thinking's deliberations on the dissolution of hierarchy extended this week to consider how we (should) treat our children.

Progressive atomisation of communities and families has resulted in growing state control over our children, ostensibly under the guise of "child protection". This has created a sense of powerlessness among parents. In some communities, parents are jailed for inflicting physical punishment on their children; meanwhile increasingly psychological techniques to exercise "discipline" can be far more corrosive and abusive.

The way we treat our children is a reflection of our society and how we are treated as adults - we too are bound by ever expanding limitations on our freedom, to ensure a compliant, conforming populace. Is it any wonder the world is spiralling out of control? The political economy and society are too big and complex to "manage" - the only way to recover sanity and stability in the world is through self-organisation. It should start at home, in communities and at school.

AS Neil created Summerhill School, the basic premise of which was freedom and love - it worked. Like the rest of us, children are capable of self-organising, if they are given the opportunity.

Prolonged childhood through removal of personal freedoms and imposition of "rules" extend dependency on authority into adulthood. Compulsory education is where our problems start and the pattern is repeated throughout our lives. Conform or be punished.

To paraphrase AS Neil what we (children and adutlts) need is freedom and love.

Inciting fear and hate

Israeli children are conditioned to fear and hate Palestinians from an early age into adulthood.

Israel Tutors Its Children in Fear and Loathing of Palestinians by Jonathan Cook
A display of Israeli-style community policing before an audience of hundreds of young schoolchildren was captured on video last week. Were the 10-year-olds offered road safety tips, advice on what to do if they got lost, or how to report someone suspicion hanging around the school?
No. In Israel, they do things differently. The video shows four officers staging a mock anti-terror operation in a park close to Tel Aviv. The team roar in on motorbikes, firing their rifles at the “terrorist”.
There is plenty of evidence that Israel’s security services are still regularly executing real Palestinians

Abroad, this victim mentality translates into recruiting the Jewish diaspora to police "holocaust denial" which means anyone attempting to research the holocaust is targeted with hate, vitriol and often, violence. Israeli backed groups like HOPE not hate create false narratives to incite others to attack anyone who doesn't unquestionably accept the holocaust narrative. Why an event to discuss the recent so called "Westminster terrorist attack" should be targeted for potentially violent protest by Antifa (how anti-fascism translates into closing down free speech is another question) and ostensibly RMT union members is hard to understand until you look deeper to discover Israeli influence at play.

Conditioned hate for the "other" isn't confined to Israel. During the Cold War we were taught to hate and fear Russia and following the Tiananmen Square "massacre" in Beijing, China. However, it has emerged that the "massacre" never happened; it was a figment of the BBC's and western media's imagination.

Tiananmen “Massacre”? and The Unrelenting Monopoly Media Agenda by Wei Ling Chua
When we search the internet for ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’, there are hundreds of thousands of hyperlinks to books, news, articles, and videos that describe the event as a “Massacre”; and even the reputable Encyclopaedia Britannica also cites the Western media as sources to describe the 1989 incident as a “Massacre”.
This is despite the fact that, in 1998, Washington Post journalist Jay Mathews confessed in the Columbia Journalism Review that “no one died at Tiananmen Square” and that “it is hard to find a journalist who has not contributed to the misimpression”.

Unlearning is essential to discover the truth - what we think we know of geopolitics is based on layers of lies and deception. To make sense of the world we need to know who rules?

By hook or by crook

The Israeli/NATO plan to destabilise and destroy Syria as a nation state has been thwarted hitherto by the Syrian army, supported by Russia and some Kurdish forces but the Structural Elite are determined to keep pushing until they've achieved their objective. Now there are NATO "boots on the ground", fighting alongside anti-Syrian government forces.

Report: U.S., British Forces Enter Southern Syria Alongside Terrorists; Is A Bigger Battle Shaping Up? by Brandon Turbeville
Days after reports that Damascus was on high alert due to increased U.S. troop levels on the Jordanian border and an apparent preparation for an invasion from the south and southeast, the United States and Britain have indeed pushed into Syria from the very location earlier reports suggested would be used.
Fighting alongside jihadist terrorist organization, Jaysh Mughawr al-Thurah, a subsidiary of the Free Syrian Army, U.S. and British forces were filmed traveling through the Tanf border crossing in Homs governate. The troops were apparently heading towards the Hamimah area.

UK and other special forces have been active in Syria from the outset of this fomented conflict to destroy yet another stable Middle Eastern country but thus far, Russia has been the major deterrent to the use of overt force. This latest reckless escalation is yet another "throw of the dice" which once again raises the prospect of direct confrontation with Russia.

Banksters wars or the future of humanity? - that is the choice for each and every one of us. The first step is to expose the lies and share real information. Dissolving centralised power requires no violence but we must remove power from those who irresponsibly jeopardise our future. We are the source of their power - it is up to us to take it away by rejecting their false narratives and disengaging from their abusive and destructive system where we can.