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"...because ignorance is strength"

James Corbett's excellent 5 minute summary of 9/11 lists the reasons why the official narrative of the events of that day cannot be true. His latest 4 minute summary of the lies relating to the ongoing attacks on Syria similarly demolishes the official narrative.

The war on Syria is to eliminate opposition to a one world government, while Russia stands as a major obstacle to this agenda. US efforts to bully Russia into withdrawing support for Bashar Al Assad seems to have had the opposite effect.

Tillerson backs down on ultimatum mission to Russia by Finan Cunningham
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, nicknamed T-Rex, was in Moscow this week roaring with an ultimatum and threats of isolating Russia. After hours of intense talks, the American meekly quit the Russian capital, more like a wounded vegetable-munching sauropod.

Context is everything and unless we understand who rules, how and why, the mainstream narrative on Syria makes little sense. Those orchestrating events and profiting from chaos and conflict in the world would keep us ignorant; our real strength comes from knowledge and understanding.

Global trade, a class issue

With so much else happening in the world, it is easy to overlook the impact of trade deals on most people; those advocating "free trade" are the privileged, dictating terms under which they pillage nations' commons while dividing and impoverishing people globally.

How to Understand Globalization: Not Nations, But Class
"Many developing countries have become so enthusiastic about globalization. At UNCTAD, we wrote our first report on globalization in 1997. And we came to two conclusions - and it's on record. We said it would create two things - greater inequality and instability. In fact, it's happened. And we also said that it is as likely that the North may walk out of it as the South." - DR. Yilmaz Akyuz

Hierarchy lies at the root of the unfolding human catastrophe.

Critical Thinking discussion on 11th April 2017

This Tuesday we discussed usury, interest, social credit, no such thing as honest banking, The Money Masters - Bill Still, loans, investments, dividends, production of goods v production of jobs, bullshit jobs, "abusury", pension commissions, fake news, BBC, Syria

Brief notes are available here:

Syria gas attack

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