Tour the City this Saturday

Message from Liam Taylor who runs Occupy Tours of where the 1% reside and work:
"Just a reminder that we're running a tour of the City this Saturday 15th December 2012, starting at 2pm at St Paul's. Please spread the word."

Thought you knew London? Think again. Welcome to England’s smallest, most mysterious and most powerful city – where Goldman Sachs votes in local elections, the Mayor is chosen by the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, and the police are reigning Olympic champions…

Don’t say we’re not ambitious: our aim on this tour is to show you the whole history of financial capitalism, from the Middle Ages to the present, in two hours. In contrast to our Canary Wharf and Mayfair tours, this tour tells an older narrative, interweaving the story of our current crisis with anecdotes and turning points from the past. Of course we can’t do it all, but we’ll try our best.

Tours start on the steps of St Paul’s – home of the original Occupy London camp – and finish near Liverpool Street. Tours last about two hours.

Critical Thinking in Global Challenges

The University of Edinburgh is offering a free 5 week online course called "Critical Thinking in Global Challenges" beginning 28th January 2013

Critical Thinking in Global Challenges

Hat tip to Elle and George for this

About the Course

Critical thinking is the ability to gather and assess information and evidence in a balanced and reflective way to reach conclusions that are justified by reasoned argument based on the available evidence. Critical thinking is a key skill in the information age, valuable in all disciplines and professions. 

This introductory course will give you the opportunity to better understand what critical thinking is, and to practice and enhance your critical thinking skills. To do so, we will use the context of some important global challenges that affect us all, and to which we have no clear “correct” solutions: for example, the risk and spread of serious infectious diseases in epidemics in modern societies, the implications of increasing human population on global resources, energy, environment and climate, and the challenges of human health and wellbeing in the modern world. Possible solutions to global issues such as these are hotly debated, and give the perfect setting to practice recognizing and evaluating facts, ideas, opinions and arguments. 

The relevant background information for each global challenge will be provided to ensure that you can complete the exercises. Note, however, this course is not a course on these global challenges themselves; instead it uses the context of these thought-provoking challenges to practice critical thinking.

A New Economy - Putney Debate

Friday 9th November 6pm to 8pm

St Mary's Church Hall, Putney High Street, Putney SW15 1SN

Donations to cover the cost of the venue are welcome at the event
Organised by the Critical Thinking project

with Clive Menzies and Janos Abel.

This two hour workshop examines flaws in the economic system, why it cannot be sustained and what an alternative system could look like. The foundations of the New Economy are: the means to life (water, food and housing) for all as a right; land and resources held in common and the benefits shared; alternative currencies to foster greater equality and societal cohesion.

Socially useful banking? - Putney Debate

Monday 29th October 6pm to 8:30pm

Friends Meeting House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

A discussion about banks – what’s making them tick and who they’re serving

with Andy Haldane, Bank of England

Organised by Occupy Economics Working Group