Session 15 on Wednesday 15th April 2015

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: The Function Room upstairs at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

  1. General discussion - current news in context (40mins)
  2. Speaking truth to power: Crit Think video run through script and trying the masks (1 hour)
  3. Discussion and planning (20 mins)

Session 14 on Wednesday 8th April 2015 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: The Function Room upstairs at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

  1. General discussion - current news in context (40mins)
  2. Speaking truth to power: do they owe us a living-do we still need them? - Janos (50mins)
    Paternalism, hierarchy, extended family, feudalism
  3. Critical Thinking images/the role of art  - video progress/ideas (25 mins)
  4. Planning (5 mins)

Session 14 on Wednesday on 8th April 2015 – notes

  1. Withdraw consent – bags and T-shirts. Bad News only in Daily Pickings? Refuted - pointing to the way forward. Corporate person-hood? - is not as fundamental as the levers of power exercised by the SE. Power derived from control of land, money and the means to life. Law is a lever of control and corporate person-hood created to serve their interests. 2015 Constitutionalists Charter has a categorisation/prioritisation/ranking problem. Reorganisation of the Charter. Causal problem - who doesn't believe in causality? Logic and reason. Fear of taking on too bigger problem translates into a shopping list of piecemeal ideas. Analogous to looking for lost keys only where a static light shines. "Do what is necessary not what is possible." Same within Occupy. 2015CUK – open system to bring in contributions but no attempt to contextualise and rank in the light of research and analysis. Signs of panic? Why is momentum not happening? Tinkering at the margins/changing it. Need a movement. Building a movement takes time. Democafe unsupported from the centre (dismissive response to BBC enquiry undermining the work in Camden). Stop the debate and move to dialogue/exploration. Arguments are either sound or on false assumption. Unearth the assumption. "Don't believe causality? Indian cancer specialist – AirBnB. Conversation – no coverall treatment for cancer. Caused by a combination of genes. The more diversity in breeding the more resilient. Mongrels live longer than pedigree dogs. Intermingling between genetic strains. Context is historical – paternalistic elite imperative to rule has past. No we need them? Dysfunctional heads of families under whom children can't develop into responsible people. Put out the eyes of the people and blame them for their blindness. Blair people cannot be trusted. John Major in White House on 9/11. Sexual equality culture. Punk era. Aggressive sexuality of women. Childsplay – metal bar – 3 year olds v 5 years. Bar was of uneven density (one end heavier than the other - balance point not in the centre). 3 year olds could find the balance point by trial and error but five year olds had been trained to balance at centre point - gave up. Older children worked it out. Tai Chi - moving as an integrated whole. Unlearning posture training - watch toddlers and animals move - much more centred and integrated in their movement.

  2. Next week Video Masks – Ken McCloud SciFi- UCL Marxism speech.

Session 13 on Wednesday 1st April 2015 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Downstairs (back bar) at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

  1. General discussion - current news in context (40mins)
  2. Ecology of Freedom - Peer to peer (40 mins)
  3. Video concepts, etc. (35 mins)
  4. Planning (5 mins)

Session 13 on Wednesday on 1st April 2015 – notes

  1. Friends of Podemos – Language. Inflected language. Symbol for resonance. Theme. Whiplash. Movement became a party. People disengaged – structure takes over. Leader patsy – Webster Tarpley. Greece? Lack of courage? Want to work together – debate as opposed to dialogue. Confrontation. Learning through disagreement. Why do we disagree? David Baum – dialogue study of thinking. Root causes. Dialogue paper. Trained to score points. Listening – importance. STWC meeting. Hustings – left wing candidates – spiel. Global Table. Hierarchy.

  2. Peer to peer – AIB to AIIB, China initiative. Ultimately backed by banks. Possibilities/ Industrial revolution. Technical revolution. Change the system - the way we would like to live – peer to peer economy. Fly with me. AirBnB. Air bed and breakfast. Car pooling. Another economy is possible. Someone's getting uncomfortable – legislation and regulation. Health and safety invoked to suppress peer-to-peer activity. Too dangerous. Must be working. Challenging the relationships to each other – controlled. Unused gardens – land share. Language – transition to positive alternatives. Uber. Hope. Oxfam – twitter poverty. Political. Pax Christie. Cafod – overseas development – missionaries in Philippines and Latin American. Liberation theology. Went native. Romero in San Salvador. Education – green revolution. Travels to Caribbean and Venezuela. Oil price low – benefit poorer people who don't have a car? Transport costs for food and essentials. Revolution 2. Trews Cafe. Bypass the system and deal with people directly. Attacks via attacks on internet. Alternative news. Searching internet. Joni Mitchell 71. Subversion via distraction. Bread and circuses.Trafalgar Square fountains gift to stop mass gathering (reducing available space). Cashing out on .dot com. Belongs to us. St Patrick's – restrictions/fencing. Christie Moore. South Bank. 2003 Iraq march – Hyde Park. Felt the power of crowds.

  3. Video – Mike to the voice. Klu Klux Klan similarity?

  4. Next week – Critical Thinking images; do they us a living-do we still need them. Extended family. Hierarchy. Insignificance – makes you significant. Paternalistic – feudalism.

Session 12 on Wednesday 25th March 2015 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: The Function Room upstairs at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

  1. General discussion - current news in context (30mins)
  2. Speaking truth to power - Janos (40mins)
  3. Aid - cui bono? (25 mins)
  4. Sociocracy - The Politics of Subservience Etienne de la Boetie, withdrawing consent (20 mins)
  5. Planning (5 mins)

Session 12 on Wednesday on 25th March 2015 – notes

  1. Howard Davies – LSE. Kuhlewampa – camps outside Berlin during the depression – Brecht. Discussion on return from Kuhlewampa – who's going to do something about it. Those who have a vested interest. China – Asia Times – Pepe Escobar. Middle Class in China 57%. TIG conferences. Truth and Integrity in Global Economics. David Markham – Mammon's kingdom Unprincipled society. Making corporations forces for good in society. Smokescreen – PR for corporations. Corporates masquerading as those who can change the world. Regardless of intent of organisers – corporate PR will subvert.

  2. Speaking truth to power. Deny the right to speak or ignore opposing arguments. Land ownership. Blog in the Economist. Why land taxes popular but so rare. Unearned income from the surplus (rise) in the value of land. Economists will continue to call for LVT but politicians will continue to ignore it. What do we mean by truth? Consensual because theoretically speaking we are all observing the same phenomena. There is no disagreement only misunderstanding. Alfred Korzybski – General Semantics. Map is not the territory. Dramatis Personae. Unifying objective experience – we all need food, water and shelter to live. What happened in human history in economic context. Functional classes.
    - working on land
    - artisans
    - administrators, defence. (Dominant class).

    Fundamental supports of the political economy – dominance of land and resources; money and means to life.
    Unconditional Citizens Dividend – every citizen has the right to income currently pocketed by those in control of the economic system and consequently the labour saving machines. Like thieves broke into a warehouse containing knowledge and took the ideas for free to build megabusinesses. Inheritance: capital to the eldest, annuities for siblings – no annuity for us. Knowledge isn't in society, it is in the individuals comprising it. State is 5th order of reality. Competing with machines. Invent machines to do the work but working harder than before. Bertrand Russell. Machines are our tools – what they create belongs to us as much. Society is a machine which has momentum heading for a giant waterfall. Cateract. Responsibility to change direction. Exoskeleton. Riply in the Alien. We are the operators but the machine is controlling us. Yet machines are dominating. Learned Helplessness - Martin Seligman. Schedules – partial reinforcement. Doesn't extinguish behaviour but reinforces it. Lottery – learned helplessness. Chimpanzees – banana at the ceiling. Sprayed with water when attempting to get it. Then they sprayed the whole group. The group turned on those trying for the banana. Subsequent generations learnt the same behaviour without observing it. Whisleblowers. Quakers refused to doff their hats to the King. No sense of hierarchy. Enforced deference. Whistleblowers defence (legal) organisation in the US. Plaque – defend the whisleblowers. Victoria station – automated voices over tannoy – very few staff on the station. Mass of people being directed. Boarding airplane. Going to the HoC. Assessment for benefits. Unemployable have to volunteer to work in voluntary organisations. Reporting to authorities lateness – benefits cut. Charity shops – rates, jobcentre placements. Voluntary organisations objecting.
    Scenario – jobseekers – script. Mary's story about volunteer scam – withholding liberty of choice from the individual.

    Basic income – Guy Standing
    Hospice (manageress) – politics – paid and volunteers
    Apex – Pyramid
    Sketch – Power to silence the speaker – complainer pours his heart out but is ignored
    Political / economic activity
    How will they respond
    List of grievances – critique of the system.
    Mr Men books Roger Hargreaves.
    Stuck in a lift – janitor and the CEO
    Parliament Hill
    Simplicity and repetition – intelligence
    2 minutes frame. Engage. Monologue – to lay out scenario
    Funding directing voluntary organisations policy. Crisis.
    We don't owe you a living. Deep Greens ecofascist – max 1 billion people – what do we do with the surplus Thomas Malthus.