Special Session with GlobalNet21

Please note: In place of our normal weekly session, on Wednesday 27th July 2016, Critical Thinking will be at Conway Hall to discuss Economics As If People Mattered.

Please note the earlier start time of 6:30pm.

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Session 29 on Wednesday on 20th July 2016

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Function Room, Upstairs at The Cock Tavern
, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

Agenda - Citizens Dividend Cocktail


Join us for a Citizens Dividend Cocktail and discussion about sharing the wealth of the planet in the form of a Citizens Dividend. Brief presentations on the Commons, Usury, Arts and Culture in the context of a Citizens Dividend will be followed by discussion, in the round, of the three presentations. People often refer to Basic Income; the House of Commons discussion referred to an amount of £70 per week per adult - this is hardly the means to life. A Citizens Dividend from the wealth of the planet could provide the means to shelter, clothe and feed everyone, debt free without increasing income, sales or employment taxes; indeed they could even be reduced.

All are welcome. PLEASE sign up to attend, go to: http://www.meetup.com/GlobalNet21/events/231815692/ so we get an idea of numbers likely to attend.

Session 28 on Wednesday on 13th July 2016 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Function Room, Upstairs at The Cock Tavern
, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB


  1. General discussion (40 mins)
  2. GlobalNet21 - joint citizens income workshop 20th July 2016 (70 mins)

    Citizens Dividend Cocktail

  3. Planning - Nick Kollerstrom WW2 on 10th August?  (10 mins)

Session 28 on Wednesday 13th July 2016



1. Surgeon's time is worth the same as everybody else's time. David Cameron's legacy. Mark McGowan. France no visible evidence of anti-government demonstrations. Cornwall shifted to conservatives. Three families control St Ives. Resilience – local level scaling up. Projects in Scotland. Iranian energy minister in UK – how to develop a market which works for everyone. Paradigm 1 local – physical presence – decentralised. Paradigm – era of middleman – trusted third parties. Collapse of Lehman Brothers – peak debt. 2008. Decentralised but connected. Networked economy for everyone. Music file sharing – Napster. Market network. Enclose land or factories but not an idea. “Unicorns” - concentrated wealth and power. 2008 3 meals from anarchy. Think the unthinkable. Governments – Iranian government. Local level Linlithco natural grid – independent in energy. Mapping energy use; identify hotspots. Saving energy – conservations. James Watt – Tin mines in Scotland – shared coal savings. Incentives to save. Instead of selling the pump – pumping as a service. Oil price at $100 is unaffordable. Makes other forms of energy viable. Sheikh Yamani stone age didn't end through lack of stones. Oil price is capped, but production costs are rising. Pumping as a service. Implementation. Heat from the street. Recovery from the sewers. Property – affordable housing. Land – resources – people. No need for external credit. Oil price manipulation – Russian oil and gas resisted. Not new ideas but places for ideas. 2/3 lending is mortgage based. Land based currency but we don't realise. Affordable housing will collapse the banks. Banking as a utility. Single entry bookkeeping – tally sticks: memorandum tally – Proof of payment (past); Promise to pay (future). Dues or Tax – land based. Pre-pay taxes (forward). Tally stick prepayment at a discount. Investment by the tax payer. Tax return – Natures #hash. Rate of return (of tally sticks). £2 discount on £10 prepayed – compound interest is missing from this model. Interest missing but contains profit. Stock and counter-stock. Underpins terminology – undated stock. Prepay has always existed. Not paying money for the use of money. Charge for use of land. Land use levy. Issue credits land use credits. Owner occupier gets the land credit to pay the levy. Cuts out the government. Use the pool to buy the mortgage. Do with energy. Limited company levy. Taxing privilege. Practical mechanisms. Only works at local level – scale up. Summer scale. 1853 HoC burnt down – tally sticks destroyed and the fire spread. Opencapital.net. Nordic enterprise.




2. Ends versus the means. Needs and satisfiers. Many ways of financing it. How to pay for Citizens Dividend. Various efficiency questions. Natural resource tax or levy. Land value tax. Not analogous is not to income or profit taxes. It is a charge on the unearned income. Benefits of basic income. Unearned value attached to the use of natural resources. Created by sheer demand. Location value. Demand itself creates economic value. Requires no effect, thought or resources to create value. No cost of production – nor does money. Minimal resources to create £1m – same as £10. Land requires no human effort. Space. Misnomer housing crisis. Prices in terms of bricks and mortar – it's the space underneath. Current social system (capitalism) booms at bust. Shortage average purchasing power to buy available goods. Citizens dividend solve recessions to buy goods, allowing manufacture of more. Only the rich can spend in recessions. Eliminate indecent poverty. BIEN – depends on the society etc. but should be as high as possible. Higher in developed countries. Enough to live on. Housing incapacity benefit etc. Still a need for social support systems for special needs. Question of rent? Who gets the continuous increase in value from land. LVT should fund citizens dividend. Lay out the concepts. Arts and culture are integral to the political economy. Thomas Spence – brain food.


Three talks in the room simultaneous – too noisy?


3. ICUK – Martin Green (Scot) - Free Parliament. Independent MPs - £6m. Funding – (Digby Jones). Ray, Fred – bid for £10K to run a campaign for general election or by election. By-election. Collaboration? Policies? Autumn conference – platform. Party system is broken. Constitutionalists have too much in it. Devolution? Devolve – regional variations. Brexit highlighted the problem. Networks – Frome, Cornwall by-election. Unaware of other groups – networking opportunities to expand the number of networks. Doing stuff at local level to by-pass central government. Policy will make the party. eg. NHS. Independence not analogous to nationalism. Independence of the superstate. Thought independence – functional independence. Swiss delegate upwards as required. PM has no power. Confederal bottom. West Lothian question has Lothian answers. Bonds – debt. Government bonds isn't debt. Myth of debt.


27th Conway Hall meeting.



Friends House – August onwards


3rd. August - Chris Cook: Bonds


10th August 2016 – Nick Kollerstro: WW2



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Session 27 on Wednesday on 6th July 2016 - notes

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Round up of news and events (40 mins)

2. Citizens Dividend Cocktail presentations: Sharing the commons and Usury - Mike and Clive (30 mins)

3. Future collaboration, speakers? Nick Kollerstrom, Radical Anthropology, more? (45 mins)

4. Planning next week's session (5 mins)

Session 27 on Wednesday 6th July 2016 - notes



1. The Beacon, Kingston. EcoCentre – Wholefood cafe, LETS system. Council “warning” - animal rights, ethical consumer. UK Column – newspaper – Brian Gellish – ex-Navy. Volunteering to help the young build boats etc. told he had to cooperate with the local council. Common Purpose. Daily program – UK column live. 1pm daily program. Diagrams. British Constitution party. Child abuse – Dochertys – Job in Aberdeen. Neighbour £25k for the use of their son – shock. Report it to the police. Police and Laird persecution. Paedophilia. GCHQ corresondence. David Ellis ex military. American Free Press. David Scott from Scotland on paedophilia. Chris Spivey. Alleged beheading of British solder (Woolwich). Clinton, Blair, criminals in power. Correlation Astro-theology. Pictures. Bubbles in space. Drawing machine. Laser light. Solid forms from drawings. Shipping tachnology following latitude. Platonic solids – sacred geometry. 4 sided triangle. Joining bubbles on the late show. Cube within the bubble. Flower of life is a cube. Symbol of Saturn. One ring to rule them all – macrocosm; one ring to find them – microcosm; one ring to bring them – mesocosm; and in the darkness bind them – rule/law. Slavery- consequence. Mysticism is another ruse and method control. Simplify to interpret what is being done, why and how it works. Freedom is more complex than a march for freedom. In reality, it will be much more complex – interesting and excitement – the ominous “they” are we. Responsibility which comes with freedom. Thought and contemplation is required to realise. Mutual cooperation. Conversations on Brexit – status quo is shattered and people are falling apart – fear of the unknown. Realisation that the world hasn't ended may prompt people to think about the opportunities for change. The EU: A Corporate Racket; How the European Union was created by global corporatism. - David Barnby. Yugoslavia breakup – followed the script at the time but later re-examination reveal machinations at work – trade off John Major (Maastrict Treaty) v Hans Dieter Gensher – granted recognition to Croatia. What Nazi Germany did was repeated by the EU.


2. Sharing the value of the commons – Real estate for ransom. LVT – social and economic initiatives – citizens dividend. Regular assessment of the value of the land independent of structures/farming etc – the application of labour. Taxing income penalises enterprise and activity. Stimulate new business and creativity. More efficient land use – reduced speculation. More productive and concentrated use. End boom bust cycles; unavoidable tax evasions. Established and proven system – needs to be carefully constructed. Fair – no cost of production – value owes nothing to the individual but belongs to community. Value usefulness and productivity. Proper environmental use of land. Green cocktail. Mats.


Fracking nightmare – Ian R Crane – UK Column – Monday night. Janos – meeting on 27th July. Global Table ceasing. Posters for the event.