Review session on Wednesday 18th November 2015

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)
2. Collaboration with the Ethical Society's Learning Strategy (30 minutes)
3. London Thinks presentation (40 minutes)
4. Program for 2016: Hierarchy, Natural Inclusion and UTOPE (15 minutes)
5. Planning for December meeting (5 minutes)

Session 40 on Wednesday on 14th October 2015

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Upstairs at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

  1. General discussion (20 mins)
  2. London Thinks and Albion Awakes (20 mins)
  3. Images of space and negative space - Eddie (40 mins)
  4. Death of great British pub - Eddie (20 mins)
  5. Quiz and communications (10 mins)
  6. Planning (2 sessions this year) and for next year (10mins)

Session 39 on Wednesday on 7th October 2015 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

* Please note DIFFERENT venue!

Venue: G511ERY 511 Seven Sisters Road London N15 6EP


  1. General discussion (25mins)
  2. Critical Thinking quiz plans (25 mins)
  3. Negative space - Eddie (40 mins)
  4. Website/communication plans (25 mins)
  5. Planning (5 mins)

Session 39 on Wednesday 7th October 2015

  1. Digital v vinyl. Catafelk – coffin stand in hearse. Technology in tune with the music of the time. Japan FT author Bending Adversity – Japan and the Art of Survival. How to speak Money. Michael Lewis – Boomerang, . PO system – domestic savers funded Japanese government.

  2. Quiz.Idea – promote the work of Critical thinking and to attract more people and an event for language and communication. General but featuring items from Daily Pickings. Rather than a one off – create a series to be presented around London. People looking at alternative news sources – try to attract them to these quiz nights. Creating new possibilities. Adveritse and promote it hard. Find venues around London for the quiz and dialogue around the questions etc. Like a presentation in the form of a quiz. Make it a New Year project rather than trying to squeeze it into November. Engaging and entertaining but focusing on CT issues. Need a core of people to help address it. Gender balance – on the website 27% women. Until women are involved nothing is going to work. Finance – male dominated. Social event world. Questions – Darwin. OPEC. T&M – Pyjama game.

  3. Negative space – definition? Zizek -Lacan joke – someone goes into a restaurant. “Coffee without any cream?” We have no cream will you have it without milk. Fuller picture from knowing what isn't there. Rennaissance. Picture and religious narratives in the western zone. Perspective developed. Friezes to give real depth. Mathematical base. Tunnels at the Waterloo. Forshortening. Vanishing point. Inifinity. Point is tied up with the rennaissance - eye of God. Not present in Eastern art. Early rennaissance art.1300-1400 (Visit the National gallery. Duccio. MIchaelangelo Sistine Chapel. More than dexterity – what it's doing spacially. Tied in with ideas and space. Time capsules (beds – separating rooms). Obsessed with architecture – forms and stories like a comic. Like music and rythms. Shifting time. Really inventive. Biblical stories in contemporary clothes but with historical settings. Trip to National Gallery. Creating depth in architecture to tell a story. Paintings and architecture feeding off each other. Challenging and feeding imagination. Films which recur later in conscousness. Piero della Francesca. Time travel two versions of Jesus in Italian countryside. Frescos on real buildings you have to go and see them. Time travel recurring theme. Flagellation of Christ. Art is about being a “good drawer” - later realisation is to create a feeling. Laziest people have facility. Turn up to art school and can't develop.Art is meant to be serving people. It's suits people to retain the mystique – monetary value. Fauvism. Raw – Matisse. Just after cubism. 1907 – wild beasts. Relating to the illusion of separation. Use of windows to demonstrate inside/outside. Positioning oneself and positioning ideas. Rather than outline, start with a mark. Duncan McClean – task three unrelated things linked to make a story. Being aware of everypart – related to NI. Evey bit is important to make the picture. First group that went outside – impressionists – 1850s/60s. Painting out in the open. Vibrant space effect of light on paint. Psychological and emotional build up. Morandi. - cubism. Creating an environment to survive during the war. Minimal lines but creating space. Visualisation of someone trying to understand something. Blinky Palermo studied with Joseph Boyce. Spent two years not doing anything (on a painting course). Representing space in a different light.Receptive space – seeing it differently. Bring your own narrative. Bauhaus – colours Paul Klee. Format – galleries why not move beyond. Present them on a TV screen – forgeries.

  4. Whistling Jack Smith. Pontins – holiday camp. Pavlov's dog.

  5. Quiz – email questions.


Session 38 on Wednesday on 30th September 2015 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Upstairs at The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

  1. General discussion (30 mins)
  2. Natural Companionship with Alan Rayner by teleconference (60 mins)
  3. Quiz and communications (25 mins)
  4. Planning (5mins)


Session 38 on Wednesday 30th September 2015 - notes



  1. Alan – main page. Moving in the right direction – cooperation and competition implies seperation. Individualsm v collectivism. Set up against each other. Natural companionship. Stuck either against one another or with them Didn't want to be coerced.into cooperation and allowed to demonstrate inividuality. Natural empathy with each other within our neighbourhood. Natural Inclusion. Understanding william Wordsworth. Everyhting yet NOthing is defined absolute independent singleness. Singular entity or all one. We're all inhabitants of each others. The environment is everything that isn't me. Relatvity – isolated matter tells space how to curve and space tells matter how to move. Collective names for art project. Living with each others in mutual ….Cooperation competition – difficult terms. How differences are vital essential to our capcity to cocreate. Vital to sustain individual identify. False dichomotomy. Loosing your own identity. Make you stronger in your convictions – responsible to other people. Had to give 100%. Clear about what you mean.Being clear about where you come from. Belief in natural selection – assumption biases methodologies and interpretations. Yet to find studies consistent with natural inclusion. Idea you can an isolate an individual. Published paper. Space cannot be cut. Difficulty in getting published. As a scientist – is this proposition consitent with experience – does it make consitent sense. Closed minds. What kind of language leads you into a trap. Janos and Ray Sheath. Early childhood. Kenya, Africa – mother polician – sharing circles in her lounge. All types of politicians. Circle of all kinds of people colours – your in my world just as much as I'm in yours. That people is feeling as much as you are. Denied objectifying others. Natural scientists – fungal scientist. Bothered and peturbed way evolutions and natural selection. Richard Dawkins – selfish gene – fundamentally flawed assumptions. Unable to work in the academic field. Couldn't accept what I was told and do what needing to be done. c. 2000 natural inclusion. Working without the funding. Life environment and people course. Objective scientific isolating matter and space. If your fundamental mathematic etc are flawed. Somehow truth emerges out of competition. It affects every facet of human endeavour. London Thinks. Thinking on Sunday – not a sort of anger – waiting to jump on someone. Ethical Society – isolation within each person – degree of point scoring. Manner in which ideas were received. Shock to be met with hostitily. Resolves a lot of conflct. Sense that it just needs to be explained – people would at least listen carefully – encountered much rejection. Not going to admit they are wrong – pride. Acknowledgement is too difficult. Confrontation – prepare a defence against them. Not debate – discussion. Corbet Report. Kakistocracy. Dr. Tjeerd Andringa of the University of Groningen. As a scientist is about honesty and prepared to admit you are wrong. Student loved what was taught. High ratings. Wrong basic assumption – to resist concept which would relieve pain and conflict – unforgivable to resist. Accept that everyone is opposing you. I'm wrong please tell me where I've gone wrong. Don't worry about people agreeing. Language is important. Deideologise the talk. Breaking ideological boundaries. Opposition does not bring truth – the very belief in opposition is a product of false premise – product of abstract thought. Abstracts a subject from its place or neighbourhood Abstacts. The environment is everything which isn't me. Set up an opposition. Illogic of the missing middle. One thing cannot another thing simulateously. Abstracted one thing from another – not possible in nature. Not possible to isolate anything from its space. That you can isolate matter from space. Opposition or dichomotomy doesn't exist in the natural world. Systems thinking – everything is connected. Problem with systems thinking? Notions of connectivity. Heart of abstracted – either in opposition or all one. Reductionism – wholeism. Cannot work. Tangible presence and intangible presence frictionless. Natural tangible phenomena of space and energy – cannot be separated. Create logic to allow that to happen. Oriental. Logic of flow – move on from static of thinking to an intrinsically dynamic. Removing the surroundings – ideological distortion. What makes differences between things is dynamics. Movement and stillness – Tai chi. The concept of negative space in art. Filling spaces that aren't there. Give you more information of what you're creating. You don't outline the object, you inline the space. Simple illustrations. Space and form. Form devoid of space is nowhere. Space without form – formless. Mutual inclusion. Presented as opposing forces. Yin/yang Light /darkness. Opposites. Focus on language – difficult to explain what one means purely in terms of language. Different languages – uses the same language differently. Predominant method of communication. Produces misunderstanding for many reasons. Using Art and Poetry – not to be taken literally but language to communicate. Understand what is being communicated rather than how it is communicated. WH Auden – experience of absorbing something literal. Tremendous medium as is music. Relationship between stillness and movement. Space and energy. Space is the source of becoming. Receptive presence. Which is everywhere. Energy is what locally informs space. Each in the other – natural inclusion. Dialectics and propositional logic. Paper sharp pencil – can you create form without movement. Flow form No form exists in zero time. Abstract logic assumes is possible. Translating ideology across languages. Keen of visual communication. Digital memes. In a digital ages. The language of water.

  2. Pop Art – artists have an issue. - Everyday materials and contemporaty ideas. Andy Warhol – people and the damage done. Jury is still out. Part of the problem with people stuck to the phones. Ideas with third – compulsory – I need to go to Tate. Quiz – entertaining. Do a road show. Venue? Need people involved – planning.

  3. Quiz; short adverts for the quiz. Carboard heads. Planning video.