Session 25 on Wednesday on 22nd June 2016 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Function Room, Upstairs at The Cock Tavern
, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB


  1. General discussion (30 mins)
  2. GlobalNet21 - joint citizens income workshop 20th July 2016 (85 mins)
    Proposed structure (Eddie):
    2 hour session
    first hour Critical Thinking present 4 aspects of Basic Income
    4 x 15 mins presentations: Economy/ Commons/ Hierarchy /Art&Culture
    Eddie could do the Art and Culture presentation in conjunction with The Henningham Family Press
    The 3 others....well I am sure there wont be a problem getting 3 people.
    2nd hour a response to the 4 presentations
    15 mins for each subjects
    We could record and upload to YouTube whole event
  3. Planning (5 mins)

Session 25 on Wednesday 22nd June 2016 – notes




1. Thomas Spence – Land ownership – Olgivy. Common ownership of land. Jo Cox. Brexit – EU Greece – Greek believed they were embracing the EU. Graphic – Spain/EU. Generous view of the EU. Failed because of a lack of commitment from individual nations. Demographic which 30-45 believe in the EU. EU has failed to protect workers' rights and other protections people enjoyed before. Part time directive – zero hours. Folk festivals working conditions deterioration – increased desperation. Privatised. Canterbury – music scene.



2. Job Centre. 3 presentations in different sections – Sharing the Commons, Interest, Arts and Culture – in relation to Citizens Income. Overarching Hierarchy. Visual Aids and booklets. Images from the presentation for each section. Food – Thomas Spence schloop – Critical Thinking cocktail – autonomous group. Coins, medals, summaries. Establishment doesn't like these ideas. Melvyn Bragg In our Time. Failure of civilisations. Etruscans – made too much money, they were made to bury it. Not picked up in the conversation on Radio4. Perfect summer cocktail for a Citizens Dividend cocktail saloop. Art and culture makes for a peaceful world. Intro. 10Mins. 1 presentation x 3 30mins. 10 mins hierarchy. CT Cocktail. Discussion in the round. 1 hour plus. Booklet. 4 pages. Images from presentation on flickr.



3. Next week. Update on Cocktail, subjects, pamphlet, images.








Session 24 on Wednesday on 15th June 2016 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Function Room, Upstairs at The Cock Tavern
, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB


  1. General discussion (30 mins)
  2. GlobalNet21 - joint citizens income workshop 20th July 2016 (45 mins)
  3. Continuation of astrology, religion and geopolitics; long term perspective - Pete (40 mins)
  4. Planning (5 mins)

Session 24 on Wednesday 15th June 2016 – notes



1. Brexit boat v. Sir Bob Geldorf Remain boat. Awful. Kentish Town decided to have a cinema. Jazzy hoarding – artist designers to fill the board. 12 luxury flats on top of the cinema. One developer ran out of money – a “cool” new company has taken over the development. referendum 13.75% turnout and 90+% voted in favour. College originally, then a PizzaHut then left empty. Hackney precedent rival to Rio cinema. Contacts in Hungary – ex Karl Marx University of Economics. 3 people introduced to Critical Thinking. Free transport for over 65s in Budapest. Excellent transport. Stephen Green BHS. “I wasn't there”. WMG – Gainful Unemployment. News from Nowhere, Utopia. Universal Basic Income – what to do with your time if you weren't working to survive. Reactive, collaboration. How people organising there lives. Matisse opening gesture and then thinking about it develops. Light from outside in the beginning and then reversed at night. Doing something without a predefined plan. How artists invents structures to go about a task. Finding the points in the space. Tear it down at the end. Video. Typically, art events are more pressured and structured.


2. David and Ping thinking about peoples obsession with money but less time about what they do with their time and structure their lives. Citizens Dividend from first principles. Printing production line – roles assigned by straws to produce Orwells. Spin the inequality wheel to see how much people get paid. The walls had been taken down – salary negotiation open. Impossible to treat people the way people are treated in real work. Cycle of production and consumption. Other artists involvement. Sophie what people do in the community. People inspired to do things as a result of the Maximum Wage event. Common wealth. Interest addressed in the event. Differing earnings in the economy. Not promoting the idea of a maximum wage cos it couldn't work but how much inequality is acceptable/sustainable. Contributions from many people for the magazine. In a church hall in West Hackney. Satirical but making people angry and activated. Like being in prison and put in a work situation. Getting people to do things out of normal behaviour. Crazy model is good. Frustration with news coverage – get people to express themselves and reward them with an enjoyable event. Art element – good medium to intrigue and involve. Overcome the barrier to participation. Society doesn't currently function two ways. Cannot reject things in art, only walk away. Funding conditional on getting a return – emblematic. Performance is production, distribution follows. Repeated the show in Greenwich. Show £15,000. anti-university. Towards a Conceptual Militancy – art as a conduit between ideas and getting concepts across. Maybe a role play. Telling jokes – safety valve. Gainful unemployment – provoke a different way of thinking. Parliament – may be a policy process on this issue. Brexit – began with a dislike of EU – Swiss vote against a basic income – people don't want others to something for nothing. Collaborative? Most experiences are second hand. Meal – sing for your supper? Long table. Questions served up with the food. Hundred pints? Private view Knightsbridge. Pizza 70 people £18. Food? Mario making soup? Electric hot plates. Soup stone. Conceptually serving soup and questions. We need to know what we're doing. What people can repeat themselves. Making soup and serving questions and gathering information. Imagination of what life would be like with a citizens dividend. Allow the conversation. How people spend time. If people are provided the means to life. Shytstem – 3 courses – with a question/poem. Key questions by demonstration. Bring to the table commonwealth. Obvious questions, how do you reflect that in what people do at the event. BBQ? Target for magazines sales.


3. Processional cycles followed by power and religion. Seasonal periods within the 26000 years. 6000 year seasons. Symbology – fall of man. Dark, night, winter. Golden age. Spring – everything grows. Full summer positive energy. Fall winter – lack of energy. Darkness Hades hell. Cycle in 1 year. Sun sits in one sign for 2000 years – ages. Sun on Spring equinox – Pisces behind sun. This is how it is taught – and used as a clock which dictates events on the planet. Time – age to start school – work 8 hours – obsession with time. Observing patterns and interpreting the world. Not a true reflection of reality – but the way people use them. Psychology. Self rule? Idealised golden age – consciousness. Early mystery schools – geometry, mathematics. Decline in energies. Priests and kings and families. Around 10000 years ago. End of the ice age. Catastrophe aspects. Cross between 4 fixed points: Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius. Two cometry events. Lower dryas 13,000 years ago time of Leo. Human activity is minimal in respect of man's contribution to climate change. We are part of the process. Gradualist procession of events in 1980 but more recently realisation that major events can be quite abrupt. Tanguska type events 1906. Russia a smaller event. Creator, saviour, destroyer. Aquarius – passing through an active part of space over the next 2000 years. Species survival mechanism. 4000 years to prepare for another event. Poisoning the skies – attack on us – war on the people. What is behind this? Believe the right thing to do. Art/science fusion. Asking questions. Man made climate change – much more significant forces at work. Astrology. Pictures. Cycles within cycles. Reality of universal connection versus power use of astrological interpretation to influence/shape the world. Sinusoidal waves – ball of consciousness. Time is defined as fixed. Society suffered Time and Space deception. People obsessed with symbols. Original language was symbolism. Links on. Cycles. 1 Degree is 72 years. Linear – we can't see the arc. Long clock. Chaldia – farming in the region – standing crops. Energy to feed the city. Change in the landscape around the city. Round barbeque. Year of lives in 2 hours. Game of life. Representation of 26000 years into something comprehensible. 1000 years per minute.



Agenda for next week. Event


Session 23 on Wednesday on 8th June 2016 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm
* Please note both day and venue!
Venue: Function Room, Upstairs at The Cock Tavern
, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB


  1. General discussion (30 mins)
  2. Events: ideas and planning (45 mins)
    Friday - Brexit at Birkbeck; Revue/workshop ideas; GlobalNet21 - joint citizens income workshop - when?; sustainable economics at Conway Hall; Abundance Music Festival
  3. Pete? (40 mins)
  4. Planning (5 mins)

Session 23 on Wednesday 8th June 2016 – notes

1. ICUK – Recording – decisions and output. Collaborative project for logo.- plain English. Strategy Forum. Where ideas can be presented and discussed. When people trust each. Consent v consensus.
2. 13th / 20th July – GlobalNet21 joint citizens income. Conway Hall on sustainable economics. Scottish social history – William Ogilvy – Birthright in the land – 1781; Property in the land. Reprinted. Utopia – East London. Vine Collective (importing/exporting vine) – William Morris Gallery. Gainfully unemployed. Poetry readings. More acceptable to do collaborative art. Mark Thomas. Rob Newman – collaborative comedy. Expectations to be entertained. Professional v amateur? Dumbing down – or democratisation of entertainment. Putin and Russia as the fall guy – sneering cheap entertainment. Lazy programming. Open arena for things to happen and change. Jumping off point for event... Theatre workshop Oh what a lovely war. Joan Plowright and Ewan McCall. Engaging participants in our event. EU history – Brussels charter of six countries – centre of government would move around but never moved beyond. 6 Common Market and 6 EFTA countries. Christopher Storey – EU (Karen Hudes).
3. Symbolism as a means of control. Cycles – daily, annual and processional (26,000 years) through the signs of the cycle – Platonic year. Latter is used to govern the world. Soltice, and equinoxes. Cross. Cycle starts with the dawn cycle – creation. Through the signs of Zodiac. Broken into 6000 year periods – broken into three creator, saviour and destroyer. Lady Queensborough – Jollicot – occidentalist. Church divided people to control. Division of castes. Divinity Zeus – master of all things. Prince creates. Vishnu – preserves. Shiva keeps the peasants in their place. Playing out today as shown in the Bible. Creator God – Genesis. Jesus – Saviour. Armageddon. 2000 BC Sarisvaty river dried. NW. Kolani traded into Levant and Brahmin transferred into Abraham. We're in Pisces Sun rises -  moving into Aquarius. Golden ages descending and then arising again. Aquarius – New Age “enlightenment”. Kali Urgar – iron age of the cycle. Royal coach built with Zeus on the front and Poseidon. Disguising words Profession (old English procession). Used on the physical level and psychological level. Ark of the covenant is a period of time; or Noah's Ark is the people who know the duration of the contract. Covenant is a contract. The contract we are under. Dangerous stuff is done – nuclear explosions in the atmosphere, poisoning water and atmosphere – exploring whether this relates to the cycles. Metaphors and imagery to understand ourselves have been projected into means of control. Secrecy of the knowledge. Virtues v Vices. Internal – made external. Understanding of how we work as individuals is key – the illusion is the world. Plato's cave – shadows. Want the shadows is easier to accept. People are moved away from challenging – vices hold promises. Periods of “lightness” descending into a different – orbiting and sinusoidal curve in the heliosphere – changing environment – brings us into where hierarchy may have come in. St Andrews flag cross – related to the four points of the cross. Angles of geometry in astronomy “angles”. Two highways – cometry matter – ice cores, sea bed cores – sudden warming and cooling – period of a few years – mass extinctions. 500 asteroid impacts in the last 10,000 years. Building civilisation over time – asteroid catastrophe may have created the conditions for hierarchy to become permanent. First Astro-theology series Manley P Hall. Philosophy group in the states (died 2005/6) – 10 hours. Astro-theology. Santos Bonacci – image of one cycle – relating church and metaphors. Lack of belief – study without preconceptions. Scriptural symbolism – how much is self-determined and how much is directed by “power” or “elite”. Understanding of self – images.
Hierarchy – circle. Next week.

Session 22 on Wednesday on 1st June 2016 – notes

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Round up of news and events (30 mins)

2. Critical Thinking - plans and ideas for the future (40 mins)

3. Traveller in world changing ideas - Janos (45 mins)

4. Planning next week's session (5 mins)

Session 22 on Wednesday 1st June2016 – notes

1. Study of alternative beliefs and perspectives, alternative media and “conspiracy theories”. Literature of those engage with alternative views, apolitical but mono-logical perspectives. Challenging the literature unsubstantiated by research. Started the interviews. Alternative perspectives – why? Trigger events or conditioned from childhood. Political perspectives in contrasting vote. Mono-logical perspective although one was specifically focused on chemtrails and climate change. Aliens etc. in some cases. Left wing, anti-government – mixed views on voting.
System – rigged vote Scot Referendum, general election. Criticism of media. Activism, research, pressure groups. Ideas for change. Radical manifestos. Involved in social meetings. Not anti-social – specific political beliefs. Perspective on mono-logicality. Normality of behaviour? Most people have conspiratorial perspectives. Is this only conducted outside academia? Contrast between academia and outside think about subjects/issues.

2. ICUK – Strategy Forum. Circulate A5 draft for approval. Freeparliament website. Global table. List of bullet points from Janos. Recording of traveller in world changing ideas – recording to be posted. Card for Critical Thinking? Words as a hook – hierarchy, sharing the commons, interest. Who rules, how and why?
Two things to changing the world – real system change in the world requires understanding prepare a strategy to put into action. Information gathering or more? To arrive at consensus? Janos

Extension of past activities, understanding and questioning. Credit crunch provoked current group. How the world works and what controls it, history and why – discovery and analysis. And if possible to change change them. Understanding comes first. Mike

Understanding and change element – Daily Pickings insights which mainly resonates – committed to local activities and considering them in the broader dimension. Youth group, pensioners centre. Relating vertical and horizontal perspectives. Dabbler and voyeur. Steve

The information is useful. Not campaigning towards a particular task. Linking Daily Pickings to other website. Networking. Secular. Mary

Too early to be definite on direction. Re-acquainting with people who are critically thinking about things. Ideas generated. Environmental centre in the 1990s – looking to restart – research centre? On very difficult subjects including individual psychology. A lot of it's down to us individually. Interest in history and sociologically and how we are manipulated. Restarting project. Peter

Energy is important. Trying to get some younger people coming in. We're of a generation which is questioning. People more sceptical - how do we get people to engage once.

Research – local interface. Engaging people. Energy – not talking to people like us. Older people in Southwark. Clive

Raise social media – meet-up platform. Radical assembly.

3. Traveller in world changing ideas. Ideas are foundation and sources of development. Dominant philosophy in society. Underlying thought system. Get rid of the justifying ideology. All ideas if put in practice will change something. Digging down to the final cause at the root. Analytical activism v classic activism. Find the cause and do something about that. Need a systematic way of dealing with symptoms. True analysis of the problem is performed, tested with scientific method, formal process that fits the problem is used. Learning from past mistakes. What went wrong with universal franchise. Suffragette movement – has it made difference. What is missing in the approach to universal franchise. What is missing is a plan for a new world.

Critical thinking communication. “The divide” - The Spirit Level. Tentative strategy. Lack of permanent hierarchy. Not innate but drawn out. Hierarchies – different environments. Structural Elite for themselves. Set up the hierarchy. VAT reached into everyone's. Mutual reinforcement of hierarchy and political economy. Material to communicate with other people. Ivy creates its own environment. Not looking for answers but looking for ways of working. Not new ideas – new places to put these ideas. Find a new platform. Where did hierarchy come from – review? Positive Money mantra game Bankers. Issue of hierarchy, land and commons. Social media technology – unpack this going back to a golden age. Community antitheses ofHierarchy; needs unpacking. Pubs community assets.

4. Toennis – where are we now. Capturing our minds. Willhelm Reich – mass psychology of fascism. Strong father figure. Organisational constitutional forms. Ritualised form to manage hierarchies.

Event -

Pete -

Nick Dufell