Session 29 on Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. General discussion - current news and views (Ukraine, Gaza) (60 mins)

2. Interest on money, post-mortem on Saturday's meeting - (60 mins)

* Next week's meeting at the Hub - Nudge

Session 28 on Tuesday 15th July 2014 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. General discussion - current news and views (40 mins)

2. Interest on money, definitions and discussion - Janos (40 mins)

3. Nudge - behavioural economics - Arvind (35 mins)

 Introduction to Nudge Theory

Will we hold the Critical Thinking session on 29th July at Nudge seminar?

4. Planning for next week (5 mins)

Session 28 on Tuesday 15th July 2014 – notes

1. Machiavelli wrote The Prince to blow the whistle. The real historical context is needed to understand what's happening. State cyber threats talk – not just China. Ken Clarke resignation – possible implication with paedophilia and Lord Barnes (Chris Patten) – Blair chose scenes of crimes as titles for peers, hubris or humour? Tim Fortescue – quote about blackmailing party members. Whip's black books – recording transgressions and taken to PM. Being told to destroy them – reported in the press. Missing Home Office files. Speeches removed.
Israel – US third party negotiations. Unrepresentative government – Jewish power block. Need to find a new term for collusions and concentrated power to avoid accusations of anti-semiticism? Need evidence. Cynthia McKinney was driven out of Congress for trying to expose 9/11 and the crimes of Israel. Mein Kampf – now available on Kindle. Mark Weber IHR.

TTIP – march last weekend – well attended – gearing up for Europe wide October event. Natalie Bennett and Ben Wallace on the World this Weekend on Sunday, Radio 4 - Bennett could have done better - Shaun Ley failed to challenge assumptions on growth projections. They want to conclude TTIP before Obama leaves office (18 months). "Yes" to Scottish devolution video on the NHS. Mutual ownership – trojan horse for privatisation. TTIP presentations - planning meeting on 2nd August need root causes – change the system. Reviewing globalisation. NHS – People's assembly.

2 Interest – Janos. Understanding the basics. Chris Cook's proposal complex but interesting.
Need to understand the fundamentals. EWG meeting on Saturday 19th July. Semantics – single word can mean many different things. eg. Credit needs qualification. Different kinds of Money. Bank Money debt. Interest – I worked hard for my money – why shouldn't I get something for it? If money is a commons and belongs to everyone why should it treat people differently? One type of money – public services and citizens income. Earning money – spare cash. Put somewhere for safe keeping – future use. Lent to others. Or deposited. Or invested. Different organisations – crowd funding. What to do I get in return? You get goods/service. You get interest. You want your money to be productive. Mayday Rooms 12-5pm Saturday 19th July. Involvement – village or family – social construct? Older people accumulate more money than the young whereas younger people spend money. eg. to get a house. Accumulation reflects time and work they've done before. Sharing over time. Banks interpose themselves in the transaction and skim from both sides. In Mauritius – families with land – give land/money to children. Extend houses and when the old need support the children reciprocate. New different way of working – need social housing/community homes. Or build houses on land as long as occupiers pay an economic rent. Non mercenary community – people eventually die and assets/land should return to the community. Important to see the degrees of difference. Interest for the bankers is different to an individual accumulating savings. Interest is not necessary. Money can be created without physical limit. Interest assumes there is a shortage of money. Ultimate limit is that the money supply should equal the requirement of the economy. How do you much work should you do? Not necessary to be paid to work. Examples of paying to work. Restart projects – someone has the skill and they will agree to fix your DVD player within so many hours. WE suffer a lack of communities – rebuilding – cooperatives. Needs publicising – citizens income – removing bullsh*t jobs.
People discarding printers when empty - cost of printer cartridges. Kodak – cheapest to run printer – discontinued under pressure. Recent documentary on BBC2 – industry geared to planned obsolescence

Long life light-bulbs - no longer produced. Fiduciary responsibility. Simplify the world in half an hour.

3. Behaviourial economics for sustainability - Lucy Hayes. First meeting – exploring what people wanted. People from marketing, degree courses or PhDs and knew the subject. How to do things differently in society and selling ideas to society. Inviting someone from the nudge unit (Downing St) after the book. Unit successful in some areas – attracted interest from other governments – been privatised for profit. Company – contracted to government. Lucy works for DoE. Nudge Unit put her up to explore external interest. Presentation and interaction. Critical Thinking Session on 29th July 2014 will be at the next meeting at the Hub:

DIY New Model Charter leaflet on the website?. NoTTIP planning meeting on 2nd August 2014

Session 27 on Tuesday 8th July 2014 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. General discussion - current news and views (35mins)

2. Shared Nationwide Progressive Awareness - Bob (40 mins)

3. Democracy – Revisiting Tom Paine - Janos (40 mins)

4. Planning for next week (5 mins)

Session 27 on Tuesday 8th July 2014 – notes

1. Cellular opposition groups cooperating. Alternative governance models – cellular structure. Set aside time for further discussion. Multiple independent candidates in 2015. To empower people - don't know who to vote for? Vote for yourself - £500 and 10 supporters will get you on the ballot - people raise money through marathons for many and various causes - it should be feasible to field thousands of independent candidates - thereby eliminating party politics.

ISIS leader wearing a Rolex while ranting against western values. Israel – religious ideology to steal the land. FT - too much detail and little perspective on changing the world.

Paedophiles – politicians not good people? Punishing mode instead of addressing systemic causes. Two issues: 1. paedophilia as a social disease and 2. as a control mechanism – prevention rather than cure for 1. treating the abused and abusers. Those in position of power use "leverage" to control rising politicians – entrap junior politicians – using varying techniques to train puppets for better decisions (paedophilia is but one method). There is a progression of degeneration, small compromises accumulate allowing those in power to force ever greater comprises until one is wholly in their power.

There is an undated video of Tim Fortescue, former Tory whip in Edward Heath's government, saying the following:


Steep hierarchy. Collapse (Jared Diamond). Power focused on individuals. Limited, pre-adjusted information given to a leader – advisers and surrounding organisation have considerable influence through selection and filtering of information. Competing structures versus cooperation. In flat co-operative groups - less motivation for personal agendas, whereas in competitive structures, like current politics, each individual has a personal agenda for advancement to increase their power, wealth and status - too many vested interests - as a result they are corruptible, thereby leading to systemic corruption. Decisions or recommendations can be overridden by a superior.

Need more women in politics. No, we need everyone to be able to participate in politics. Paedophilia - focus on revenge and support for victims – need to fix the system and help the perpetrators as well as the victims. Penal system provides no means for rehabilitation – Norway (different penal experience - Lilyhammer TV series). No analysis of cause and effect.


Shared Nationwide Progressive Awareness – to correct the rightward drift – coalition of the left. Three layers of messaging as per Critical Thinking's objective. Retail mass market to vote for something different. Dueling Loops – corruption – race to the bottom. We only have the truth to tell. Replusion of corruption where the corrupt make evermore extravagant promises which they won't keep. Don't think of an elephant – George Lakoff "frame the debate". We know about metaphor – it's not a language thing - it is the way we speak and think. We live by layer on layer of metaphors. The Conservative Right thinks long term, joins across the spectrum of the right, commonly held set of values. We need to emulate their process. Develop common values then frame all the issues against those values until they become accepted wisdom.  Conservative Right refers to Tax “relief” - implies something beneficial. Alternative progressive view – taxation is for shared goods available to all of us. Another example: Ha Joon Chang – 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism. “There's no such thing as a free markets”. Cooperative technology platform – to deliver messages for an achievable and desirable future. Analysing what's wrong and then link to contributors' solutions. To counter free market ideology: “All markets must be policed to keep us safe.”  Relate issues to values.

Left / right dynamic is polarising. Within the current political framework. Ideology designed to distract you from the real problem. National heroes used and co-opted for unrelated purposes. De-idiologise the message. Think in the future? System change occurs overnight – not slow progressive movement. Think global, act local – long view to abolish the political system as is. But use every opportunity to lead foment change. Implementation mechanism to publicise the website. Extending democracy. "Change" has become ideology (Obama's "yes we can").

Shared value system agreed between various groups. Who will conceive of the structural solution? For further discussion.

From Thwink - People need to be helped to detect deception and think critically. Memes in digital culture. Philosopher's stone – one thing can transform. Simple solutions to make other things easier. "Panaceas" have been discredited. One key element fixed will ripple through the system. What is the key thing to distribute awareness of? Degeneration of philosophy into arcane academic discipline. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. If a factory is destroyed but the idea remains, the factory will be rebuilt. Trickle down theory – never put to the test – embedded into the psyche for years lying unconsciously. To dismantle or cure the system – we need to expose the lies in the memes such as the rich create employment – false memes need to be sanitised. Justifying ideas = framing. Systemic leverage point – discredit the framing of the current economic system. People will reassess the “lies”.

3. Democracy – Revisiting Tom Paine. Voluntary Servitude. James Mill wrote of the 1% against 99%. After achieving universal franchise, we are still subservient. Memes bring life to the structures we are criticising. 100 years ago we didn't have the means to cooperate whereas today we have it. Identify no more than 6 key concepts and focus on those. Banks creating money – took 20 years for the Bank of England to come clean. Although now acknowledged, critics fobbed off with "Someone has to create money – banks may as well." Need to focus on: 1. Money. 2. All wealth creation ends up in rising land values  - public wealth to be shared. 3. Enable people to be creative and competent in the management of their polis (Greek). Income to enable all to participate in the management of society and economy.

How do you explain to people? – we're not allowed to make decisions. Pyramid representative structures won't respond to the demand for change. Detailed explanation unnecessary and ineffective – need to hammer strong messages. No one is asking them. Israel didn't attack Gaza – the Israeli government did. The US didn't spy on people around the world, the US government did or allowed it to happen. Changing the political system is vital. Separate what we want from how to achieve it? Many competing ideas. Common values to strike at the root of the whole system. eg. housing problem – the rich have no housing problem, or disability – the rich have no disability problem. No limit to how much money can be printed – how come it is still scarce. Today were 100 times more productive than 50 years ago but worse off as a society. Barely maintaining the rail network whereas the Victorians created incredible transport networks and infrastructure. Labour and capital have a claim on their share of wealth – the land owner has no such claim other than by legal structures allowing their claim against nature. In developing world – decision making mechanism is the prime problem. Why does Africa need Chinese money to exploit the wealth they are sitting on? Fruitful to address the two questions independently – what we want? – how to achieve it? LVT is but one way to share land values - there may be more desirable/effective solutions.

The New Model Charter encompasses this discussion:

Session 26 on Tuesday 1st July 2014 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. General discussion - current news and views (35mins)

2. Law, war - statutes v common law - Chris (40 mins)




3. Democracy – Revisiting Tom Paine - Janos (40 mins)

4. Planning for next week (5 mins)


Session 26 on Tuesday 1st July 2014 – notes

Neither Chris nor Janos could make the session so we roamed off piste led by Mike.


  1. Seymour Melman (1917–2004) wrote Demilitarised Society (1988). Gadfly def.- upsets the status quo by posing awkward questions – Plato and Socrates (goading the political elites). Challenging the establishment. Published various books. American engineer – wrote on economic conversion, ie. transition from military to industrial production. Costs out of control for military expenditure. Oliver Stone - The Untold History of the United States. Soviet Union deaths in WW2 (20m+). Yugoslavia had more deaths than US, UK and France. Bulgaria granted Macedonia by Hitler - Jews from the region transported Germany.

  2. Requirements for a sound economy/society according to Melman: Economic growth, high wages, technology, infrastructure. (Current incentives to fix the wrong things – speed bumps, pedestrian barriers instead of essential repairs (eg. Hammersmith Flyover)

  3. Election 2015 – Constitutionlists 2015 Charter. Need to get backing from enough people. 250,000 independents up for election. £500 deposit. Through the website.

  4. Legal challenge on the basis of taxation funding warfare. More civilians died in WW2 than military personnel. Since WW1 subsequent wars entail a growing number of civilian deaths.

  5. Stable currency is a vital ingredient for society (Melman). Turkish lira from 40 to the Euro up to 240 at one point and now with interest rates 11% currency stabilised. Some buying Turkish goods and then passing it off as indigenous produce (Greek olives sourced from Turkey but “Greek” commands a premium price).

  6. Organising people for productive work and rising standards of living (Melman)

  7. Forum idea: balance sheet what is now versus what could be – Mike and Janos to collaborate to start a broader conversation? New Model Charter – basis for discussion for a wider audience. Critical Thinking example of how collaborative working and non-hierarchical structure can produce excellent output. Explain to attract emulation and involvement from others. “Where we've got to and what we're doing.” Movements grow by being able to get other people involved. Once committees and leaders evolve it is emulating representative systems outside which don't work. Group collaboration, exchanging ideas and working together “open architecture” bears fruit. In just over two years, Critical Thnking Milestone.  Open source development. Missing wisdom in closed group. No hierarchy produces wisdom.

    Systemic causes of war. Political system. Handful of people involved in making the decisions. Milosevic benefited personally from death and destruction arising from the US/NATO inspired fragmentation of Yugoslavia. Exploitation by the few – has to change. Deception. No feedback. People won't kill each other without good reason unless manipulated.

  8. Bulgaria – colonisation and conversion to Islam by the Ottoman empire. Converts migrated  to Turkey – but couldn't stay due to exploitation.