Session 15 on *Tuesday 11th April 2017 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

*New Venue: St John's Church,73 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8TY (near IMAX tower cinema)


1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

7:30 Using the system to change the system.
Is speaking truth to power a waste of time? Why did we bother vith the videos?.
Example Rule of Law party. Gillian Swanson to Lord Chancellor.
Holding liers to their pledges...( honesty, incorruptibility; yet child abuse not investigated)
dont't bother?.
Food [is controlled by the system.

7:50 How you change system.
Examples Betamax, VHS de facto standard used. Telephone.

8:00 From last week: Supermarkets - how they operate - effective disengagement – will enough people really ever do such a thing?

8:30 From last week: Deep history – where servitude springs: Astrotheology Cycles (c. 2,100 years) within cycles (c. 25,200 years)

Session 15 11th April 2017 - notes

1. Renegade tweet. Economics and housing. RT – renegade inc. LVT book. William Engdahl – Putin/Betanjahu. Rabbi – never be peace in Palestine because they won't give the land. Positve Money last night. Costanza – economic critique of PM proposition. Treasury rules: production subsumed by finance. Social Credit – James Gibbs Stuart. No East/West. Technology transfer to Russia. China – James Corbett – Rockefeller/Kissinger. Social Credit was a world wide movement – in English speaking world. Buried over 50 years. CH Douglas – engineer early 20th century – managing large civil engineering projects. Interrupted by economic cycles. Sought to understand the financial system. Production of goods and services- wages are a proportion of to cost and so workers will never have enough money to buy them and interest on loans. Real costs: raw materials and labout; plus financial costs – wastage, depreciation and servicing loans. 50% purchasing power available to the public. Came up with solutions. Discounted price- compensated by government money. Disagreement – interest is adding insult to injury. Starting businesses to get people off the dole. Business to produce employment. Commerce – law merchant – private law system. Imposed on society through the church. Line of the priest, line of the king. People chosen for piety but for merchant law. Paper to gain assets – contracts. Legal and lawful two different things – Roman and. TV licence. Homeland – Tom Secker, Piers Redmond. Fake News. CIA influence. Written before the recent fake news – running concurrent with what's happening now. Shadowy CIA character – rooms of people ruining conversations – trolls. Weaponise the information. Lionel Nation – left/right paradigm. Moving ground. We make history and we've moved on -CIA. Tribal warfare. John Le Carre – unpeel to get at truth. Manufacturing consent – manufacturing dissent. What do people want to believe. People with integrity at the top. Overhwlemed by the horror of it all. Fictions reveal truth. RT investigation into Dupont manufacturing Teflon – causing permanent illness. Syria onslaught of news – complete conviction of what's happened. Today on Radio 4. Ex British ambassador to Syria. Feeling of impotence in the face of avalanche of media. Shakespeare written by groups; as in Hebrew scriptures. Demonstrations – role playing. Power goes with attitude rather than reality.