Session 3 on Wednesday 18th January 2017 - notes

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (45 minutes)

2. An idea for Critical Thinking in 2017 (1 hour)

3. Space (15 minutes)

Session 3 on Wednesday on 18th January 2017 - notes

1. Douglas Valentine – father in the second world war – disclosed secrets which ended in a book. Ex-CIA trusted him and told secrets. 00Atmen post today. New York review of books - negated the book. Comey? Start a war to get property – populate the country and infiltrate. Bulgarian secret service – Kurdish immigrants – border with Turkey. Inciting division – multiple parties. Ethnicity for political gain → selfish gain. Romanian golden virginia. Absorbing Bulgaria into the Turkey Ottaman empire. Cultivating mariuana. Gypsy population in Romania – Ceaucescu banned contraception. Portrayed the “other” as gypsies – Romanian black market, gun running smuggling. Marginalised from the real economy. Culture – tried to integrate. People are adaptable. Romany kid – need to someone to blame. Wild. Invade and conquer why. Incentives and penalties. Indoctrination religion. Ideology. North East Scotland – travelling people. Alan Lomax – Hamish Henderson poet – political – vocal heritage. Academic and served in Italy in WW2. Fan of Gramsci translated his prison letters. Important link with our past. Importance of folk heritage. What happens it goes. Artisans – pisstake. Reinventing. Atomisation. Sarandon – German band. We exploit ourselves – we have a weakness – a few people exploit that weakness.

2. We are doing it (Collaborative Co-creation). I see what you're doing and I'm not interested (apathy / ego?). Nailed the three points – interest, commons, hierarchy. Articulate in various arenas. Foundation of the work the cumlative effort of many which is strengths. Systems analytical approach. Down to indivisible elements. Three fundamental usury, commons, hierarchy. Working through the detail and come back down. Distilling the method which is replicable – open source – lunatics meeing in drafty in corridor. Analysis and then synthesis. To really understand where each is coming from. Moving a heavy weight and we need to move it together. Rules in the method. A framework. An approach. We need six people. Principles to validate – fanzines. Sniffing glue. Guitar tab – three chord shapes now go and form a band. Starter kit – for critical thinking. Humour too. T-shirts – viral marketing Uniglo – bespoke designs. Space.