Session 5 on Wednesday 1st February 2017 - notes

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

2. Interest and money - chicken and egg - Janos (45 mins)

3. Power - astrotheology and law - Pete (45 mins)

Session 5 – 1st February 2017

1. Round up of news and events. Venues – Waterloo, Elephant and Castle, Fleet, SES. Denial – David Irving. 2 issues. Holocaust, Climate change. Cross talk. Power – history matters – social systems change – collective competence changes. Masses like children – paternalistic. Universal literacy. Brexit – Hierarchy. Interest. Access to credit. Allocation of resources. Functional experience of money. What created the paradigm. Saving. To be continued.

2. Interest and money – chicken and egg

3 Power – astrotheology and the law. Procession of equinox. 25920 year cycle – controllers' clock. Saturn father of Religion. Son is the hero progressing through the zodiac. 4 worlds 6480 years -arc of a circle. Each world is three ages creator, preserver, destroyer. We're in the age of the preserver. Unalienable – alienable something that can be surrender or given up. Alien – stranger/foreigner. Alien = person estranged or excluded. Alienate – to make another's; to part with or set at variance. Lien right to hold the porperty of another until the debt is paid - to bond or to tie. Debts aren't natural. Specific type of law or law merchant. Servant to the merchants of the earth. Lex mercanteria. Entire money system is a private law system. Debt is death. (Mortgage). Mer – to die (to rub away to harm). Mer is also water. Chant – song charm. Death song of the sea. Sirens. Aw merchant – legal form of the sirens. We're all vessels in the water of commerce. Langage – langridge – cannon shot to disable – dead in the water. Rothschilds are just pawns in this game – been going on for thousands of years. Les fils de dieu - Jac Ollyat. Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva – Theocratic societies. Clerks, cleric – Ministers. Clerk in holy orders. Caste / class systems. Brahmans control the masses. See how logical is this system of caste. Brahma – aristocrat or prince. Vishnu – artisan /merchant; Shiva – keep the peasant in servility and humility. Father, son and holy ghost. Patterns. Priest is the destroyer – keeping the people down. Ideological labels – identify as Christian, etc. 8/9000 years ago emergence civilisations. City off Gujurat. Godlepi Terra in Armenia. Spike in temperatures – possible meteor strike – three mile ice is why no evidence. Could account for floods. Waters rose about 400 feet suddenly. Were the origins benevolent which became corrupted. Or was it intended from the outset. Interglacial period c. 10,000years. Destroyer always ends up on a fixed sign. Common to civilisations – South American – celtic history. Common patterns. Celtic clock. Diagonal cross on top of the cardinal cross. Symbol of Saturn. Sidgel – joining each box. Ch ur earth. Ch Compass – 1812 – 9/11 Burnt down the White House. Rothschilds willing pawns. Ancients used – time – temple – tiempo. Time when the sun is in that position. Sun in that temple.