Session 6 on Wednesday 8th February 2017 - notes

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

2. Synergetics-human - Janos (45 mins)


3. Power - astrotheology and law - Pete (45 mins)

Session 6 on 8th February 2017

1. Wednesday research group meeting. Proper history. Puppet conditioning for centuries – hidden history. Collective intelligence – co-creative intelligence.

2. Time-binding – Alfred Korzybski Science and Sanitise. Treatise on insanity in society. Language create fantasies which we believe. The map is not the territory – source of insanity. Not being able to decode the messages of reality. Manhood of Humanity. Man is not able to be fully himself. Dilutes himself through language. Classification of things Animal, vegetable, mineral (inanimate). Mineral locked into space, vegetable locked in to chemistry. Animal space-binding. Humans concept of time – time-binding. We have a history – we learn from hundreds of thousands years ago. Animals learn from parents. Build new knowledge from knowledge of ancestors. Shock by deployment of the atomic bomb. You cannot solve today's problems unless one thinks differently. Synergy in thought. Rupert Sheldrake morphic resonance, collective consciousness Jung, Jazz Rasool – resonance engine. Synergetics – Norman Coulter proactive coherent thinking. “When two are three are gathered together in my name” Jesus. Visaca Pisces – resonance as a group mind. Centre is a magical place. Problems created through old thinking; need new thinking to solve them. Involved in discussion as egos – defending positions. Groups can function more creatively when resonance is achieved. Type of groups: mixed groups; group goals? True group – clearly formulated goals. The beginning of all groups – higher spirit and enthusiasm. Cleared group – clashes of personality, methods have been eliminated – twangers. Taking time to resolve differences. Clear all misunderstanding between two people and then resolve differences within the group. To experience something that rarely happens – Margaret Meade. Structure – environment in which groups think. Freud – man of his time – reticent on paedophilia etc. Methods of achieving things within the group. Capitalism and communism – same objective? What is in the mind of capitalists and socialists. Evolutionary purpose. Recording birds – old sounds. Perfection of visaca pisces – globalism? Students co-created an ecohouse. Antibiotics introduced killed the biosystem. Easy to apply to physical tasks, does it apply to thinking through the problems of the world. Needs physical and thinking worlds. Meeting of minds. Different to building a house. Voluntary necessary. We are successful as a collective – we are talking one to one in conversation – others are observers. What are the key elements/methods in what we are doing. Contributing as ego or part of the group. Delivering cherished insights/solutions – consciousness of how to prevent child dying from bad water in the foreseeable future. To be continued. **

3. Time aspect of this cycle. Time reflect and commemorate the unification of the cults – stellar cults. Personifying stars – planetary cults, lunar cults, Saturnary cults. Came together. Year = sun, 12 months, lunar cult's lunar months. c. 8,000 BC? Zeus/Jupiter exalted within Cancer – Sun rose in Cancer in spring equinox. Everything divisible by 9 – 25920, 6480, 2160, 730. Power number 9. Week 7 stellar gods. 5 planets sun and moon. Saturn – feast days. Saturnalian allotment – got the long cycle – and day. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter. Astrology. Attuned to vibrations – angles became angels. Astrology came before astrology. We don't have connection to the planet anymore. Animals feel an earthquake before but we've lost our connection. Angle of the planet affecting people in a particular way. Working out angles and positions. Initial energy vibrations coming into the planet – impressions coming into our minds – provoking thoughts which fuels our conduct. Disci ple suffix. Multiplicative suffix. We symbols and operate with them but Socrates /Plato transition. Gods – planets/stars energy. Astrology – at first blush = bullshit but if we're all connected into the universe. Sectioning Hour sun, Minute moon, Second – mercury. Hours – horus. Sun dial clockwise motion. Dividing time and space. Scribes arcs. Knowing arcs – Noah's ark, Ark of the convenant – period of a contract. Saviour, Preserver, Destroyer – end of destroyer age isn't the only time things get destroyed. Destruction during periods of transition. Astrology – gnostic media. The temple chapter – Robert Taylor – priest adminstration of law – equitable law. Legal fictions – abrogate derogate law. Law and Equity for temple study equitable law. Assets – law of plunder. Bastiat. To be continued.