Session 7 on Wednesday 15th February 2017 - notes

* Please note both day and venue!

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

2.Resonance - mixed and true in groups - Janos (45 mins)


3. Power - astrotheology and law - Pete (45 mins)

One ring to rule them all

Both 2. and 3. continue from last week's discussion


Session 7 15th February 2017 - notes

1. Sean pottery – colllaborative manifesto. Students bewildered as to why he would do something was not graded. Just knowing is not enough – subconsciousness. Slab making v pottery. Revolutions – buildings from making pots.

2. Pete involved with Global Table 2009. program goals for a radio show. How money works? Interest free money. Why do prices move? Study of Law – gnostics – symbology. Words – articulating connections with mythology. Power games over millennia. Trimerta – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Merchant – Sirens. Law of water. Banks contains waters. We are vessels on the ocean of commerce. Patterns and themes. What lies behind the structure – is it just about greed and plunder. Earth and planetary events. Leo Taurus, Scorpio destroyer signs. Ice ages. (Joseph Campbell.) Mythology is derived from foundations of astrology. Destroyer phases. Every 6000 years. Previous ages destroyed – species survival program. Manly P Hall – 20th century philospher – videos. Astroltheology series. Ancient history schools. Underlying theme – started in benevolence but changed for whatever reason. Affecting our lives today. What are the connections? Massive duping of humanity. Why exxploitation as opposed to collaboration and co-creation. Speculations – eugenics. Relationship with evolution of Jewish cognitive elite. Right of self-determination. Law of exile – exile your self out of the state. American Declaration of Independence. Is there a way out. I'm alright Jack scenarios – lied to by everyone. Target the enforcers' humanity. Marching into the police state. 72 years being 1degree of the arc. Templars – equity and law – nothing to with equality but assets. Politically action comes up against brick walls. Green movement initiatives cannot succeed. Solar power generation project blocked by local council. Why. Time – next week.

3. Missing from attempts to change in the system over centuries – but haven't managed to change. Think resistance to stop things evolving. Industrial revolution should liberate humans from being beasts of burden. Socety is not allowed to evolve. Society could evolve but what is missing – Roy Reynolds essay – On resonance. Tendency to compacency – Why not usitlise practices from business – looking at failures. SWOT analysis. Be aware of weaknesses and threats – outlawed by the egoic need to succeed. Identify weakness and threats as excuses not to act rather than deal with them. EWG – need to look at full spectrum of constraints – opportunities. 10 opportunities – reading study group. 10 goals. Lack of commitment. Not adopting business techniques – common project to work a representative structure. Every element is representative and is founded on this representative model – incompatible with commons approach. Motivations are different. Yo sushi – healthy eating but driven by profit. Incomatible way of thinking/operating. Business practices are peculiar structure. Techniques used by business will not work. Critical path analysis could work? Congruent circles of resonance. Overlpping circles at points of resonance. Analogue in physics – inductive welding – energy in the gap fuse the two rails together. Three people became four. Extra – curricular. To achieve resonance is similar to ritual magic. Something from the mystical realm for social engineering. Esoteric terms from esoteric practices. Forcing resonance. Primary school shows where academic differences – Critical Thinking pantomime. Writing the methodology to replicate. Ideological images of system fault. Hyperbole in words. Languages – babel fish – babylon tower. Sources? Arrival – film – from space. New language. Expressions beyong language. Need for multiple languages; German action at the end. Start the week – being Messy. Play.