Session 8 on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe

1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

2. Power - astrotheology and law - Pete (90 mins)

Unfortunately, Chris Coverdale can't make tonight but we'll rearrange. Meanwhile, allowing more time for Pete's discussion will enable us to veer into diversion if necessary.

Session 8 22nd February 2017

1. Tower of Babel. When everyone can communicate they can achieve God like status. God dispersed them and confounded their speech so they couldn't understand each other. Reverse engineering. Common speech. Language is of location. Hierchical point of view gives a non-understtanding. No feedback loop to corect mistakes. Language is an impediment to feedback loop. eg. Cold War – lack of communication. Winner – mercantilism triumphed. Common understanding would eliminate making money from money. Cannot compete with banking. Even dot com “unicorns” cannot compete (Apple, facebook, Twitter). Fargo 2nd series. Coen brothers – pivots on a lie in domestic situation. If you say what happened everything will be sorted out. Allegory for life. Making a name for themselves – Babel

2. Simplify everything – revolution. Introduction into the mechanisms – physical components of the solar system and symbolic representations – moving on the to philosophical. Orders of the Quest – Manply P Hall. Initiated philosophers privy to deep knowledge – ancient ones of the earth – sacred knowledge. 1934 MPH philosophical research institute. Books of the Adept. We – the philosophical society. Humanism – mystery schools – freedom from bondage. Has failed to emancipate. What happened to the grear philosophic empires. Constallation of philosophy. Her beauty dullness through long neglect. Boethius. AD523 in prison awaiting trial. Thrown into prison at the height of his powers. Philosophy as a woman. On the borders of the diamond symbol pi and theta. Degrees ascend to higher levels of understanding. Countless rough hands torn morsels – thieves. Richard Carlisle. 1820S/30s – friend of Rev. Robert Taylor – later mellowed and alienated from Taylor. Temples – records of time archives of human knowledge – shrouded in myth, ideology and doctrine – science to freemasonry – Judaism. Priestcraft to science. 1920 Sketch of the history of the dionysian articfices. Joseph da Costa – Mason arrested by Inquisition and escaped. Honoured as half gods. Great profit – from - religion decayed into idolatory. Anticathery – planetary calculator – Archimedes. Very advanced – Anticatherium. Chariot of the Gods. Science fiction writing to articulate Ken McCloud. Secret government with deep knowledge – geometric location. Technology to leave earth in ancient times. Meteor strike creating extinction events. Less far fetched than aliens. Why is the world the way it is? Can change the environment. Folding time. To do with evolution. Different religions – negative connotations of pyramid? Interpreting the pyramid – the eye. Positive/negative. Inability to see beyond what's in front of them. Context of pyramid. - Society. What is the meaning of life. Human to a principle. Self indulgence, self-importance. Questioning self – spiritual warrior path – Journey of experiences. Anomaly to understand. Turning the other cheek – don't worry about what's going wrong in the world focus on self. Avoid the contrived new age pomposity. Secular and exsoteric world – gnostics. The planet will sort itself out, need to sort ourselves out. Needs to be balance. Not challenging – turning the other cheek. Not using the force we've been given to stop the abuse and plunder. Two realities one projected and one extant. Human scale and ideological filter. Refusal to question self.Deficiency in the communication layer. Cluttered room, open the door to empty room/space – Art. Spirituality arse about face. Create conditions in society that will facilitate self-examination. Life is a test – acceptance of our own manifestations. Having the time and space to go through the process. Spirituality?