Session 9 on Wednesday 1st March 2017 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

2. Power - astrotheology and law - Pete (50 mins)

3. Self and the universe - (40 mins)


1. Self awareness in the context of the universe. BOE Citizens Dividend – Digital Cash – Economic illiteracy. Fair game for the economic specialists. Technology use by the young – sucked in. what is meant by economic literacy. Back to nature make a living in collaboration with nature. Bertrand Russell- taking something from nature and making something from it or move it elsewhere. Children painting pebbles to sell as art – moving pebbles inland to decorate house. Land problem – this seashore is mine – you cannot touch these pebbles. Access to economic value denied. Domesticating animals by enclosing food supply or the animal itself. “These resources are not common, they're mine” - Give a man a fish. Teach a man to fish – the lake is mine – limited access to the creative forces of nature. Privatising the commons c. 500 years ago. Free spirits had access to commons. Robin Hood, William Hood. Deal with nature or create a structure to facilitate the means to life. Legitimacy – iin the minds of people. Indoctrinated – laws. Bastiat – Law and Plunder – natural law. Finding weak point – institutional hierarchy. Beyond the level of competence. Awareness – class action non-existent in UK. Rule of law. No human can rule over another. Systems can change abruptly. Promoting awareness of an alternative. A mass consciousness. Soaked in processes for survival. Buckminster Fuller – need full context. Certain caveats – necessary but not necessarily sufficient. Resistent. Innovations squashed. Resonance. How to achieve trust – forming groups – mixed group. Well defined objective? Fix the system. Threat of collapse led to Occupy. What is reality. Works without defined goals – time element – general or to a point of time. Brings results. Wisdom layer. Learning. Systemic living – developing and creating alternatives. Group learning. No exams. Difference between education and schooling Ivan Illych. Resonate some people more able than others. Common language and common understanding. Trust. Three Cs. Context – connections – curiosity. Roy Reynolds Part 1. Who am I – the ego. The I who knows I am I. The other is the ego. What is underlying our modern brain – reptilian. Two entities. Deep issues via metaphor. Emma Hamilton – Nelson's mistress. The role of women in late 18th century. Gold thread – resonance. Defining themselves in terms of labels- relationships. Generational difference of bringing up children.

The master and carriage - Grudjieff Who is the master?

Bastiat The Law

How to change the world by Elina St-Onge