Session 11 on Wednesday 15th March 2017 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

2. An introduction into Knowing thyself, Archons and internal Property - Pete (50 mins)

3. Gurdjieff - what does the Master and the Carriage story mean? (40 mins)

Session 11 15th March 2017 - notes

1. Tony Parker Shostakovic – Katyn. Dance of Death. Gypsy folk songs Jewish – signal. Luke Rudkowski – James Corbett. North Korea. Tim McVeigh – never forget. Kim Jong Un. How the North Koreans see us. US / South Korean exercises. Strategic is really about China. Block to installation. Similar to Tibet. Dalai Lama. Mongolia – is key. Trade route, cusp of empire. Deep hatred of Chinese – less deep hatred of Russians. Western perspective. Silk trade. Land v Sea trade. Mongolian population of 3m in country the size of half of Europe. Can't donate duvet to charity shop. AA Brexit. Degree status – posh white boys coming – no overseas students.

2. Knowing thyself. Gnostics first step. Destroy the ego. Fire avatar – reclaiming back energy. Ego is possession as a demon. Internal energy is deprived. Self-observation. Food, Air and Impressions.One ring to rule them all is the Zodiac. Energy from the cosmos – impress into your mind. How we react to those impressions. Don't grasp the bigger vibrations – tend to the immediate. Watch things make you into a moron. Finding ego, learn about it and them reclaim the energy from it. We have 3% consciousness because we're blocking the energy. The Gnostic training. Technique. Ideology treated with circumspection. One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all (conduct), in the darkness bind them. Internal psychology. Reclaiming energy to fulfill our potential. Mythology is an internal journey – later turned into stories which people take literally. Descend from spirit into matter. Tree of life – lightning strike. Robe of glory – Joseph's techicolour coat. Learning from the planets. Blend back into the universal scheme. Last four points on the tree of life – earth, moon, mercury, venus. Physical, astral, etheral, mental. Santos Banocci. Earth water air fire ether. Four lower realms our consciousness resides in the middle of the lower realms. A-Z of Art. Philip Guston – Canadian (contemporary with Jackson Pollock). Important to be stupid. Dumb. Not going back – moving forward. Wolfgang Tillmann – Ministry of Truth. Resonate. Questioning and curiosity. Richard Grove – monetary context that we live in – there must be something beyond this that you cannot put a price on. Food impresssions transactions – giving and receiving. Differing interpretations on receipt. Depends on the motivation and context. Emotions – what reacts fastest? Microcosm – Archon? Arc H On. H glyph for planet Saturn. On ancient city Heliopolis City of Light. On shines a light on Saturn's arcs. Iroquois – women chose candidates and the men would vote. Gurdjieff – we are bunch of puppies playing with each other – illusion of free will. Need ego to serve us not to dominate us. Apply the work to yourself – as guineapig – divisive mess inside us. Unifying “I” Kingdom of Heaven is within. Free will. Evolving human beings – current situation is no free will. Not very conscious beings. Weare in an evolutionary process. People differ in potentiality of awareness. War is subjective good. Archon – Byantian – mystery school. Ravenna mosaic. Ancient technology. 500AD. Etching. San vitale. Constaninople. East/West. Overcoming to emotion. If you're observing yourself. 13 years self training to explore self. Who is in the carriage? Suspiscion of ritual. Solitary journey. Work on yourself first. Self-directed. Tolstoy collection of master and man what are the most important things. Tolstoy flirted with Freemasonry. - Age and lower level experience. Sometimes it's good to let out what's wrong. Important to be human. Channel anger – use it.