Session 16 on *Tuesday 18th April 2017 - notes


Time: 7pm to 9pm

*New Venue: St John's Church,73 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8TY (near IMAX tower cinema)


7:00 Round up of news and events (30 minutes)

7:30 Using the system to change the system.
Is speaking truth to power a waste of time? Why did we bother vith the videos?.
Example Rule of Law party. Gillian Swanson to Lord Chancellor.
Holding liars to their pledges...(honesty, incorruptibility; yet child abuse not investigated) - don't bother?.
Food [is controlled by the system].

7:50 How you change system.
Examples Betamax, VHS de facto standard used. Telephone.

8:00 From last week: Supermarkets - how they operate - effective disengagement – will enough people really ever do such a thing?

8:30 From last week: Deep history – where servitude springs: Astrotheology Cycles (c. 2,100 years) within cycles (c. 25,200 years)

Proposition: Our real problem is not with some group: A badly designed system forces – or, at least, tempts people – to “buy in”or remain disadvantaged.

Interest or dividend? Underlying both is the desire to make money with money – “I have the money you do the work”.

Yet money – as a thing exchangeable for something valuable – is nothing but the shadow of wealth2

See Social Credit and Binary Economics.

A population must have, in aggregate, enough money (liquidity) to buy up all it has produced in a previous economic period.

Session 16 18th April 2017 - notes

1. Make war history – Take legal, economic action. Refusing to pay tax. Council Tax, Income, VAT – all 32 taxes supporting terrorism – in contravention of Terrorism Act 2000. Refuse to pay VAT; no betting tax. Criminal offense to demand, collect and pay it.

Tony Rooke v BBC lied.

2. Using the system to change the system. Treaty of Paris 1783 – US/British peace. Queen subservient to City of London – Bank of England. ICC – 6 crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide – ancilliary to. Everything is connected. Financial system underpins and controls everything. Effective rebellion – tax resistance. Forcing governments to change. Newspeak – war is peace. Provision of the means as bad as committing the offence. Lawful tax rebellion. Fear of withholding tax. Taxation trusts. The trust acts on behelf of those withholding the tax. Can parliament repeal the laws which have resulted in criminality – yes we can but it cannot be retrospective. All wars illegal since Afghaniistan in 2001. Joint action. Structures – representative – target structures not the individual. Educate the individuals to change the structure. Structure determines behaviour. Target individuals within councils. Picking off the easy targets. Ken Livingstone marched against the tide – find others. Need to change ourselves. Can't pay, won't pay in Italy. Majority don't know what's going on. Educating. Review modes of consumption. Control of means of production. Tax revolt to gain leverage. Winning people's hearts. The structure works on individuals. Break out one council. Individuals to break the structure. Strategy for creating critical mass – need single issue. Money system – affects most people as a single issue. Bills of exchange and promissory notes – our consent. Not everyone could be nobles and noone wanted to be poor. Civitus was the solution – giving up much to be part of the system. Finding the start point. Military and police – order following. Issuing debt/interest free money. This using the system is part of something bigger. People in Parliament – is the problem. Exclusions of things – fighting corrupt system with non-corrupt ideas. Technology as a solution. Decentralised ledgers, blockchain – decentralised politics. One victory – the land – food, water, energy – the essentials of life. The sandwich most brutal form of production. Self-analysis – doing things to disturb the system – AirBnB, Uber – disruptive technology.

3. Law of the land versus law of the sea. Natural law (Bastiat) – land Roman civil law. Stand on the land. Private law of the sea – bounty, commerce, law merchant. Commerce at war – Admiralty and commerce. In the astrotheological cycles. Creator, saviour and destroyer. Trimurti – power of thoecratic tyranny – Brahmins – caste system. Brahma creator – prince. Vishnu – artisan; Shiva keeps peasants in their station of life. Period Jesus – preserver. Political/monetary system. Countries get into debt – come under private law – debtors = flood. Inundated by law of the sea because of debt. Mer (water or death) chant (death song of the sea), borrow, buy and consume. Scribes 14/15th century. Tongue – language – langage, langridge (cannon shot). Marcilio Ficio? language is the means of oppression. 800-1100 golden age for Arabs – Alchemy black soil – Egypt. Every word has a root. Interest is from Florence. Bankers were the Jews. Arabs and Jews expelled from Spain and fled to Italy. Cabaret – barking like dogs to dispense with the influence of language. Cabaret Voltaire. Wanton destruction – eg. Fracking. Why? Legal term Jusabutendi – right to abuse. Blacks Law (commercial). Creditor owns everything – we (debtors) are the property of the creditors to abuse as they wish. Symbolism to hide itself. Change something the structure to trigger individual responsibility. Creating ideology to hide behind. Simplifying – doesn't mean dumbing down. Action is a single domain is feasible and has more impact. Rationality is keeping us enslaved. Rationalise the alternative to hierarchy. Focus on distibutive way of thinking and working. How can we change the system as an ongoing deliberation.