Review session on Tuesday 12th December 2017

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: London School of Mosaic, 73-96 Ludham (residential block behind Waxham building on Mansfield Road) Basement, Mansfield Road, London, United Kingdom, NW5 4SF


7:00pm Round up of news, events, issues

7:30pm The CoCreative Learning Project and Critical Thinking

8:00pm  Macro and Micro - interplay between the two has been has been manipulated to create a "Prison for our Mind, Body and Spirit" Pete

As a very brief introduction i will tell you the concept at the foundation of this psychological matrix;

It starts with an idea, known by some as the "Decent of Man from Spirit into Matter" and later called by others the "Fall of Man" . They both describe the same process but were intended for different audiences, Fall of Man for the masses, Decent of Spirit into Matter for the Adepts.

Contemplating this apparent decent, the Adepts sort to discover a way to ascend back to the realm of Spirit, according to them, our true home.

It is the twisting and obscuration of their techniques and the allegories, myths and symbols used to explain those techniques that have been used for millennia to create all manner religious, philosophical and political ideologies to keep us away from making our own exploration into our potential and possible origin.

As the confusions around this subject intensifies i feel an urgent need to clarify the mechanics around these concepts, the confidence of my tone stems from having lived and breathed this stuff for thirteen years with a further nineteen years study into related and apparently non-related [ law, banking, words etc.] concepts, i can see exactly how this game has been constructed, and it needs disseminating.

8:50pm Planning for 2018


A map of how to get there and photos of the entrance are shown at the bottom of this link here.

Please note. This is the last session for this calendar year. We'll be back to our normal weekly schedule from Tuesday 2nd January 2018.