Session 15 on Tuesday 15th April 2014

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. General discussion (30min)

2. Même/Ideology for Critical Thinking's political and economic analysis (30 mins)

3. Make LVT into a même – from now – accumulating surplus from house price rises. LVT  model next week (40 mins)

4. Social credit in a few words – A + B formula  (15 mins)

5. Planning for next week (5 mins)

Session 14 on Tuesday 8th April 2014 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Climate change - fulfilling the 1% agenda (20min)

2. Même/Ideology for Critical Thinking's political and economic analysis (30 mins)

3. Make LVT into a même – from now – accumulating surplus from house price rises. LVT  model next week (40 mins)

4. Social credit in a few words – what does it do and how does it do it?  (25 mins)

5. Planning for next week (5 mins)

Session 14 on Tuesday 8th April 2014 – notes

1. Climate change Missing Signature and the Tipping Point. Flood plains vulnerable. Deserts – sand absorbs CO2. Occupy captured by Climate Camp from the outset. Même climate change – computer models. 

2. Climate change agenda relies on computer models. Modern economics depends on mathematics – similarly flawed – not based on reality. How economic theories are fraud – Galbraith The Economics of Innocent Fraud. Renaming the system – when it comes under criticism. Research and Brain storming for même ideas to promote CT's economic and political analysis. Reluctance to discuss difficulties or inconsistencies – eg. Missing hot spot post in Climate Change. Summarise climate change to date from Daily Pickings into a booklet. Même origins – Richard Dawkins – genes to memes. 1870ish Austrian. Use Ewald Hering mneme – memory in Greek. Peoples Assemby in Waltham forest: snap protest outside IDS's offices with a put you up bed – bedroom tax – form of même. Increment of association – designate surplus value for sharing among those producing surplus. Social Credit is how to calculate how much and how to distribute. There is no problem with producing – certainly since the first world war – in spite of the depression. The problem is always distribution – explored by Social Credit. Price rises from the cost of production or the demand for the goods relative to supply. Critique of capitalist economic theory – what people are willing to pay. (Collusion between producers). Social Credit. We guarantee purchasing power for everything you produce. A+B theory. Separate real costs from finance costs and waste. Bureaucratic oversight? Widening gap between income from working and ability to buy.  In an ideal world the market (with equal access and opportunity will probably work. Early weavers – tuning the machine to optimal level. If you set up society right. Need feedback from everyone. Most people have common sense. System needs lots of feedback. Everyone has equal worth. Over time things would evolve to an optimal state. Must allow for human nature. In Russia change of land ownership, caused famine. Enforcing collectivisation. In Venezuela – the rich are protesting and the poor working. Venezuela Solidarity Group? Contact – Venezuelan ambassador. Oxford is  accommodation shared and allocated among students by lottery. Mutual interest prevailed but when moving to positions of power those same peopole forget the lessons. Four/five young people agreeing priorities for sharing different size rooms. Student accommodation is commercialised for the maximum profit – all university accommodation will follow. Over-regulation and difficulties when things go wrong.

Safety – when you take the money out of these things, regulation evaporates. Hitch-hiking – then bureaucracy. Control of peoples lives. Folk festivals now have bouncers on the gate. Set up by the local council in league with owner of security firm. Bouncers outside pubs.

Session 13 on Tuesday 1st April 2014 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. Topical discussion (30 mins)

2. Memes - discussion based on Memes in a digital culture - Limor Shifman (45 mins)

3. Social Credit and Janos's model (40 mins)

4. Planning for next week (5 mins)

Session 13 on Tuesday 1st April 2014 – notes

Alex, Janos, Arvind, Mike, Clive

1. Fintech – manage credit ratings. Exploring development of an eco-system for crypto-currencies. Ripple trading framework for currencies, air-miles, etc. Bulgaria – political disillusion - tired of meaningless platitudes and ideology. Ha Joon Chang Economics – users guide. Social Credit – prosperity without growth. To equalise disparity between rich and poor nations. Transformation Director - latest "in vogue" position paying >£120K pa. Transformation consultancy? Dust bowl in the Mid-West in the 1930s. Book about the people who stayed. Dirt farmers ploughed the land and replaced diverse resilient grass species with monoculture. Demand for food for the war drove escalating production, colonising more land. – after war demand dropped – all in debt. Ploughed more land. Four years of drought. Winds removed topsoil and buried the grass - one rabbits and snakes survived. Recent moves to reintroduce native grasses are bringing back buffalo to the plains.

2. Memes – partial information – definition – academic involvement leads to over complication. Common traits – video memes. 100 words in 100 seconds. Nuccobrain. Citizens Income video. Naming? Social dividend. Sustainable income. Unconditional Basic Income favoured.

What is Critical Thinking? Ideology. Content to transmit – how to transmit it?

3. Social Credit is a policy. Behind every policy is a philosophy, what philosophy does X policy serve. The philosophy behind social credit  is an economic system of a good society. Distinction between wealth and representation of wealth (money) – need to be in balance or the result is inflation/deflation. Distinguish between real costs and financial costs. Eg. VAT, interest etc. aren't real costs. Real demand – effective demand. Everyone needs food – that is real demand but if they have no money there is no effective demand. Social credit is to turn real demand into effective demand. Fixed costs versus variable costs. Virtualisation of business over 30 years. The objective of modern business is to minimise variable costs while increasing turnover. Difficult to leverage manufacturing high capital costs for increasing automation requires constant investment. Materials are variable cost. Virtual businesses much more leveraged - eg. Diageo - outsourced all production - now just a marketing company valued on the basis of its brands. Trade off between capital costs v wages and salaries. Increased returns from capital investment reduced employment. Real wealth v financial wealth. eg. Stocks and Shares. CH Douglas was an aircraft engineer in the RAF. Aware of the vagaries of the markets – if funding stopped, production stopped. From 1918 to 1952 perfected his ideas established during the WWI and promoted them via books lectures etc. In spite of 40 years work – he's not known nor is social credit. Smeared by inadvertent association with fascism although he was not in anyway inclined in that direction. His theses: When there's not enough money, there's not enough work. In the dust bowl era they were producing too much in the mid-west but much of it spoiled – wouldn't interfere with the market – people were starving in the cities. “They” didn't allow the maarket mechanism to be bypassed or overridden. Gar Alperovitz video on socialisation of production in Texas and across the US since 2008 - below the radar. In the 1930s the system was incapable of responding to need. There are many books on social credit. “Credit, power and democracy” by CH Douglas. Frances Hutchinson – Understanding the Financial System. The purpose of Social Credit is to deliver the Right goods to the right people. "Profit seeking finance is incapable of delivering a good society." Times change - fundamentals don't. All credit is created by the community (past, present and future). Cover the real costs by wages and salaries. Cover the financial cost by newly created money or there will always be a shortage of money. A+B theorem. Social Credit alone will not solve all the problems. Binary economics – Louis Kelso lawyer – we have everything we need whats wrong? More and more capital reducing the demand for labour. Restructure the economy – ownership of the means of production. Those who already own capital are fine – workers aren't because they have no means of replace lost wages. Everyone should have a share of the business. Capitalist Manifesto – Louis Kelso. Increment of association. 

4. Next week:

Make LVT into a même – from now – accumulating surplus from house price rises. LVT  model next week

Social credit in a few words – what does it do and how does it do it?

Même/Ideology for Critical Thinking

Session 12 on Tuesday 25th March 2014 - notes

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ - on the ground floor in the corridor outside the cafe


1. History Cartoon (20 mins)


2. New Model Charter - Fiduciary Responsibility (20 mins)

2. Deconstructing Ideology  - human rights (40 mins)

3. Social Credit (35 mins)

4. Planning for next week (5 mins)

Session 12 on Tuesday 25th March 2014 – notes

1. Cartoon – Gerald Scarfe, Ralph Steadman? - Model Charter – Compass – think pieces – fiduciary responsibilities. Built from much work from other people and groups, including Thrive and Zeitgeist. Occupy reacted to events. Occupy – nebulous – OWS. RSA animate. Memes – Gangam style viral video. Memes: In Digital Culture. Kony – video. Six element: simple idea, repetitive, loose behaviour, suppressed masculinity, creates positive/negative feelings, animate. CT suited to memetic approach because of the engagement of ideas. Break it down. All your base are belong to us. Study of digital media. Zizek – film link. Harmful memes are viral – need to compete. Comments. Student fees 48 % of students will default. Exchequer losing money - £3bn gap which cost £14bn pa. Memefication. Fiduciary responsibility of our political representatives. Universities – class war. Business management. Are we reaching a tipping point. Jobsworth approach of police – no access to report incidents. New police station in Wandsworth for administration only. 101 call to report. Abusive response. Riots of 2011. Mortgage debt. Contrast with continental Europe. Google enterprise support in Sofia. Talk to individuals and opinion polls. Voting intentions – balanced between Labour / Tory – talking to people. Economy in a parlous state – not believed. Co-op bank fraud under the noses of the accountants. Belief in austerity as the solution. Repetition of the lies. Acceptance of the status quo. Outside London access to police is better. Legal aid solicitors no longer covers liaising with police and collecting information. We have the power. Number of people reliant on food banks. Plutocrats – C Freeland - Eastern Europe leaders sensitive to the subject of the rich. America hails the rich but inequality is sensitive. OFCOM limiting RT freedom to broadcast. House repossession – no case because the bank gave no money. Pattern to follow? Kleptocrats terminology. History of the evolution of ruling elites.

2. Social Credit. Money is nothing but a token – shadow representation of wealth. Society where money is a weapon of the banking class (CEOs and owners) to oppress and enslave the majority. Well documented case history. Name and shaming those who've ignored their fiduciary responsibility over the years. Hypocrisy – the rent paying proportion of the population giving £10,000s to the owner occupiers. How can they ignore the voices which have alerted us to these crimes. Run an economy based on inflating property prices – they are incompetent. Pension funds released by the budget will find its way into property. Short termism – how to challenge it. Democracy 2015 – abolish career politicians? They are public servants to serve for the four/five years in office. Nepotism is rife as children inherit their parents.

Challenging power – fiduciary responsibility – legal challenge – publicity

* Governance – structures – representatives – Money, Land, Labour – Michael Meacher, Jeremy Corbyn - 

Ideology – ivory towers

* Housing model

*  Social Credit – no wealth is destroyed – need the mechanics explained. Not obvious. Wealth is not money. 

What determines price – cost of production plus and little profit. Island of 10 people 5 own house and 5 rent. Wealth transfer by driving up house prices decreases the value of the money in the non-owners pockets. Estate agents are charging buyers “introductory fees”.